Severely disabled woman denied PIP

You hear one benefit scandal story and you feel it can not get worse, then you hear another and another and another…. and realise that it can.

It is not just in respect of PIP, but ESA, Universal Credit and any others.

It is not, just, that the PIP assessment process is ‘unfit for purpose’, but the whole benefit process no matter which benefit is involved.

I feel this Government will not rest until all benefit claimants are forced into death, so that no benefits need to be paid because all possible benefit claimants will be dead.

The Government needs to be charged with undertaking Criminal Acts in their dealings with Benefit Claimants.

Benefit Claimants have Human Rights, but these are not recognised by this Government. If these actions were being conducted by any other persons or authorities the charge could be Terrorism, so why not this Government.

‘Obscene’ 18-month delay for DWP complaints

This is disgraceful and should not be allowed to occur.

For a start the DWP, has should all Government departments, be more transparent and also honest and open. Unfortunately all this is someting outside the ‘norm’ for the Government and this also includes all Local Authorities and maybe those of Health.

For anyone to go to a complaints body takes some strength, as you are going against a large public body, which you are and will be again relying upon, will they hold the complaints against them and treat you are your relative worse than before.

Of course they will say they will not, but it has not been unknown in some authorities.

In some instances the complaints procedures themselves are ‘not fit for purpose.

That been said I do like that you can not refer until the complaint response letter has been issued, unlike going to the Ombudsman where their time period starts from when the complaint was initiated and there is a limit of 1 year. If that was so re this complaint then it would have been too late to go to the Independent Complaints body.

If certainly feel that the Ombudsman needs to change, could I say to Independent Case Examiner (ICE).

Petition for dead man DWP said ‘wasn’t sick enough’ is axed because of election

This is a shameful act as the Epetition should be reinstated once the General Election has finished.

If this is not achieved then petioners should boycott the EPetition site and go to others which are not affected,

It is a Gross infringement of Freedom of Speech.

But then the DWP is a Gross Infringement.

Disabled People Hit Four Times Harder By Welfare Changes

In general having a disability or disabilities means it costs more to live, therefore if the benefits system penalises persons with disabilities, not only do they not have the additional income, but effectively less income.

How can this be equality?

The painful journey for disabled people

Disabled people expect PIP to make their life easier, however, the bureaucracy and complexity of the process itself often wears applicants down.

The PIP assessment, in fact, only looks at a limited range of daily living activities which rarely give an accurate or holistic indication of the actual disabled people’s support needs. As a result, many applicants are rejected and apply for ‘mandatory reconsideration’, an internal review of a decision by DWP, which rarely overturn the original verdict. The next, final chance is for the disabled person to appeal.

Almost impossible to get a fair Pip assessment

‘We’ve found that people have a higher cost of living due to the need for help with domestic tasks, having a restricted diet, and needing therapeutic treatment to maintain health which is not available on NHS. None of these difficulties or additional needs are covered in the PIP assessment’, said disability campaigner Catherine Hale, referring to the research work of ‘Chronic Illness Inclusion Project’, which she leads.

The Project aims to bring the chronic illness community together online to explore their experiences under a social model for disability and look at ‘how cultural attitudes and social organisation create unnecessary disadvantage’ to the disabled people’s wellbeing.

Managing such an inspiring online community has given Ms Hale the chance to identify further flaws in the PIP application form.

I spent years battling the government for disability benefits I’m entitled to

Yet another very disturbing account of the DWP welfare benefit process, a system not ‘Fit for Purpose’.

In Social and Health Care we are trying to promote ‘person-centred‘ principles and this should also be so with the welfare system.

Every time you apply or reapply foe a welfare benefit you have to repeat the same information you supplied in all previous applications. Even repeating parts of this information numerous time, in different formats, within the same applications.

Yes, in some instances information will change, but in these instances why not just mention the changes, be they an improvement or a deterioration, which in many instances will be the latter.

But this is too simple for the DWP or are they just trying to catch you out, as though you are lying on this or previous applications.

Yes, this may be for some persons but nowhere near the majority. In my opinion this will be less than 1% of all applicants.

Not like the percentage of MPs who will be fiddling their expenses claims, which is more likely around 10%, but that I feel will be a conservative estimate.

What you do need to do on each and every application is fully answer each question, and in doing so state and provide evidence of both good and bad evidence.

Q14: moving around

What this question means
This question is about how your condition makes it difficult for you to:

stand safely without help
walk safely without stopping and without help
Question 14a
How far can you walk taking into account any aids you use?

less than 20 metres
between 20 and 50 metres
between 50 and 200 metres
200 metres or more
it varies

You may be able to walk some of these distances or stand, but what effort does it take, are you in pain, how long would it take you, how many rest breaks, how long will you need to rest afterwards and many others.

You do not need to lie and this you should not do, but be honest, not only on the form, but with yourself.

Unfortunately we are not usually negative about ourselves as being negative can bring on other conditions, but negative you need to be, provided you can fully explain and, if possible, have written evidence, even an Assessment of Needs, medical evidence or anything that proves what you are stating.

Be fully frank.

Claudette Lawrence and her petition to help stop people with disabilities travelling long distances

I have queried with a DWP manager that, could not home visits be part of the agenda and have been informed that home visits can be requested and that they do take place.

However, what I failed to ask was, what is the criteria, which I should have done.

How four seriously ill people battled to get their PIP awards

The DWP is practising the ‘3 Wise Monkeys’ here is what ‘A DWP spokesperson said: ” We are committed to ensuring that people with a health condition or disability get the support they’re entitled to.

“Since PIP was introduced there have been 3.7 million decisions made and of these only 5% have been overturned at appeal. “In most successful appeals, decisions are overturned because people have submitted more oral or written evidence.” ‘

The evidence is there, as shown in this article and they have the audacity to say the above.

This is why I state they are practising the ‘3 Wise Monkeys’ for they are “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

They are not understanding what is occurring or what is occurring because of them and by them, until they do these atrocities will still happening. The pain suffering and even death of some claimants will still be resulting.

The DWP have to change, so that a supporting welfare system can emerge, for currently it is not supporting for everyone who needs to be supported.

What the DWP is doing should be a crime and those at the DWP and also the DWP would be guilty of committing criminal acts, as it is, currently, not so, then there needs to be accountability, where there is honesty, openness and transparency.