Stroke Victim Has Mobility Car Taken Away

This just shows how evil the DWP are, they lack understanding, empathy, common sense and many more.

People want to show their best and get penalised for doing so.

People have good and bad days, so how can one assessment decide how many good or bad days there are. Do they take into account pain thresholds and any other aspects.

From these reports it appears their first priority is to turn down claims, perhaps there is a target, or a reward for doing so.

Many people will give up or not appeal because they are so depressed by the process. Unfortunately this is but one process the disabled, the poor, the vulnerable, etc have to go through and all are demoralising be they Government, Local Authority or Health (Continuing Health Care).

It is as though the system is against them and more likely it is, this is not welfare, but punishment.

The decimation of the welfare state

A truly worrying situation and one that could be happening within the UK. The DWP situation with Benefit claims and while the appeal process is reversing many of the wrongful dismissed cases, will this always be so. Not if we implement the American system as we appear to be doing.

It is very worrying and this should be noticed by the DWP, but will it be, I fear not.

‘I have MS and my benefits assessments was torture

There are so many stories showing the problems with assessors in every one of the welfare benefits assessment processes. In most of these instances there is an abundance of medical reports to prove what the assessors are trying to disprove, when the assessors are not experts in these medical fields.

Why are they doing this, yes there is some benefit fraud taking place, but not to the extent that requires, in many instances, inhumane treatment of benefit claimants.

It is as though every benefit claimant is believed to be committing benefit fraud, or is it the assessors receive extra payments should they reduce or or with-hold benefits completely.

From these stories it is the benefit assessors that are flawed not the benefit claimants.

It is said that the benefit system is being changed to ensure benefits are received by those you really need the benefits, but in these reported instances it would appear that the assessors are abusing benefit claimants, which should not be the intention of the process.

The whole process need to be held to scrutiny by all parties, which should include the benefit claimants.

The benefit process should not be feared by claimants unless they are committing fraud and these will be the minority not the majority.

If assessors are being abusive, then criminal actions should be taken against.

Appeals appear to have a substantial success rate, if this is so, after all this time, the assessment process should be being changed to minimise wrong initial assessment being conducted.

‘Lessons need to be learnt.

Disabled man ‘being threatened with eviction’ after his benefits were stopped

Yet another benefits scandal creating problems for a person with a disability.

In this instance it is not only the reduction in benefit, but also reduction in care for Nigel Hamlett needs, leading to non-payment of rent, which could well see him being evicted, then where would he live.

Nigel has been appealing regular reductions in the care he needs. Time and again this was reinstated, but the stress involved in this appealing has eventually been too much and did not appeal on this occasion. Why should anyone have to regularly appeal, why can the authorities just accept that the care is needed, not only for his care needs but also the additional needs these benefits can produce.

Do they really wish to see Nigel evicted, creating more stress for Nigel and probably more work for the same authorities.

PIP Assessors Treat Sick People Like Criminals.

‘Hannah, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, told i: “I was made to feel like a liar when I asked for help. I want the Government to know what they’re doing to us, what they’re putting us through. They treat sick people like criminals.”’, which is not technically correct for Criminals are presumed innocent until the Justice system proves otherwise, whereas PIP claimants are assumed guilty until the claimant can prove otherwise.

So, in effect PIP claimants are being treated worse than criminals.

Woman whose body is riddled with tumours and cannot work is denied PIP

The system withdraws your benefits should it deem you are not entitled to them. However, you have a right to appeal, but not entitled to continue receiving the benefits until the outcome of the appeal is heard, at which time, should it be found in your favour the benefits will be reinstated from the date they were withdrawn.

However, meantime you are expected to live on the reduced income basis.

This is not right and the benefits should be retained to be paid until the appeal outcome is heard.

Cruel Tory ruling on disabled benefits overturned in court

Yet another case of what is wrong with the welfare system. The system should be about the person claiming benefits and they should be at the centre of the process. Not as currently where finance is at the centre.

The Care Act 2014 was supposed to ensure the cared for was at the centre and the system would be there for them, but is the Act worth the paper it is written on.

The Governments whole process is ‘not fit for purpose’ as it is based on making savings without a thought for the consequences for those who are in need of care. Whatever savings they believed they would achieve have been more than spent on appeals after appeals and then the resultant events in court.

The Government are proceeding with a short-term view, when they should be proceeding on the long-term outcomes, which are more relevant.

Until the Government see sense then they will be abusing and punishing the disabled, elderly and those in severely poor health, who are reliant on the welfare benefits they are initially being denied to survive.

For many it is too late for the abusing and punishments have been so severe that they could not take anymore and they felt their only relief would be for them to take their own lives.

In effect they have been murdered by the actions of this Government and those responsible should be made to suffer the consequences, whatever they will be.

DWP reverses sanctions decision for epileptic man

Are these cases where sanctions are made purely a misunderstanding or is it a deliberate action to force disabled people, the poor, the vulnerable, etc into poverty so that they cannot survive and will eventually be no longer here.

Hence reducing costs by the ultimate removal of persons who claim benefits. In which case the term ‘callous and cold-hearted’ is well suited.

Yes, a drastic ‘DWP culture change’ needs to occur and then one can judge if there are misunderstandings or not.