UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown | Vox Political

The United Kingdom is the fifth- or sixth-richest nation in the world; we should be able to afford to handle Covid-19 while still giving the best-quality care to those who need it. But we don’…

Source: UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown | Vox Political

UK faces national crisis as 6,500 care homes could close : Care Home Professional 

The UK is facing a national crisis with 6,500 care homes totalling 140,000 beds at risk of closure over the next five years, Knight Frank has warned.

Source: UK faces national crisis as 6,500 care homes could close : Care Home Professional

Tory MP Bob Seely calls for Britain to offer ‘mass asylum’ | Daily Mail Online

Britain should be prepared to offer ‘mass asylum’ to thousands expected to flee Hong Kong as China imposes tough new security laws, an MP said yesterday.

Source: Tory MP Bob Seely calls for Britain to offer ‘mass asylum’ | Daily Mail Online

Two councils return to Care Act compliance leaving five authorities suspending duties | Community Care

Article updated 22 May Birmingham and Sunderland councils have returned to applying the Care Act 2014 in full after a period suspending certain duties using emergency powers under the Coronavirus Act 2020. The authorities’ decisions means there are five councils operating the so-called Care Act easements – Coventry, Derbyshire, Solihull, Staffordshire and Warwickshire – down […]

Source: Two councils return to Care Act compliance leaving five authorities suspending duties | Community Care

Man with Down’s Syndrome dies as hospital leaves him without food for 20 days

This should be unbelievable, but is it?

Where is the care in our, so called, Society, it appears that it is just another ‘word’ that is not put into practice.

Is our Health Service so fragmented that, specialists health care professionals are unable to understand the basics of nutrition.

Surely with so many professions within the care of Joe, that, not one of them could see, or even understand, that food or some other form of nutrition was not being given to Joe.

Was he not monitored, or did everyone involved in his, so called, care believe it was the responsibility of someone else.

What does this say of the 21st century health care in Manchester, more like 16th century. The care for Joe would have been better in the 3rd World.

There are targets for this, targets for that and targets for the other, so many targets.

Are there too many targets, that these targets are getting in the way of basic health care?

Govt Newspeak

Relatives of Guiseppe “Joe” Ulleri, 61, spoke of a “fragmented” care approach and claimed he was denied food for almost three weeks due to miscommunication.

A man with Down’s syndrome died after 20 days in a hospital bed without food, an inquest heard. The family of Giuseppe “Joe” Ulleri, 61, condemned the ­“fragmented” approach to his care after he was taken to A&E in February 2016 due to a fall at his supported living site in Didsbury, Manchester.

After initially being discharged, he was re-admitted and found to have fractures to his pelvis, wrist and neck. His carers were told he needed surgery and as he had some difficulty swallowing due to an ongoing acid reflux problem, he was made “nil by mouth”.

But relatives say he was denied food for almost three weeks due to miscommunication and inaction by staff, which led to him getting fatal pneumonia.

Brother Peter told the…

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Tory Esther McVey just sneaked out a spectacular climbdown on housing benefit cuts

This is just a start as Social care throughout the UK is in an extensive crisis and all, some more than others, are in a dire need of extra finance just to tread water, let alone cater for the increase in needs relating to social care from an ever increasing amount of people both children and adults and their respective carers.

If the Care Industry is allowed to collapse, which it is now and in some instances beyond crisis point, then we will be back in Victorian Times, a time when many Tories regal at in their wish to return to ‘Victorian values’. Are these values we wish to return to, extensive child labour, lack of sanitation, workhouse, penalizing the poor, disabled and the sick.

Just a moment, we may already be there.

Mental health campaigner Claire Greaves dies in Cygnet unit

Picture of a young white woman with dark hair tied up with a large clip at the back of her head, wearing a white T-shirt with the logo "Beat eating disorders", a rainbow-striped pair of long socks and a pair of black leggings with a white flower pattern on them.

I learned this morning that Claire Greaves, a mental health blogger and campaigner who has worked with Mind, Fixers and eating disorder charity Beatuntil she was moved to a secure unit in 2016, and who tweeted under the handle @mentalbattle, has died in an eating disorders unit run by the private company Cygnet, owned by Pennsylvania-based Universal Health Services, in Coventry. Although she suffered from anorexia which nearly killed her in early 2017, sources on Twitter say she took her own life. She had been moved to that unit in May 2017 after five months in a mainstream hospital receiving tube-feeding after the crisis brought on by the anorexia in the Partnerships in ‘Care’/Priory-run secure unit, Ty Catrin, in south Wales, the conditions of which were the subject of this interview and which she wrote about on her blog here.

Source: Mental health campaigner Claire Greaves dies in Cygnet unit

Disabled people and care being provided by Personal Assistants

Received through the ROFA (Reclaiming Our Future Alliance) network:

A worker at Inclusion London has mentioned that some Disabled people are being asked to replace funding for Personal Assistants with volunteers to undertake their personal care by some Local Authorities.   Inclusion London would be grateful for your thoughts and  any examples of expectations from social workers to use volunteers to make up for cuts in your support package. Email
I am aghast that this could be on the agenda of any authority.
This is extremely worrying and hopefully is not being contemplated within many Local Authorities. That being said, could you advise your thoughts to
Hopefully this worrying situation can be stopped.
My own view on this is what messages are these local authorities, who are in the process of asking for volunteers to replace paid carers, sending to the paid care workers. For the huge responsibility that these care workers undertake within their role for the low remuneration they receive, this is deplorable. No paid care worker should be only on the Minimum Living Wage, but should be, at least on the Living Wage and even above.
To be a care worker requires them to be committed to the person they are caring for, be responsive to the needs and requests from the cared for person and conduct themselves respecting the cared for persons dignity, privacy and the confidentiality with regards to the information they will be aware of about the cared for person and also their family.
They are required to attend at the times required according to the respective care packages and inform the cared for person when they are unable to do so with sufficient time for a replacement care worker to cover the caring shift to be found. Where the cared for person is deemed to be vulnerable and therefore be at risk of abuse, safeguarding is therefore an area of concern and a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is required.
You cannot say that one person requiring care is the same as the next person requiring care, as we are all individuals and therefore have our own views. This is especially so for persons with learning disabilities and those with Autism. In these instances it takes considerable time to understand each individual and their routines, for to not take this into account could cause the cared for persons to have an adverse reaction, which if a full understanding is not known could and most likely will create situations where harm could occur to the carer and the individual concerned. The carer needs to understand that they are technically a guest in the cared for persons home and as such they should act accordingly.
While a volunteer could and should be capable of all of the above, will all volunteers respect the commitment that is required to undertake care. After all they will be undertaking this on a voluntary basis so will they really commit to engaging with regards to timings. Then what will occur if they cannot attend , say to illness, will the cared for person have a bank of volunteers they can call upon.
These Local Authorities are only looking at their own interests. If they are so committed to using volunteers, why do they not have a volunteer Chief Executive and then there will be a multitude of funds saved.
That you could say is flippant, but where is the difference with regards with paid carers.
Any local authority who undertakes using volunteers could be open to a challenge on ‘Duty of Care’.

Hunger is just one symptom of deepening social care crisis-ADASS | Care Industry News

Responding to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger’s report on malnutrition in older people, Margaret Willcox, President of ADASS, said:

“The thought of older people going hungry because they are isolated, have limited mobility, or are depressed is appalling, and social care staff do what they do because they are keen to do anything within their power to help.

“Hunger is a serious issue for older people, but it’s often just one symptom of wider issues, which is why it is our view that social care solutions should be personalised, and focus on the individual needs of the person in question.


Source: Hunger is just one symptom of deepening social care crisis-ADASS | Care Industry News

A Pizza Hut told employees fleeing Hurricane Irma they could be punished for skipping shifts – The Washington Post

A memo at one store told employees that they could not flee the hurricane more than 24 hours before it hit, or they could be disciplined at work.

Source: A Pizza Hut told employees fleeing Hurricane Irma they could be punished for skipping shifts – The Washington Post