Disabled workers paid £2,730 a year less than non-disabled workers : Welfare Weekly

A new TUC report published today (Friday) finds that the disability pay gap has increased to its highest level since 2013.

In 2017 average hourly pay for disabled workers was £9.90, compared to £11.40 for non-disabled workers – a disability pay gap of £1.50 an hour and £2,730 a year.

The disability pay gap has now reached 15% – its highest level since 2013 when the government began publishing comparable data using the 2010 Equality Act definition of disability.

The new report is published to coincide with the TUC’s annual Disabled Workers Conference, which this year takes place in Bournemouth.

It finds that disabled people are less likely to be in employment – and when employed they are paid less than their non-disabled peers.

The other key findings include:


Source: Disabled workers paid £2,730 a year less than non-disabled workers : Welfare Weekly

Disabled Workers Face Discrimination- And They Can’t Afford Justice To Deal With It

Same Difference

The abuse started for Helen Adams (not her real name), a senior administrator at a major UK charity, after her boss watched her get out her of wheelchair. The 40-year-old has multiple sclerosis and struggles with mobility, but on a “very good day” she says she was able to walk in the office.

“I went to lunch and a manager who’d seen me walking earlier yelled at me across the busy room to get out of my wheelchair because ‘I wasn’t really disabled’,” Adams recalls. “I was so shocked and upset that I didn’t know what to say. I said nothing. The rest of the day, people were looking me up and down and tutting at me.”

Over the next few months, the harassment spread throughout the office.

“People started pressing all of the lift buttons when they saw me coming, then they would close the doors so the…

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