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A disabled people’s organisation (DPO) has intervened in a “hugely significant” court of appeal hearing that is set to decide how far the government’s Care Act protects disabled people’s independent living and well-being.

Inclusion London is the first DPO to intervene in a case involving the “flagship” Care Act 2014, while it will also be the first such case to be heard by the court of appeal.

To highlight the importance of the case, Inclusion London will hold a vigil outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday (17 August), from 9.15am, to show the three judges the impact the case will have on disabled people’s lives.

The case has been brought by Luke Davey, a disabled person with high support needs, whose support package was “slashed” after the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in June 2015.

He lost his high court case earlier this year, after seeking a judicial review of Oxfordshire County Council’s decision to cut his support from £1,651 to £950 a week from May last year.

The council had decided both to increase the number of hours Davey spent without the support of his personal assistants (PAs), and reduce the rates of pay of his PAs.

His lawyers are now arguing that the care plan drawn up by the council should be quashed, while it should draft a new plan that takes into account the risks its decision poses to Davey’s wellbeing.

They will argue that the council is breaching the Care Act by suggesting that he can rely on volunteers or unpaid family carers if he wants to go out for longer than three hours at a time.

And they will argue that the council should have seriously considered the risk to Davey’s wellbeing if his long-established team of PAs broke up.

Source: DPO plans court vigil as it intervenes in ‘hugely significant’ Care Act case – Black Triangle Campaign


A new London-wide scheme has seen the number of disability hate crimes recorded by police increase by 500 per cent within weeks of its launch. The Metropolitan Police’s Disability Hate Crime Matters (DHC Matters) initiative only began rolling out in January, with briefings to officers from teams responsible for community safety, road and transport, local policing, emergency response and crime screening. But already – even before it has fully rolled out – the scheme has seen 89 offences recorded as disability hate crimes across London in February, compared with 15 in the same month in 2015, an increase of about 500 per cent. DHC Matters is led jointly by the Metropolitan Police and the pan-London Deaf and disabled people’s organisation (DDPO) Inclusion London, and was the idea of disabled activist Anne Novis, the force’s independent chair of its disability hate crime working group and an Inclusion London trustee. The initiative aims to improve the way police identify, investigate and

Source: Hate crime initiative sees police reports leap by 500 per cent | DisabledGo News and Blog

A leading national disabled people’s organisation (DPO) is to campaign to produce a “sea change” in attitudes to disability, as one of its priorities over the next three years. In its strategic plan for 2016-19, Disability Rights UK (DR UK) says it will focus its campaigning on independent living, improving disabled people’s career opportunities, and – a new priority for the charity – influencing public behaviour and attitudes. In a blog accompanying the document, DR UK chief executive Liz Sayce points to a phone-in on BBC Radio 5 live last month in which disabled callers spoke of being “rejected, demonised, stared at, made to feel unwelcome everywhere from playgrounds to trains”. Sayce says DR UK now wants to collect disabled people’s experiences of some of the worst experiences they have faced, “whether it’s being viewed as scroungers or incompetents, being feared or looked down on, avoided or bullied”. And she suggests there is a need for a “strong, united message” that resonates

Source: Sayce calls for ‘strong, united message’ to change hostile attitudes | DisabledGo News and Blog

A disabled people’s organisation has called on the care watchdog to carry out an “urgent” inquiry into a council’s “systemic failure” to meet its legal duties under the Care Act. Equal Lives has accused Norfolk County Council of “reckless” behaviour which has left many disabled people prisoners in their own homes, and it wants the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to investigate. It took part in fresh protests this week as a council committee prepared to discuss a further £50 million in cuts to adult social care over the next three years. Equal Lives said the council had removed payments meant to support people’s well-being from their personal budgets in 2014-15, even though guidance in the Care Act states that local authorities “must promote wellbeing when carrying out any of their care and support functions in respect of a person”. It said that council cuts had fallen “disproportionately” on disabled and older people, many of whom had been left without even basic care. Jonathan Moore,

Source: DPO calls for urgent inquiry into council’s ‘systemic failure’ on social care | DisabledGo News and Blog

Three disabled people are taking legal action against a council that has banned them and other service-users from continuing to use a disabled people’s organisation (DPO) to support them with managing their care packages. It is believed to be the first case in which service-users have sought a judicial review under the government’s new Care Act 2014. All three claimants – Haydn Collins, Jenny Bolland and Slade Holmes – have been using Direct Payment Service Users (DiPSU) to support them in managing the direct payments allocated by Nottinghamshire County Council to fund their care and support, and say the DPO has provided them with a high quality service. But the council claims that a long-running probe by its own trading standards department, including, more recently, allegations of fraud against DiPSU, makes the organisation unfit to be providing services to hundreds of service-users across the county. DiPSU, which has been running since 2003, insists it has done nothing wrong and that

Source: Trio seek court backing to fend off council’s DPO ban | DisabledGo News and Blog

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