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Too little attention has been paid to the additional burden this “reform” will place on self-employed workers, argues CHARLOTTE HUGHES

SELF-EMPLOYED people have always been regarded as the backbone of the British economy, with an approximate 4.7 million self-employed workers registered in the first part of 2016.
Self-employment has helped give people employment opportunities otherwise unavailable to them and part-time self-employed work accounts for more than half of the growth of all employment.
Self-employed people work long hours, preparing for work, submitting work and generally keeping their business running.
Many work by themselves or are sole traders and therefore have no-one to help them, making the hours that they work long and laborious.
Many also work for below the minimum wage and have to rely upon working tax credits to top up their income.
A steady income cannot be depended on as work is often seasonal, paid upon commission etc…

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With the DWP and their co-assassins Atos and Capita continuing to reassess claimants with regressive conditions just promotes how stupid and ignorant these assassinators are in their understanding of health conditions from which no one will recover only get progressively worse.

A reassessment would only be relevant should it be undertaken to assess needs for more support and help and not as it appears to be to reduce the extensive care packages already in existence.

If these death producing organisations are truly looking to reduce the whole financial outlay for welfare benefits, then the only sensible way forward would be to not reassess, unless a more extensive care package is being considered.

As they are not doing, then the only conclusion that can be put forward is that they are attempting to save money by creating conditions for these claimants to die more quickly than their health conditions would suggest.

In other words it is Governmental Assassination.

Govt Newspeak

The Department for Work and Pensions said it did not recognise Parkinson's UK's figures

Millions of pounds is being wasted on reassessing people with Parkinson’s for benefits even though their condition will never improve, campaigners have warned.

Analysis by Parkinson’s UK suggests it will cost £3 million to reassess everyone with Parkinson’s as they switch over from disability living allowance (DLA) to its replacement personal independence payment (PIP).

Parkinson’s disability allowance reassessments ‘wasting £3m’ – BBC News

The charity says £1.3 million of this will be spent reassessing those who were already judged to have the highest level of need.

The Department for Work and Pensions said it did not recognise the figures and there are a higher proportion of people with Parkinson’s on the highest rate of PIP than there are on DLA.

Phil Reynolds, senior policy and campaigns adviser at Parkinson’s UK, said: “Under PIP, people with Parkinson’s are being forced through a broken assessment process that fails to understand that they…

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When you feel that this ESA WCA cannot become any worse, the DWP or it associated private co-antagonists just make it so.

In any reality how can anyone be penalised for not turning up for an appointment which has been cancelled by the very same organisation that is penalising you for not turning up for the appointment they cancelled.

Why can these persons within these organisation not see how stupid these actions make them, or is it they have no real sense of reality.

Or are they staffed by people or just computers/robots which have no feelings or thoughts in comparison with humans with a sense or fraction of common sense.

Surely the systems cannot be so rigid that common sense cannot have some bearing on the eventual initial outcomes. For an appeal reality is brought to bear and the initial outcome is overturned. Thereby the administration costs related to the final outcomes are considerably higher than formulating the outcome that in reality should have been the initial outcome.

The system is insane and maybe the persons who are operating it.

Govt Newspeak

A disabled woman was denied vital benefits for 10 months after health assessors cancelled her appointment – and then penalised her for failing to turn up.


Teresa Geale, who has several serious conditions which prevent her from working, was on a bus five minutes away from the work capability assessment session in Canterbury when she received a voicemail telling her staff were running behind and it would have to be re-arranged. But a few days later, the 63-year-old received a letter asking why she did not attend.

Despite explaining the situation and providing proof, she was told by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that because she had failed to show without good reason, her entitlement to Employment Support Allowance (ESA) had ended.

The former pub manager’s income was slashed as a result, forcing her to make cutbacks and sign on at the JobCentre – despite doctors deeming her unfit…

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A commenter came to This Site today, expressing a belief that the Department for Work and Pensions wants sick or disabled claimants to die – and that the government would have its way because…

Source: Scandalous and homicidal government cuts force woman to seek assisted suicide | Vox Political

Across the world up to 1.2 billion people live with some sort of disability, it is estimated. That’s equivalent to the population of China. In the UK, it is thought that some seven million people of working age have a disability, which all adds up to an awful lot of spending power. Latest figures from the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions estimate that this spending power, the so-called “purple pound”, is worth £249bn to the economy. So what should businesses be doing to try to get a share of this money? That’s what we’ll be asking during Disability Works week from the BBC’s business and economics unit. We’ll be looking at how businesses work with people with disabilities and how disabled people have made business work for them. Challenging stereotypes I gradually began to lose my eyesight when I was in my teens so I understand the difficulties for disabled people getting into work. I’ve been a producer in the BBC’s business and economics unit for nearly nine years. I’m keen to

Source: Disability Works: Breaking down barriers in business | DisabledGo News and Blog

Stop UK lies & corruption

Episode 1:
Ken Loach explains in order to gather facts for his film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ they went across the country and it was always the same story.

Episode 2:
A Maximus Nurse talks about how DWP wants to trip claimants up

Episode 3:
Disturbing findings about the dodgy work capability assessments

Episode 4
Coronation Street Actress Cherylee Houston talks about the dodgy work capability assessments


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The DWP continues to lie and deceive over the overall benefit cap and is being aided in this by its accomplice-in-chief the National Housing Federation who are (again) in cahoots with the DWP propa…

Source: DWP lies over benefit cap aided and abetted by ignorant and complicit NHF – SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

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