Diabetic woman, 27, died after slipping into a coma when her benefits were stopped

When will appropriate action be taken against the DWP for these cases keep surfacing but no one is held accountable.

This strengthens my agruement that this whole process is geared to kill claimant, which is a sure fire way to reduce the benefits costs.

The DWP should be held on a charge of Murder.

Benefit sanctions found to be ineffective and damaging

The Government have been told time after time that sanctions are not the answer, especially for disabled people. Instead of applying sanctions the DWP should be helping people into employment.

Unfortunately the DWP lives in ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ or they are working to make people fail.

Some of the reasons ignored by the DWP for failing to attend DWP meeting requests, are already working, in hospital, no suitable transport available to get to meeting and many others.

The DWP is not ‘fit for purpose’ and they themselves should be sanctioned for creating impossible conditions for claimants to adhere to.

DWP reverses sanctions decision for epileptic man

Are these cases where sanctions are made purely a misunderstanding or is it a deliberate action to force disabled people, the poor, the vulnerable, etc into poverty so that they cannot survive and will eventually be no longer here.

Hence reducing costs by the ultimate removal of persons who claim benefits. In which case the term ‘callous and cold-hearted’ is well suited.

Yes, a drastic ‘DWP culture change’ needs to occur and then one can judge if there are misunderstandings or not.

Man had benefits docked because he was having surgery

We all know this is a ridiculous situation, with the exception of the DWP. For them to not understand the stupidity of progressing with sanctions when there are plausible reasons, proves they are beyond comprehension and any reasonable organisation would implement changes to ensure these ridiculous situations do not continue to reoccur. But we are dealing with a Government department who are beyond comprehension and have no desire to change no matter how foolish they appear.

This is not about saving money, reducing dependence on benefits, promoting independence or any other supposed aspects, but purely to cause harm, distress and even death of disabled and vulnerable people.

There is no shred of humanity in any of these policies.