Severely disabled woman denied PIP

You hear one benefit scandal story and you feel it can not get worse, then you hear another and another and another…. and realise that it can.

It is not just in respect of PIP, but ESA, Universal Credit and any others.

It is not, just, that the PIP assessment process is ‘unfit for purpose’, but the whole benefit process no matter which benefit is involved.

I feel this Government will not rest until all benefit claimants are forced into death, so that no benefits need to be paid because all possible benefit claimants will be dead.

The Government needs to be charged with undertaking Criminal Acts in their dealings with Benefit Claimants.

Benefit Claimants have Human Rights, but these are not recognised by this Government. If these actions were being conducted by any other persons or authorities the charge could be Terrorism, so why not this Government.

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Exclusive: Severely disabled woman told moving from mobility chair to sofa suggested she could walk 200 metres unaided

pipxA woman in a wheelchair was stripped of her disability benefits on the basis that she was able to walk four steps during an assessment. WHAT THE HELL!!!! I THOUGHT THE CRITERIA WAS 20 METRES!!!! Michelle Wyatt, 45, who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) 23 years ago, was forced to survive on £1 ready meals and without heating after her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) was stopped.

The York resident said the withdrawal of her disability benefit – which amounted to £75 a week and which she had been receiving since 1998 – had left her feeling suicidal.

The decision to stop her support came after a benefit assessor visited her home in December and concluded that she was no longer eligible for PIP – a disability benefit that replaced Disability Living…

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‘Obscene’ 18-month delay for DWP complaints

This is disgraceful and should not be allowed to occur.

For a start the DWP, has should all Government departments, be more transparent and also honest and open. Unfortunately all this is someting outside the ‘norm’ for the Government and this also includes all Local Authorities and maybe those of Health.

For anyone to go to a complaints body takes some strength, as you are going against a large public body, which you are and will be again relying upon, will they hold the complaints against them and treat you are your relative worse than before.

Of course they will say they will not, but it has not been unknown in some authorities.

In some instances the complaints procedures themselves are ‘not fit for purpose.

That been said I do like that you can not refer until the complaint response letter has been issued, unlike going to the Ombudsman where their time period starts from when the complaint was initiated and there is a limit of 1 year. If that was so re this complaint then it would have been too late to go to the Independent Complaints body.

If certainly feel that the Ombudsman needs to change, could I say to Independent Case Examiner (ICE).

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Parents fighting

People with the most serious complaints about the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have to wait 18 months before their cases are investigated. BBC Radio 4’s Money Box has also learnt that nearly two-thirds of investigations miss their target of being cleared within 20 weeks.

One man in dispute with one of its agencies called the delay “obscene”.

The DWP said it understands “the impact that waiting for an investigation can have on people and their families.” The most common complaints to the DWP include things like a failure to follow proper procedures, excessive delays and poor customer service.

Alan, who did not want his real name used, said he faces nearly a four-year wait in total before his case is resolved. He first complained to the government-run Child Maintenance Service (CMS) in November 2017. He says it took thousands of pounds of a redundancy payment directly from his bank account.

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After all these years, the DWP is still trying to convince us that amputated feet heal | Vox Political

Repeat a lie often enough, and people will believe it. That’s what the Tories think. Right? But it’s quite difficult when we’re being told that this has healed: Tommy Weir’s…

Source: After all these years, the DWP is still trying to convince us that amputated feet heal | Vox Political

Former carer who waited months for disability benefit was turned down because he was in hospital for too long

Why do these problems keep occuring with Disability Benefit applications, irrespective which benefit is being applied for?

Could it be that the systems lack ‘common sense’, it would appear so.

The system is adhered to rigidly, when, if common sense was applied the rigidity could be overcome.

However, the benefits system is under the direction of the DWP, a Government department and that is the problem for there is no common sense in Government, in fact, in politics completely.

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Peter faced a long wait for his PIP, only to be told his application could not be processed, he was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery in December last year after suffering a severe hernia in his stomach, he never imagined he’d spend months in hospital.

Peter went through an incredibly difficult time (Photo: Peter Wilson) Another “fit” for work claimant

He’d already been left disabled following a life-saving bowel operation years earlier, and because of the scar tissue left behind, the second procedure failed. It meant he had to undergo further treatment, leaving him bedbound in hospital for almost five months.

It was a terrible time for the 52-year-old. Just two weeks earlier his severely disabled sister, Susan, whom he’d cared for for almost 30 years, died after contracting sepsis.

The only solace he had was that he would be returning to the two-bedroom bunglaow they’d shared in Hull once he left hospital, and hopefully receiving the disability benefits he’d…

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Petition for dead man DWP said ‘wasn’t sick enough’ is axed because of election

This is a shameful act as the Epetition should be reinstated once the General Election has finished.

If this is not achieved then petioners should boycott the EPetition site and go to others which are not affected,

It is a Gross infringement of Freedom of Speech.

But then the DWP is a Gross Infringement.

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author image.  A Man offers to bring brother’s ashes to appeal meeting after DWP said he ‘wasn’t sick enough’

Man offers to bring brother's ashes to appeal meeting after DWP said he 'wasn't sick enough'
Dave Smith with brother Jamie Oliver in his final hours (Picture: Dave Smith/Facebook)
A grieving brother has slammed the Government after his petition to get justice from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was scrapped because of the general election.

Parliament was dissolved yesterday to make way for five weeks of campaigning ahead of the election on December 12. It means any bills going through Parliament and any petitions on the government website were dropped and will not be reopened.

Dave Smith spent weeks building his campaign to stop the DWP contracting out health-related assessments to private companies. He claims his terminally ill brother Jamie Oliver, 49, was twice refused disability benefits, but was offered to appeal his case five months after he died from chronic liver disease.

Dave was so angry…

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DWP Bedroom Tax dealt defeat in European Court of Human Rights

Govt Newspeak

A rape and assault victim must now be paid £8,600 in damages by the British government after a six-year fight over fees for her panic room. The Tories’ hated Bedroom Tax was today dealt a landmark defeat in the European Court of Human Rights.

Bedroom Tax protest

Judges ruled the benefit cut discriminated against a domestic violence victim who was forced to pay extra for her panic room. The UK government has been ordered to pay the woman, who suffered rape and assault, 10,000 Euros (£8,600) for the “damage she suffered”.

Lawyers have now demanded the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) act to help almost 300 women estimated to be in a similar situation. The ruling – which came by a 5-2 majority of judges – comes almost three years after the mum known only as A suffered a defeat in the UK Supreme Court.

Ann Bevington of Hopkin Murray Beskine Solicitors, who acted…

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Man ‘bullied’ into attending benefits interview days after brain surgery

Is there something seriously wrong with the DWP for how can so many mistakes be made and continue to be made.

When will the immortal phrase be uttered ‘Lessons will be learnt’, for are lessons ever learnt, for it would appear they are not in many of the organisations where they need to be.

Are these organisations willing to learn or are there other reasons?

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Sunderland dad ‘bullied’ into attending benefits interview only days after brain surgery for Parkinson’s disease, he is battling serious illness and related how he was “bullied” into attending a benefits interview only days after undergoing brain surgery.

Russ Bradford is angry at having to attend a benefits assessment meeting only a week after undergoing brain surgery.

Russ Bradford, who has had two eight inch probes inserted into his head as part of his treatment for Parkinson’s disease, feared his disability payments would be reduced or even stopped if he did not attend the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) sanctioned assessment.

Mr Bradford, who has fought the degenerative illness for eight years, insists he told the DWP about the planned surgery and its six-week estimated recovery period during previous correspondence more than a month before the operation date.

The father of two was then stunned to receive a letter – which arrived just days before he was admitted to hospital – instructing him to attend the Sunderland assessment.


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heartbreak as wife’s ashes withheld for six months

Yet another atrocity regarding Universal Credit.

Why in the 21st century with so much new technology, can not the DWP have a system which closes one benefit system just as the new one commences, thereby the claimant has no unpaid waiting period, a seamless transfer.

If this was so then Mr Shade would have been able to claim the funeral payment immediately and not have had to go through all the anguish he had to while having to deal with the death of his wife. It was not Mr Shades fault all this occurred and he was left in, apparent limbo at a very distressing time.

But the DWP do not embrace new technology and appear to be in the ‘Stone Age’ when technology surfaces.

They should be there to help, but it seems they are only there to hinder and create as much heartache as they can.

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Rob Shade and Carole-Anne Shade. They are both wearing rectangular glasses and are smiling.
Rob Shade has not been able to take his wife’s ashes home – six months after the funeral. Credit: BPM Media

A grieving husband says he has not been allowed to take home his wife’s ashes – and the funeral was held over six months ago.

Rob Shade, from Loughborough says he was told he would get government help with funeral costs because he and his wife relied on benefits to look after themselves and their two sons.

But when Carole-Ann died on November 9, 2018, he was in the process of being moved onto Universal Credit. He says a quirk in the system meant authorities mistakenly believed he did not appear to be on any benefits at all, so he was denied the funeral costs he needed.

Credit: BPM Media

He was able to pay around half of the funeral bills with the money his wife left behind, but he still…

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Only one disability charity fully supports Jodey Whiting petition

Is this a surprise, for it should not be.

For some of the national charities do receive some form of Government funding and it has been suggested that theyreceive this funding to undertaken some specific work and in doing so they are required to sign a clause stipulating that they will not criticise the Government. For if they do, they may not receive the funding.

This is a dilemma for these charities as they would like the funding as this will enhance the charity funds and enable them to do more inaccordance with their aims.

But, if the Government is appearing to not fully support persons with disabilities these charities voices will be mooted.

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DWP: Only one disability charity fully supports petition for inquiry into Jodey Whiting death

Joy Dove has worked tirelessly for justice for her daughter, and blames DWP pressure for Jodey taking her own life.

More than 50,000 have supported a petition calling for justice for tragic Jodey Whiting – but many disability charities do not. 

For more than two years, Joy Dove has battled for justice for her late daughter.

In February 2017, the 42-year-old mum-of-nine was seriously ill in hospital when she received an appointment letter for a work capability assessment, from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). She didn’t see it, and missed the appointment. Jodey, who also suffered from mental health issues, had her benefits stopped and later, took her own life.

Her mum Joy and her family blamed pressure from the DWP for her death at Jodey’s inquest in May 2017. Since then Joy, from her flat…

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Disabled People Hit Four Times Harder By Welfare Changes

In general having a disability or disabilities means it costs more to live, therefore if the benefits system penalises persons with disabilities, not only do they not have the additional income, but effectively less income.

How can this be equality?

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Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment should undergo “urgent” shake-up, campaigners said. 


Disabled people have been financially hit four times harder by benefits changes over the past decade than non-disabled people, according to new research.

The more disabilities a person has the more they have lost out, the study said. YOU THINK!!!! 

A shake-up of the system, including a major review of the assessment criteria for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Universal Credit, should be “urgently conducted”, according to the report for the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC).

The DBC said: “While many people who receive welfare support have experienced cuts of an average of £300 as a result of changes to the welfare system, disabled people have typically lost around £1,200 per year.

“The more disabilities you have the more you lose out, for example someone who has six or more disabilities loses over £2,100 each year on average, whereas…

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