Disabled man ‘being threatened with eviction’ after his benefits were stopped

Yet another benefits scandal creating problems for a person with a disability.

In this instance it is not only the reduction in benefit, but also reduction in care for Nigel Hamlett needs, leading to non-payment of rent, which could well see him being evicted, then where would he live.

Nigel has been appealing regular reductions in the care he needs. Time and again this was reinstated, but the stress involved in this appealing has eventually been too much and did not appeal on this occasion. Why should anyone have to regularly appeal, why can the authorities just accept that the care is needed, not only for his care needs but also the additional needs these benefits can produce.

Do they really wish to see Nigel evicted, creating more stress for Nigel and probably more work for the same authorities.

Disabled man “feels hopeless” after losing PIP

Why when persons are already in receipt of a disability benefit and, in this case, a mobility car can not the existing benefits be retained while the outcome of the appeal process is known. In this a person would be in a no worse off position until the final outcome is known.

If, Reggie Duff had been a criminal he would have been innocent until proved guilty and therefore would not have lost his freedom until the final verdict. But, with PIP and anyother of the welfare benefits this is not so, as while the process is finally being concluded the claimant is assume non-eligible (guilty) and therefore do lose their freedom.

Surely this can not be right, unless the Government has an ulterior motive being, to kill off as many claimants as they can and in doing so reduce the benefit bill, as you can not claim benefits if you are dead.

Disabled Comedian Ted Shiress Refused Uber In Cardiff On NYE

A disabled man refused an Uber ride home from a Cardiff party on New Year’s Eve has said he is convinced it was because of his cerebral palsy.

Ted Shiress, who walks with a frame, said the taxi driver drove off after being asked to move closer so he could get in the car.

The 30-year-old said his friend was then charged a £4 cancellation fee for not using the ride.

Mr Shiress said he was “used to things like this happening”, adding “you get a bit jaded after a while”.

Uber has since apologised to Mr Shiress on Twitter.


Source: Disabled Comedian Ted Shiress Refused Uber In Cardiff On NYE

Disabled man left for two years in unsuitable short-stay accommodation let down by council | Care Industry News

A young man with special educational needs has been left in short-stay accommodation for nearly two years because social workers in Lancashire could not decide where he should live permanently, the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has found.

The man was placed in short-stay accommodation by Lancashire County Council after his family told social workers they were struggling to cope with his behaviour and the impact it was having on his younger siblings.

The Ombudsman’s investigation found the placement in January 2016 was only meant to be temporary, but the man is still living in the accommodation today. It is likely the man’s behaviour has deteriorated through not living in suitable accommodation and not receiving appropriate support.

Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, Michael King, said:

“This man has been left in limbo in this accommodation, which by its very nature was only ever intended to be a short stay. He has missed out on vital support and development opportunities


Source: Disabled man left for two years in unsuitable short-stay accommodation let down by council | Care Industry News

A man with a prosthetic leg was stopped from boarding a Virgin train because staff didn’t believe he was disabled [VIDEO] | The Canary

On Thursday 7 September, staff reportedly stopped a disabled man with a prosthetic leg getting on a Virgin train, because they didn’t believe he was disabled.

Wait, what…?

Andy Grant is an Afghanistan war veteran who had his leg amputated in 2010, after a blast in the war injured him. But that didn’t seem to matter to Virgin Trains staff and the police.

Grant had just lost his wallet near Euston Station in London, so had lost his bank cards and his disability travel pass. But he did have an E-ticket, and tried to board a Virgin train with this. Grant explained in a Facebook post:

When i activated the ticket to board the train they [Virgin staff] asked to see my railcard. I realised it must be in the cafe so I ran back to the cafe to look for it. It wasn’t there

I ran back and explained that I had lost my wallet. The Virgin staff said ‘tough, You need to go [and buy] another ticket’.

I explained that would be impossible as I don’t have my wallet now.

He was told what?

The member of Virgin staff allegedly then asked Grant:

how do we know you are disabled and have a railcard?

Source: A man with a prosthetic leg was stopped from boarding a Virgin train because staff didn’t believe he was disabled [VIDEO] | The Canary

Mother of ‘fit for work’ victim calls for ministers to face criminal charges | DisabledGo News and Blog

The mother of a disabled man who starved to death after he was found “fit for work” and lost his out-of-work disability benefits has called for ministers to face criminal charges. Jill Gant says work and pensions ministers should be tried for misconduct in public office for failing to take action that could have saved the life of her son, Mark Wood. She spoke out after signing a letter, drawn up by the Green Party and backed by Disabled People Against Cuts, that calls on work and pensions secretary Damian Green to order an independent inquiry into the links between his department’s procedures and the deaths of benefit claimants. The party has produced a dossier of 50 cases in which the deaths of benefit claimants have been linked to decisions taken by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Mark Wood starved to death in 2013 after being found ineligible for employment and support allowance (ESA), even though he had never been able to cope with the demands of a job and his GP had

Source: Mother of ‘fit for work’ victim calls for ministers to face criminal charges | DisabledGo News and Blog

Sanction death man’s sister turns to courts after coroner turns down inquest call | DisabledGo News and Blog

The sister of a disabled man who died after being left destitute by having his benefits sanctioned is to seek the help of the high court after a coroner refused for the second time to hold an inquest into his death. David Clapson, who had diabetes, died in 2013 as a result of an acute lack of insulin, three weeks after having his jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) sanctioned. Because he had no money, he couldn’t afford to pay for electricity that would have kept the fridge where he kept his insulin working, in the height of summer, and he had also run out of food. But despite the circumstances of his death, and clear links with the sanctions system, no inquest was ever held. Now Clapson’s sister, Gill Thompson, is to ask the high court for a judicial review of the coroner’s decision not to hold an inquest. Her announcement came as new Department for Work and Pensions figures showed a sharp rise in the number of sanctions imposed on claimants of the out-of-work disability benefit, employment

Source: Sanction death man’s sister turns to courts after coroner turns down inquest call | DisabledGo News and Blog

Outrage over disabled man who lost leg thanks to illegal benefit sanctions

Benefit tales

Fighting back: Outrage over disabled man who lost leg in illegal benefit sanctions leads to £30k Salford campaign

Salford’s Unemployed & Community Resource Centre are launching a bid to help the thousands of people stung by unlawful benefit sanctions.

Back in June, SalfordOnline.com reported how one Salford worker who illegally had his out-of-work benefits axed had been refunded by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

In 2012 Simon Milne had his Jobseekers Allowance stopped for four weeks, without notice.It left him in such a poor state that he was unable to buy food, let alone to pay for travel to get to job interviews.

The centre says that David (pictured) had his benefits repeatedly sanctioned by Jobcentre Plus officials. This resulted in him being unable to control his diabetes because he had no money for food.

This caused diabetic ulcers which became infected and he had to have a…

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