Blue badge scheme now open to people with invisible disabilities

This is good news, however, with Local Authorities (LAs) still having the final say on who does and does not qualify, will this become a ‘Postcode Lottery’.

The LAs having the final say on who does or does not, they may not issue them directly, as this could be done by a another organisation.

To ensure consistency should not one organisation deal with the total process. When LAs did issue their own Blue Badges directly then I could see the reason for each authority to do their own, but not now.

To obtain a Blue Badge see

The rules regarding Blue Badge parking should also be consistent, but they are not. See

Wrexham’s plan to charge disabled people for parking is not only “absurd” but vindictive : Vox Political


Independent-run Wrexham Borough Council has declared war on disabled people, it seems.

The council wants to take away £25,000 a year from the money disabled people in the borough need to survive – in parking charges.

Not only that, but the council is prepared to pay twice that amount to install the changes needed to impose those charges – so it would not even start to make any money for two years.

 I wonder how badly the change would affect disabled people during that time? They don’t have much money to support them and even the smallest change can be disastrous. Wrexham’s MP is Labour’s Ian Lucas. Hopefully he will monitor the situation.

It seems unlikely that the so-called Independents (they’re usually closet Tories) on the council have even bothered to think about that.

Source: Wrexham’s plan to charge disabled people for parking is not only “absurd” but vindictive :Vox Political

Wheelchair ruling will affect disabled parking, says charity

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Campaign groups have warned that inconsiderate motorists could ignore disabled parking bays in the wake of a controversial legal ruling on wheelchair users’ rights.

The Court of Appeal said bus operators are not required to enforce policies requiring able-bodied passengers to vacate the wheelchair spaces on board their vehicles, including mothers with prams.

Disability Rights UK, which campaigns for equality for wheelchair users and other disabled people, said the ruling could have wide-ranging implications.

Sue Bott, the charity’s director of policy, said: “I can imagine a situation where a supermarket which has a number of spaces for wheelchair users and, when the car park is busy, a disabled driver asks someone to move.

“If they refuse a supermarket or other company would simply say they can only ask their customers not to park there. If a person refuses to move the retailer may say they are not obliged to do anything about it – that is very concerning.”

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