DWP Slammed By Judge For Trying To Rely On Evidence Of Disgraced Capita Assessor Alan Barham

The DWP are so out of touch with reality,

Firstly they should be aware to the numerous assessments from Capita assessors and others where there quality is very much in question

Secondly this is expressly so, for in this incidence for the named assessor in this article it states ‘Alan Barham was discredited by the Channel 4 “Dispatches” programme, following undercover reporting in 2016.’, so the DWP should have been well aware of the poor quality of assessments done by Alan Barham

also has stated in the article, ‘Capita dismissed Barham and he was found guilty of misconduct by a professional standards tribunal in 2017’

So, were the DWP not aware of the above, which, if so, indicates a lack of knowledge, which they should have been aware of, if they are deemed to be professional and a body of ‘note’.

The alternative is that the DWP could not careless  about claimants and their only wish is to refuse as many claims as they can and then pursue through the legal system when they are challenged, when the evidence is so conclusive that their challenge will be dismissed.

Not only is it not respecting the claimants, but it is gross misuse and completely inadvisable use of funds.

So, it is down to gross incompetence or deliberate acts of malice, either of which one should not expect from a Government department, but do find is being done on numerous occasions

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With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

An upper tribunal judge prevented attempts by the DWP to rely on evidence of a disgraced Capita assessor who said on one occasion that he had completed an assessment on a claimant before they had even walked through the door and boasted of earning £20,000 a month.

Alan Barham was discredited by the Channel 4 “Dispatches” programme, following undercover reporting in 2016.

Barham told the undercover reporter:

“The money? It was ridiculous. I was getting around 20 grand a month, most months.

They’d pay around £80 an assessment for the first 8 assessments, then they paid £160 an assessment for 8-14, then they paid £300 per assessment for 14-21. . . we was flying through them, because of that money. That’s 20 grand a month.”

In relation to a claimant who had had a leg amputated, Barham said:

“I’d literally finished his assessment…

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Revealed:The chaotic free prescription and dental treatment scandal

Yes, yet another fiasco to do with benefits, health charges and other areas for vulnerable persons who could certainly do without it.

In this computer age, what is anyone doing about it, apparently nothing, except confuse, annoy and cause serious concern to many vulnerable people.

We hear that computers can do almost anything, but the computers at the DWP and their programmes appear to be stuck in the Stone Age.

Why can not processes be put in place so that benefits are processed and at the switch of a button one or more benefits stop and the new benefits commence, thereby no waiting periods.

These benefit programmes connect with other areas such as prescriptions so that on processing a prescriptio it comes up at a Pharmacy if the prescriptions are free or to be paid for.

Now we hear so much about the NHS being free at the point of delivery, but not prescriptions, so are they not part of the NHS process?

In fact when the NHS was formed in 1948, the free at the point of delivery did not last long, just vover a year or so, because a prescription charge of 1 shilling became payable.

Now there are more charges, for Opticians and Dentists, so how many more are on the horizon.

When charges are made, this restricts the access for some persons and they then do without, so storing medical problems for the future causing more exprense for the NHS.

There needs to be a system overall so the NHS can go back to be free at the point of delivery for all NHS services and to also include Social Care.

As lack of Social Care will and is causing even more costs to the NHS.

Social and health care need to run in tandem with each other, as they are tightly associated for the many.

Westminster Confidential

An example of an attempt to check whether you are entitled to a free prescription by Trent Valley Surgery

If you are under 60 and over 16 do you know when you can get a free prescription and free dental treatment? No, if you don’t you are in good company and if you claim could even be one of 1.7 million people in England and Wales falsely sent a £100 penalty by the NHS.

A absolutely scathing report out today from MPs on the Commons Public Accounts Committee today describes the whole system for regulating free prescriptions and dental services as ” not fit for purpose “.

It reveals that despite a so called 24 page ” simplified ” guide telling you when you qualify most people are completely confused and rightly so.And if you get it wrong you are automatically guilty of fraud and get a £100 penalty fine…

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MP’s inquiry call into DWP pension ‘error’ Flintshire woman suicide

Yes, mistakes do occur, but not with such regularity. It would appear that the DWP are making a quest to make mistakes.

Then we hear the immortal phrase ‘Lessons will be learnt’, but will they. This is a phrase we have all heard for at least the last 50 years in many Central and Local Government departments and have any lessons been learnt, I doubt it.

For lessons to be learned there has to be willingness to learn and this Government has no willingness, just the opposite.

Neil was forced to spend 6 hours applying for Universal Credit just after having surgery for brain cancer

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Neil MacVicar is in remission from a brain tumour (Photo: Fabio De Paola)

Neil MacVicar is now in remission from a brain tumour (Photo: Fabio De Paola) 

Neil MacVicar was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25 in December 2016. Doctors found a tumour the “size of a plum” on his brain.

Just twelve days after neurosurgery to remove the growth, when he should have been recovering and preparing for gruelling radiotherapy, Neil was forced to go to the Jobcentre to sign on for Universal Credit.

The application can be difficult for claimants in good health. For a cancer patient  struggling with exhaustion and confusion from an operation, it was nearly impossible. It took Neil six gruelling hours in total to complete his application.

He was staying with his family in Inverness at the time, and Neil cannot understand why, given his circumstances, he was made to endure that and why the Jobcentre could not have obtained the information from his…

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21 year old with brain tumours declared ‘Fit for Work’ by Department of Work & Pensions | Nye Bevan News

Mum Rita Curtis, 47, said Philip’s tumours were first diagnosed when he was 11 years old and since had three removed and two vents put in his head.

“He was getting these headaches and he had to be taken home from school and would go to bed. He would be vomiting.

He’s had a lot of surgery. As well as the initial biopsy, he’s had three tumours removed and two vents in his head. There’s been five operations over the last couple of years.


I’m paying my mortgage, utilities, and looking after his needs as a carer and I’m on my own.

It’s very stressful because in between working and caring for Philip I’ve got to help him with all the paperwork.


Source: 21 year old with brain tumours declared ‘Fit for Work’ by Department of Work & Pensions | Nye Bevan News

PIP claimant who took her own life had written about unfair assessment report | DisabledGo News and Blog

A disabled woman who took her own life after being told she had lost a benefits appeal had written a letter to civil servants describing the unfairness of the face-to-face assessment that had led to her losing her support. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) took just six days to decide her initial appeal, not long enough for Susan Roberts to submit any evidence that could have backed up her claim for personal independence payment (PIP). A DWP civil servant even told her – in a letter dismissing this initial appeal, known as a mandatory reconsideration – that there was no evidence that she could have submitted that would have changed her mind. Two months later, she received another letter, this time telling her that a tribunal had also rejected her appeal. The body of Susan Roberts was discovered the following day by a care worker at her warden-assisted flat near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, surrounded by letters telling her that she would not be entitled to PIP. She had also placed

Source: PIP claimant who took her own life had written about unfair assessment report | DisabledGo News and Blog

Not expected to work yet still benefit-capped – SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

The High Court has granted an urgent challenge to the reduced benefit cap and the hearing will go ahead in May. The specific test cases all concern lone parents with children under the age of two, …

Source: Not expected to work yet still benefit-capped – SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

Mother of ‘fit for work’ victim calls for ministers to face criminal charges | DisabledGo News and Blog

The mother of a disabled man who starved to death after he was found “fit for work” and lost his out-of-work disability benefits has called for ministers to face criminal charges. Jill Gant says work and pensions ministers should be tried for misconduct in public office for failing to take action that could have saved the life of her son, Mark Wood. She spoke out after signing a letter, drawn up by the Green Party and backed by Disabled People Against Cuts, that calls on work and pensions secretary Damian Green to order an independent inquiry into the links between his department’s procedures and the deaths of benefit claimants. The party has produced a dossier of 50 cases in which the deaths of benefit claimants have been linked to decisions taken by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Mark Wood starved to death in 2013 after being found ineligible for employment and support allowance (ESA), even though he had never been able to cope with the demands of a job and his GP had

Source: Mother of ‘fit for work’ victim calls for ministers to face criminal charges | DisabledGo News and Blog