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The government’s response to a damning inquiry into the disability benefit system “falls short”, MPs have said, after it refused to accept a number of recommendations designed to restore trust in the assessment process.

A report by the Work and Pensions Committee published in February found failings in the process for assessing personal independence payment (PIP) and employment support allowance (ESA) claims had contributed to a “pervasive lack of trust” in the system with “untenable human costs” to claimants, as well as financial costs to the public purse.

It revealed that all three private firms contracted to assess people for disability benefits were failing to meet the government’s own quality standards, and concluded that the process was in need of “urgent change”.


Source: Government response to damning inquiry into disability benefit system ‘falls short’, say MPs : Independent


A Windrush pensioner who has lived in Britain for 52 years was landed with a bill of more than £33,000 from the government for past disability benefits and threatened with deportation.

Valerie Baker, 66, came to Britain from Jamaica as a four-year-old in 1955 on her aunt’s passport. Her mother and father had arrived a year earlier after taking up the invitation to help rebuild the country after the war.

 She was educated in London, and worked all her life but was forced into early retirement in 2008 because of chronic back problems.

Last April, she received a letter from the Home Office, telling her she had “no lawful basis to remain in the UK and you should leave as soon as possible”. If she didn’t leave the country within seven days, she was told she could be deported at any time.

“I was just so numb. At first I thought it was an April Fool’s joke because the letter came on 1 April. It just came out of the blue, I really kept thinking it can’t be true,” she said.


Source: DWP sent Windrush pensioner £33,000 bill for disability benefits : Welfare Weekly

DWP boss Esther McVey struggled through a Holyrood committee meeting as the real life impact of Tory welfare policies was laid bare.

SNP MSP George Adam raised the case of a constituent who had been sanctioned after suffering a heart attack – but was met with a brick wall as Ms McVey insisted the system was working.

 After Ms McVey said that Universal Credit was fit for purpose, Mr Adam told her “with the greatest respect, that’s completely devoid from the real world.”

He continued: “In my constituency, I’ve got people who’ve been suffering constantly because of the roll-out. We’re not even a full roll-out area.

“What about people like my constituent, who ended up getting sanctioned because he had a heart attack and was in the Royal Alexandra Hospital?”


Source: ‘My constituent had his benefits sanctioned for having a heart attack’ : Welfare Weekly

The SNP has said that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) rhetoric to make work pay “reeks of hypocrisy,” after figures revealed that the department has taken on over 27,000 people for unpaid work placements since 2011 – with no record of how many have then been offered full or part-time employment after the placement has ended.

In response to a Written Parliamentary Question from SNP MP Alan Brown over the number of people who have taken on unpaid work with the department, the DWP said, that since 2011, it has taken on 27,775 unpaid staff – with no information on whether or not they had gone on to full time employment or let go.

 In Alan Brown MP’s own constituency of Kilmarnock & Loudoun, the DWP has taken on 55 unpaid staff.

Alan Brown MP said: “The figures detailing the scale of unpaid placements within the DWP, and the lack of any records as to how many of those placements have led to full or part-time employment, is staggering and reeks of hypocrisy.

“The grim reality is that whilst the DWP trumpet on about getting people into paid work, they have simultaneously taken on more than 27,000 people for unpaid placements – with not a single bit of paper to show how many have then been offered paid opportunities.


Source: DWP ‘make work pay’ claims ‘reeks of hypocrisy’, says SNP MP : Welfare Weekly

This shows, if further evidence was required, what the DWP is like and if they do this to ,one of their own, then what can be said for the rest of us.

This just shows that what has been occurring over the last few years is no mistake, it is the total agenda of the DWP.

What can they do,

  1. well if it was up to me the DWP manager Bev Lovatt would be severely reprimanded with a view to a capability assessment being undertaken
  2. the whole practices of the DWP would be minutely investigated by an independent non-government source

  3. the Government needs to suspend all assessments and new claimants processed on the previous benefit processes

  4. sanctions to be immediately removed and no further sanctions implemented

  5. Atos and Capita to have their contracts suspended and their methods of engagement investigated

  6. any claimants being in the process of being transferred to ESA, PIP or UC to have their processes suspended and immediately re-instated to their previous benefits

  7. awards of compensation to claimants for their suffering and any other problems or to their families where the claimants are now deceased to be implemented

Only then will there be justice for all the claimants and their families for the problems caused by the inhuman policies of the DWP.

Same Difference

A disabled DWP employee has won a £26,000 payout after his bosses called him a “whinger” and gave him a warning after he ‘nearly died’ at work.

An employment tribunal awarded compensation after finding Barrie Caulcutt had been treated unfairly by his bosses at the Department for Work and Pensions.

The 55-year-old, of Caernarfon, North Wales, cried at the hearing, saying his life and health were ruined by bosses who said he didn’t deserve to be treated nicely.

The father-of-two, who suffers from anxiety, chronic asthma and eczema, had to be rushed to hospital after he suffered an asthma attack at work, the Daily Post reports.

He said felt “relieved and pleased” after the tribunal unanimously found the DWP had discriminated against him by failing to make reasonable adjustments for his disability.

Mr Caulcutt had worked for the DWP for 35 years with an “exemplary” attendance record.

Problems started after…

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When will this ridiculous system stop for Capita, in this instance, but also Atos are not fit for purpose. Time and time again these companies and DWP are shown to be stupid, cruel, not caring and down right evil, but still the system goes on.

Where is the justice for the claimants, how many more unjust sanctions are going to be given before the authorities call a stop.

Unfortunately never as this is just what the DWP want to occur for they will not be happy until every claimant is deceased, for this is what these sanctions are therefore.

Where is the Law and Order, Oh, it is the Government of the day, so therefore there is no authority to correct these wrong, except by appealing..

It is clear that savings was not the agenda for any of these benefit systems be they ESA, PIP or UC, as the costs have multiplied due to the extra work, time and expense of the appeals.

If savings had been the reason for these benefits, every effort to ensure mistakes were not being made and that every claimant was dealt with correctly.

It is not just the sanctions, but who cannot trust many of the assessors to assess the claimants correctly for they have falsified many assessment reports, by reversing what had been said, making up areas of the assessment reports, the list is endless.

The Government are going out of their way to stop people receiving justified benefits and ignoring all that is going wrong with everyone of the assessment companies.

If it was not for legal system which ;luckily is, in most respects, independent of the Government, or is not influenced by them, then hardly anyone would be receiving welfare benefits.

But this is not the only area of Government actions that are wrong for there is austerity, the cuts are hurting the most vulnerable within the UK and it is clear for everyone to see.

The Government is getting away with ‘Murder’ and they should be brought to book for their incessant killing of vulnerable people.

Put the Government in prison and throw away the key.

Stop UK lies & corruption

Michelle Moloney, 40, who suffers from bipolar disorder type 2 and severe anxiety, was left unable to buy groceries after it was wrongly claimed she failed to attend an assessment.   In reality it was the assessor who failed to carry out the home-based assessment.

Even though it was the assessor’s fault this didn’t stop the DWP cutting off Michelle’s lifeline.  DWP’s letter stated “..we don’t think you’ve given us a good reason for this“.

Michelle complained directly to Capita who were meant to carry out the assessment on behalf of the DWP.  Capita still failed to put things right until being contacted by The Independent.

Source   Backup

DWP cut disability allowance because assessor failed to turn up.png DWP cut disability allowance because assessor failed to turn up

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Almost a third of assessments for the PIP disability benefit are not fully up to scratch, figures reveal.

The data shows the shocking full story behind the official figure that 95% of reports are “acceptable”.

Atos and Capita have a target for 3% or fewer of their reports to be ranked “unacceptable” – and currently it is around 5%.

But figures handed to MPs show thousands more “acceptable” reports still had to be amended or prompted staff feedback.

Atos, for example, said 5% of its reports were “unacceptable” between March and December 2017.

But a further 10% were “acceptable with amendments”, and 15% were “acceptable with feedback” – meaning there was “learning required” for the assessor.

That left just 70% of Atos reports that were graded acceptable without any changes or feedback.

In the same period, Capita said just 6% of its reports were unacceptable. But a further 15% were acceptable with amendments and 13% had learning required.

That meant 66% of Capita reports were graded acceptable without any amendments or feedback.

An Atos spokesman stressed that “acceptable with amendments” still meant a report was acceptable.


Source: Almost a third of PIP disability assessments are ‘not up to scratch’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

Are these cases where sanctions are made purely a misunderstanding or is it a deliberate action to force disabled people, the poor, the vulnerable, etc into poverty so that they cannot survive and will eventually be no longer here.

Hence reducing costs by the ultimate removal of persons who claim benefits. In which case the term ‘callous and cold-hearted’ is well suited.

Yes, a drastic ‘DWP culture change’ needs to occur and then one can judge if there are misunderstandings or not.

Govt Newspeak

DWP reverses sanctions decision for epileptic man who missed benefits appointment due to seizure
Luke O'Donnell, 24, was initially given a 21-day sanction.Luke O’Donnell, 24, was initially given a 21-day sanction.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has decided to reverse its decision to sanction a man who missed his Universal Credit meeting due to seizures,  after i reported the story.

Luke O’Donnell, who has epilepsy, told i in March he thought it was a “callous and cold-hearted” system for penalising him over missing the work-related appointment. He was initially given one 14-day sanction and one seven-day sanction because he had no medical evidence for the seizures. Mr O’Donnell, from Lincoln, requested a mandatory reconsideration of the decision, but the DWP initially refused to reverse it.

Read the story here: ‘It’s callous and cold-hearted’: A man with epilepsy was sanctioned after missing his Universal Credit appointment due to seizures

The 24-year-old’s story was widely shared and the Universal Credit department at the DWP…

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Govt Newspeak

The Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Universal Credit welfare reform has been controversial. And now a group of disabled people is taking the fight against it right to the heart of parliament.

“Grave” and “systematic” human rights violations

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) is at the forefront of the disability rights movement in the UK. As well as high-profile protests, legal actions, and campaigns, the group was also instrumental in securing a report from the UN. The report accused successive Conservative-led governments of “grave” and “systematic” violations of disabled people’s human rights, creating a “human catastrophe”.

But now, the group has turned its attention to Universal Credit, the new welfare payment from the DWP.

It had previously organised a national day of action on Thursday 1 March against the reform, but due to the severe weather in the UK, the planned protest at parliament was 

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These rules and regulation do not make sense.

It is acknowledged that to gain more from an employee holidays need to be taken as no one can really work 52 weeks per year, otherwise they will be forced to take sick leave for stress.

However, UC is ignoring this right of holiday entitlement.

The DWP is effectively grinding people on benefit into the ground and then they will have no energy to do any work.

These sanction rules need to be seriously look at before they cause death or is that the ideology of the DWP approach for if people are dead then they will not be claiming benefits.

If this is so then the DWP are in effect murdering large areas of the UK population and as such the whole department should be placed on a murder charge.

The police are supposedly outwith the political arena, so therefore when will the police act.

Telling it as it is

Unlike Zac and Sarah, Helen is a real person.

A Lone Parent working hard and doing the right thing.

This is Helen’s Story!

 Helens storyShe also says: I had a phone call last week saying that there is a new rule coming in and that even though I am working 30hours a week I have to start going to the job centre weekly again to “help” me find a second job to get me off credits altogether  if I don’t attend these meetings I will be sanctioned and penalised again! I have lost around £300 per month since I got swapped over to UC already and just feel like the government just don’t care about the stress they are putting on working families

Figures published in Nov 2105 show that 144000 claimants are now signed onto Universal Credit. 32.5 % are in work, that’s some 45827 people who are at…

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