Whistleblower complaint set to lift lid on Trump pressure to push untried drug | World news | The Guardian

Dr Rick Bright says he was removed as head of office working on a Covid-19 vaccine for refusing to boost hydroxychloroquine

Source: Whistleblower complaint set to lift lid on Trump pressure to push untried drug | World news | The Guardian

Jimmy Dore: Taliban Have Surrendered Several Times, Each Time Refused by America

The West, mainly America and then the UK with other European nations and then, most probably, Australia have been invading Afghanistan for many years and also the Middle East.

But why,in many instances it was and is being put forward to rid the country of forces that bring terrorism into play and wish to bring peace to the country.

But, is it as Trump is stated to say ‘to exploit its valuable mineral resources’ something the West has done for centuries in many other countries.

The West should not interfere with any country, where that country will not be invading or attacking the West and then great caution needs to be taken, as is the case with North Korea.

The riches of the world are not there for the taking by the West, but should be used by each respective country as they see fit.

In fact it could be argued that each country in the West, which has plundered riches from another country should now pay back to those countries for what they have lost, but then that could bankrupt much of the Western World.

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Here’s another very important clip from the Jimmy Dore Show. It’s one that should be viewed by everyone interested in what the various wars we’re fighting around the world are really about. Dore and his co-host, Ron Placone, discuss a review of Anand Gopal’s book No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban and the War through Afghan Eyes by Ryan Grimm in The Intercept. And its more of what the mainstream media aren’t telling us about these wars.

Dore starts the show by making the point that mainstream media never reveals the truth about the reasons behind America’s various wars in the Middle East and the Maghreb. They don’t mention the petrodollar, Libya, or the reason why Iran’s now a theocratic state under the ayatollahs. It’s because America – and Britain – over threw its democratically elected prime minister, Mossadeq.

And this is just as devastating. Gopal’s…

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‘This is the ultimate slap in the face’ – Daily Record

A soldier who lost his legs in Afghanistan will no longer get treatment in England – because he’s Scottish.

Callum Brown, 28, still endures horrific pain from injuries caused by a bomb blast six years ago.

But now the former soldier is to lose the treatment and medication he has relied on.

He said yesterday: “I am sitting here without my legs because I fought for this country.

“This is the ultimate slap in the face. I am still in shock and can barely get my head around it.”

Former lance corporal Callum, from Ayr, has been under the care of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

The hospital, where he was treated when he was first airlifted home, has dedicated and specialised facilities for military casualties.

But on his last visit, he and wife Laura were stunned to be told he could no longer go there because he doesn’t live in England.

Callum fears the decision could even cost him his life because he will no longer have access to the specialist treatment available at the hospital.

e’ Former soldier lost his legs in Afghanistan but English hospital will no longer treat him because he’s Scottish – Daily Record

The Young Turks: US Senator Blames Heroin Addiction on Disability Benefits

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Okay, this is another video from The Young Turks across the Pond. I’m reblogging it here, because the attitude of the Republican senator, who made this stupid speech is exactly the same as the Conservatives over here. It’s so similar that I wonder how long it’ll be before Ian Duncan Smith, Katie Hopkins, Louise Mensch or some other Tory rentagob makes precisely the same argument in parliament, or in the pages of the Sun or the Mail.

The Republican senator, Tom Cotton, gave a speech to the right-wing Heritage Foundation arguing that disability benefits should be abolished because they act as a disincentive for the disabled to get jobs. He stated that disability benefits encourage increasing numbers of people to stop working to go on them. Eventually there comes a point, according to Cotton, where the sheer number of people on disability benefits drives companies away from an area…

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Medication could put you over the new drug-drive limit: Motorists suffering from epilepsy, insomnia and anxiety advised to carry their prescriptions with them  | Daily Mail Online

Motorists on medication should carry their prescriptions with them – or risk being prosecuted under new drug-drive laws which came into effect on Monday.

Source: Medication could put you over the new drug-drive limit: Motorists suffering from epilepsy, insomnia and anxiety advised to carry their prescriptions with them  | Daily Mail Online

It’s Just Plain Wrong and I am Really P*s**d

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I was surfing a bit today, trying to read all the new posts and realizing I had accidentally followed a whole lot of posts that I didn’t mean to follow, just read. So, I am cleaning up, trying to figure out why this is “perfect” and I hit a site and read a post that leaves me…cold and angry. Here’s the post, but I will go ahead and talk about it and the problem.
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Teaching school is rough today, but what makes it especially rough is if you manage to keep your feelings of compassion and have to deal with the thugs, bullies, and other people (often, including parents and other teachers) who are either part of the problem or who ignore it.

Amanda Todd’s story, unfortunately, is not abnormal today.  We live in a society in which many people, both young and old, feel…

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Autism and bullying–when a zero tolerance policy isn’t enforced.

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‘………………by Linda Mastroianni

Many schools have adopted zero tolerance policies on many different issues such as bully-300x231sexual harassment, drugs, bullying, just to name a few.   According to one on-line definition, it further states that “Zero-tolerance policies forbid persons in positions of authority from exercising discretion or changing punishments to fit the circumstances subjectively; they are required to impose a pre-determined punishment regardless of individual culpability, extenuating circumstances, or history. This pre-determined punishment need not be severe, but it is always meted out”.

But time and again we are constantly seeing children with autism being bullied and their perpetrators not being reprimanded.  In fact, in many cases, autistic children are left to defend themselves and when they do, they are the ones that are punished afterwards.

Take the case of Zach Williams, an 11 year old six grader at McEwen Middle School.  According to Zach’s father, “The same boy has now has twice assaulted my boy with rocks, and they won’t even comment on what they’ve done to him. I found out on my own he lost his long snack break for a week.”  Zach has been suspended from school.

Then there is the awful story of Mary Katherine Pursley, a special education teacher at Mount Bethel Elementary School in east Cobb.  Ms. Pursley was arrested and charged after police say “she put a student with special needs into a trash can and compared him to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street”.   The police report states that she“ picked up the child, held him upside down by his legs and lowered him head first into a trash can down to his shoulders, where she held him for a short period of time and asked him if he was going to stop yelling”.  She has been put on administrative leaveWITH PAY.

Let’s not forget the story of Suzanne Dellorusso, who worked as a support staff for Middle Smithfield Elementary School in Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Dellorusso has been accused of mistreating a nine-year-old non-verbal autistic boy on three occasions, “The case involves three separate incidents with three charges each: Endangering the Welfare of Children, Simple Assault, and Harassment.   The judge has decided to drop two of the three charges leaving only the child endangerment charge.

These are but a few horrible stories that we hear about.  What about all the other stories that don’t make it to the media?  I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of bullying and abuse autistic children live through on a daily basis that isn’t documented or recorded.  Worse yet, I can’t imagine what it must feel like for these children to go to school and not feel safe, always worried about being bullied knowing that their perpetrators will never get punished or suffer any substantial consequence.  How do you expect these kids to learn in an environment that is very hostile and unsafe for them?

Where is the school’s zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and why isn’t it implemented to the full extent?

This constant abuse towards autistic people, be it by their peers at school or the educators and staff that are mandated to protect them, must stop and so must the level of intolerance towards the child with autism.  It is never okay to abuse, ridicule, shame, ignore, disrespect another human being, much less a defenseless child with autism.

Children with special needs are part of our community and they belong in our schools, in our workplace and in our society just like anybody else.  Educate and teach young children about acceptance and tolerance towards all fellow human beings regardless of needs, abilities, gender, race or religion.

If you sign up to work with children with special needs you better be prepared to handle all kinds of different issues.  Understand that you don’t have the authority or legal right to mistreat them- even in the moments you believe are justified because you feel that they are bothering you – still not okay.  It’s never okay.  If you feel like you’re in a pissy mood often, then working with children with special needs isn’t for you.

Zero tolerance policies will only work if they are consistently and properly applied.  Having biased opinions and choosing who will or won’t get punished is abusing one’s level of authority and violating another person’s rights.

Every child has the fundamental right to go to school in a safe environment, free of violence and bullying.  When these rights are violated, swift action must be taken against the perpetrators.  When they are not, then the victim is being victimized a second time.  That is why it is called Zero tolerance.  There is no room for negotiation and it is high time that these schools start governing themselves as such.

It is rather unfortunate that it has to take a terrible story to occur before changes are made.

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What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark’s Photo?

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A good photograph can speak volumes about its subjects, yet still leave you wanting to know more.

The acclaimed and prolific American photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who died May 25 at the age of 75, was known for her humanist portraits: homeless children in Seattle, prostitutes in India, a family living out of their car. In 1990, she took one of her most memorable shots, titled, “Amanda and her cousin Amy.” The location is listed as Valdese, N.C.

"Amanda and her Cousin Amy": Mary Ellen Mark photographed Amanda Marie Ellison, 9 (right), and Amy Minton Velasquez, 8, in Valdese, N.C., in 1990. Courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark Studio and Library
“Amanda and her Cousin Amy”: Mary Ellen Mark photographed Amanda Marie Ellison, 9 (right), and Amy Minton Velasquez, 8, in Valdese, N.C., in 1990.
Courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark Studio and Library

“This photograph raises a lot of questions and leaves me with a slightly uneasy feeling,” says Jeff Jacobson, a New York photographer and a friend of Mark’s. “That, I feel, over and over again is the hallmark of her best work.”

In light of Mark’s passing, NPR sought to find out more about the two children in the photograph, particularly Amanda: Why was she smoking and wearing makeup and fake nails at age 9? What does she remember of the photo shoot? And what has happened since that sunny afternoon in 1990?

She now goes by Amanda Marie Ellison — her surname was Minton at the time of the photo. She is 34 years old, lives in Lenoir, N.C., and indeed still remembers the photo.

“Never forgotten it. Never in my life have I forgotten it,” she says.

Ellison says Mark formed a bond with her over multiple photo shoots, but after Mark left, Ellison lost track of the photographer’s name and phone number. For 25 years, she says she searched for the photo to no avail. Then last month, after Mark’s death, her cousin posted the picture to Facebook and tagged Ellison.

“I cried. I cried. Because … all at once, there it was,” Ellison says.

In 1990, Mark had been sent to rural North Carolina by Life magazine to cover a school for “problem children.” Ellison was one of those children. “She’s my favourite,” Mark told British Vogue in 1993. “She was so bad she was wonderful, she had a really vulgar mouth, she was brilliant.”

Mark added: “I was something of a problem kid. I was emotional, wild, rebellious at school. I’m very touched by kids who don’t

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark in New York City in 1987. Courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark Studio and Library
Photographer Mary Ellen Mark in New York City in 1987.
Courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark Studio and Library

have advantages; they are much more interesting than kids who have everything. They have a lot of passion and emotion, such a strong will.”

Ellison openly concedes she was a “wild” child, but she says she was just emulating the adults in her life, all of whom by her memory were drug-addicted, residing in a low-income housing complex nicknamed “Sin City.” It was around that time that she began to smoke.

“If I couldn’t get [cigarettes], if somebody wouldn’t give them to me, yes, I’d steal a pack of cigarettes and be gone,” she says. “I’d sit in the woods and smoke ’til they were gone.”

Two years after the photo, at age 11, Ellison says she was taken into foster care and later lived in group homes. She says she developed an addiction for hard drugs when she was 16.

Amy Minton Velasquez, Ellison’s cousin and the other child in “Amanda and her cousin Amy,” corroborates much of her account.

“I mean, I had a rough childhood,” Velasquez says. “But I will say this: that youngin’, she was put through things that would probably make the hair stand on your head if you really knew.”

Ellison says at age 9 she knew there were deep problems with her childhood; she viewed Mark’s photos as not just a fun diversion but as a possible solution.

“When she came along and took those photos, I thought, ‘Well, hey, people will see me and this may get me the attention that I want; it may change things for me,’ ” Ellison says. She thought someone would see the images and come rescue her. “I had thought that that might have been the way out. But it wasn’t.”

Jacobson, the New York photographer, says Mark was not the type to give her subjects false impressions. But he says, “In any photographic encounter, the one person that always benefits and always is in a more powerful position and always knows more is the photographer.”

By her own admission, Ellison’s adulthood is still tumultuous. She has served time in prison and says she is still “surrounded by crazy people and drugs.” But she says her life has improved, and she wishes she could talk again with “that photographer lady.”

“If I had to guess,” Ellison says, “I would say she would be, I don’t know, overwhelmed with joy that I have made it this far.”


Are British Judges insane?

British judge supports burglar

I welcome that Judge Peter Bowers is being investigated, in doing so they should check his recreational activities and his sanity.

He knew his comments were not right when he told the burglar  he showed ‘ a huge amount of courage’ to burglar a property. This indicated that he was supporting the burglar to commit burglary and was giving a green light for others to also do so.

If Judge Peter Bowers supports burglary, why can he not publish his own address and say his property is open house for burglars.  Would he then not change his mind.

He indicated his support because the burglar had a drug problem, is it that he also supports the taking of illegal drugs.  If not, then I put forward that his sanity should be investigated.

Judge Peter Bowers is not alone in the issuing or making of comments that appear to be out of line with the views of Society.  It is time that the British judges were held accountable for their actions and sayings.

There was the famous comment from Judge Pickles, who at the height of their popularity did not know who The Beatles were.

However, it is not for the British Parliament to interfere with the actions of judges, as to do so would create a political interference which could cause even more problems.  It is the duty of Parliament to create the Laws of the land and then for judges to administer justice in line with these laws.

To oversee Judges it is the responsibility of Office for Judicial Complaints to ensure judges are making correct judgments in accordance with the laws.

Why are our British judges so unaware of society and society trends and at times their views are relevant to periods long ago.  Not only should judges be up to date on the current legislature, but should be aware of the views and trends in society.

While not a supporter of Judge Judy, she appears in her judgments to show a lot of common sense, while abiding by the Laws of the USA.

Please can our judges be supported in at least knowing something about what is happening in British Society and the views of Society, while also passing judgments in accordance with British Law.

In British judiciary system, judges should not only be making their judgments in relation to Statue Law, laws which have been passed by parliament by an Act of Parliament, but also Case Law, judgments made in the past by other judges which have been allowed to stand and have not been superseded by Acts of Parliament.

It therefore beggars disbelief that Judge Peter Bowers did not take into account the comment from the Lord Chief Justice in January 2009 Your home is your castle. Meaning you have every right to defend your home.