Coronavirus: Disabled people are forgotten by government strategy

A spokesperson added: “We are working closely with local authorities and the food industry to maintain access and deliver essential items to those who are most vulnerable, and are clear that where possible urgent and acute care needs should continue to be met.”

Unfortunately this Government would not recognise urgent and acute care needs, because they are totally uncaring.

The most vulnerable need much more than access and delivery of essential items, but also essential services, benefits and many others.

They have brought in a new welfare system, which is worst than the previous system, just to cut much needed benefits to those most in need on the pretext the new benefits would be delivered with less cost than previously. However, this has proved to be untrue and costs much more.

They have starved Local Authorities (LAs) of funding for council services on the pretext of austerity cuts, which in turn has meant that the LAs have had to cut funding for Social Care, which has been short of funding for years.

With the Coronavirus (COVID 19) situation they included the suspension of the Care Act 2014 in the Coronavirus Bill to allow LAs to cut more services which are in much demand by vulnerable people.

There will be other ways this Government are putting forward actions to make vulnerable people worse off.

At every turn this Government is making the lives of vulnerable people unbearable, is it to ensure that vulnerable people cease to exist.

Is this, in a way, a means to an end to reduce the number of vulnerable people within the UK, thereby leaving more resource for the elite rich.

Many elderly people 75 years ago won a war against a similar Government who wished to rid their country of vulnerable people and also non-Aryans, so is this Government trying to emulate the Third Reich.

I would hope not but in Germany pre-1939 the then German Government brought in measures to isolate those who were deemed to be not Ayran, so could this Government be doing the same to those who deemed to be not rich, thereby leaving more resources to the people this Government tends to support, the rich elite.