Fury as judges deny thousands of child abuse victims compensation : Mirror

Thousands of child abuse ­victims may be denied compensation after a court ruling stops claims against local councils.

Many of the abused will be unable to sue councils for negligence, even if records show social workers KNEW about their ordeals and failed to act.

Child abuse victims today told of their despair.

The staggering judgment means local authorities have NO duty of care towards many of Britain’s most vulnerable kids – some of whom are raped and beaten in their own homes or groomed by sex abuse gangs.


Source: Fury as judges deny thousands of child abuse victims compensation : Mirror

Mom Horrified By Toddler’s Public Tantrum Until Old Lady Said 5 Simple Words.

Parents know: Tantrums are the worst. If you’re nodding your head knowingly, then you’ve seen/tip-toed your way through more than […]

Source: Mom Horrified By Toddler’s Public Tantrum Until Old Lady Said 5 Simple Words.

Sanctioned for not being able to sign on on bank holiday Monday. Tears, frustration and rain.

The poor side of life

Today’s demo started rather hurriedly and to be honest I didn’t know if I was coming or going. This feeling was amplified because it was cold, rainy and my daughter was a bit fed up. understandable of course. But she soon settled down into our usual routine and all was well.


We are seeing a lot of new faces due to Stalybridge Jobcentre shutting. They don’t know us and what we are doing, and we don’t know them or their situations either. So we have to start from scratch, which at times isn’t easy.  But it’s a whole lot harder for them.

I started a conversation with a man who had been previously attending Stalybridge Jobcentre for his appointments. The first thing that he said to me was that he couldn’t believe how rude the front desk staff are at  Ashton Jobcentre, and how rude some of the advisors are also…

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Government’s new PIP proposals ‘will drive more into poverty and despair’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

The government looks set to tighten eligibility for its new disability benefit, just two years after it was introduced. Activists this week described the

Source: Government’s new PIP proposals ‘will drive more into poverty and despair’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

50 Wrongs and Counting

Totally Wrong List from the website Learning Disability Alliance England

An extract ‘After many years of slow progress for people with learning disabilities things are now going backwards. This is totally wrong and unnecessary, so we’ve put together a list of all the different things that are wrong – a totally wrong list.

These are the bad Government policies we’ve identified (so far) that harm the lives and rights of people with learning disabilities. In the first part we’ve listed the wrongs in plain English. The second part provides links to the documents or reports that describe these wrongs in more detail.

This list is a work in progress –………….’

This is so true and highlights some of the comments I have made in some of my previous postings, especially point 14, where it states ‘but the media and politicians talk about benefit fraud much more and encourage people to think disabled people are scroungers or fraudsters.’

This is so wrong and creates a very distorted view to the public at large. There may be a minority who are not entitled to the benefits they claim, but should the focus be just on them  and not the majority. Tax fraud is so much greater and may be by persons who can more easily pay their taxes, than disabled people can go without their benefits.

Any cuts to persons who can least afford it, will eventually require even more expenditure, for any reduction in social care funding, will lead to more health related conditions, so leading to even more required access to NHS facilities, which will either require more increased funding, reductions in service or both.

Before many of these wrongs are implemented the responsible authority should undertake an ‘impact assessment‘ to ascertain how any disadvantaged or vulnerable persons could be affected.

The decision on the closure of the Independent Living Fund is a prime example, currently the closure is still on course for 30 June 2014, but there is still a legal challenge before the courts, the outcome of which is still unknown.

If the closure does go ahead it will be wrong as stated in point 17 ‘Closing the Independent Living Fund (ILF) will lead to reductions in support that will inevitably target people with the most severe disabilities and reduce their ability to live in their own home.’

With the closure the responsibility will rest with their respective local authorities, at a time when the funding to these local authorities is being cut, creating an even more greater strain on local authority funding. In fact, if they can not still live in their own home, they will most likely need to live in some nursing care setting at a considerable increased cost than at present.

Do they call it a caring Society?



Contacting Sheffield City Council Fatigue

I am sorry, but today Monday 19 November 2012, I have contacted Sheffield City Council Fatigue, which has left me bemused and bewildered.

Some of you may not be aware of this condition or you may know of it by its generic name of Local Council Fatigue. In some cases it may be called after the name of your local council.

The recovery period is dependent on the individual and may be from a few minutes to several hours, depending on its severity. In some serious cases it may be caught on a daily basis.

The symptoms start by you telephoning your local council switch board over some problem you may have or you may wish to obtain some information which is important to you.  While you progress through their telephone system, pressing the numerical digits on your telephone as and when requested, the start of the fatigue may be about to commence or may have already commenced.  When you eventually press the last digit and the sound of a telephone ringing can be heard, you feel you may be on the road to recovery.  Then the telephone continues to ring and ring and ring…

Eventually one of three things will occur, one, someone may answer the telephone, two, the telephone stops ringing and you are cut off. But it may be like today, you get an automated voice advising you that ‘there is no one to answer your call and therefore can you ring back later’. The fatigue is now well in progress, but you do as requested and telephone back say 1/2 hour to a hour later.

You progress through the stages stated above and hopefully you will get someone to answer the call and they offer you assistance.  But as was the case today, you get the automated voice saying ‘there is no one to answer your call and therefore can you call back later’. As like myself you may be persistent and keep calling back, but you only get the same final response.  It is then that the fatigue has finally taken control of you.

But still being persistent, you may try different council telephone numbers and in some cases you may get through, but of course, you are not where you wish to be. So you explain what as been happening and the person appears to understand and advises you that they will put you through. So in expectation you wait and the telephone starts to ring. But, oh no, you are again in the telephone system.  But you think, it may be different this time, but how wrong can you be, you get eventually the same automated message.

You then give up and take a well earned rest and try to recover.  On recovering, you have an idea, why not send an email, so I have asking for someone to telephone me back, now, hopefully this will be tomorrow.

As part of the treatment for a full or partial recovery, you may make a posting on your blog.

Oh, I do now feel so much better and I will go on to see what tomorrow may bring. Hopefully not some of the same.