“I had to go to a tribunal to get what I needed”

As it has been stated before that this whole processed is geared to produced as much stress as possible and in many instances, if not all, the assessors and the system is not open to reason.

Unlike our legal system, where you are presumed innocent until proved guilty, the benefit system appears to make everyone guilty until found innocent.

As though the conditions people have are not enough to cause concern and stress, this benefit system only adds to it, thus making people feel even worse.

If people are already distress and/or stressed, this additional stress could make a person worse, which could result to create a situation where they are in a state where they have no hope, which is a state where persons could take their own lives. Creating situations which is the final straw, until you have been there, you will not appreciate those feeling of extreme despair.

Has the system been designed to create this? It certainly makes you wonder, a case of permanently removing people from the benefit system.

Would this Government really do this!


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30,000 extra sick and disabled people underpaid thousands in ESA benefits : Welfare Weekly

The UK Government has admitted that many more sick and disabled people were underpaid benefits than previously thought, following a shameful blunder by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that resulted in vulnerable people missing out on thousands of pounds in vital benefit payments.

New estimates published by the DWP on Thursday suggest that as many as 210,000 sick and disabled people were underpaid Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) when transferred from Incapacitity Benefit.

This mean that an extra 30,000 people were underpaid ESA compared to the DWP’s previous estimate of 180,000, with each person affected owed an average of £4,000 in backpayments.


Source: 30,000 extra sick and disabled people underpaid thousands in ESA benefits : Welfare Weekly

DWP is unfit for purpose and should be axed, says thinktank : Welfare Weekly

Public trust in the DWP’s ability to protect the poorest and most vulnerable people in society has become so damaged that it is no longer fit for purpose and should be axed, a leading thinktank has suggested.

In a new report, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Demos says welfare reforms first introduced by the Tory-Libdem coalition and then continued by the Tory government have “caused more harm than good”, and demonstrate a “lack of compassion” that has become synonymous with the DWP and the welfare system.

The thinktank states: “The Conservative government and its predecessors promised transformation, yet their changes have amounted to little more than palliative tweaks.

“Universal credit and the replacement of incapacity benefit with ESA caused more harm than good.


Source: DWP is unfit for purpose and should be axed, says thinktank : Welfare Weekly

Diabetic woman, 27, died after slipping into a coma when her benefits were stopped

When will appropriate action be taken against the DWP for these cases keep surfacing but no one is held accountable.

This strengthens my agruement that this whole process is geared to kill claimant, which is a sure fire way to reduce the benefits costs.

The DWP should be held on a charge of Murder.

People with disabilities SHOULD fear losing benefits because they’re too active. Even cancer patients can’t get them | Vox Political

People are encouraged to do all they can to improve their lives and are then penalised for doing so. In many of these instances it is the benefits they receive which enable them to participate in the wellbeing activities and when these benefits are withdrawn due to their increased wellbeing they go back to how they were when they had not undertaken the wellbeing tasks, therefore they then have to go through the benefit process again.

Is this not ridiculous?

Yes, there are persons within the benefit system who should not be there, but these persons are more likely to know their way through the system and still retain their benefits, while genuine claimants fall by the wayside.

It is these non-genuine claimants, the real scroungers, that should be caught in the system, not the genuine claimants and the scroungers will be minimal in number and not the majority which the Government and the media tend to imply.


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Disabled woman nearly starved to death after her benefits were stopped : Welfare Weekly

An extremely vulnerable woman with debilitating medical conditions, including epilepsy and severe arthritis, almost starved to death after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) stopped her disability benefits, it has been reported.

Alice (not her real name) became so unwell that she developed a life-threatening disease that is usually only seen in the worlds poorest countries; suffering with a health condition more associated with war zones, famine, and concentration camps – Refeeding Syndrome.

Wikipedia describes the disease as a “syndrome consisting of metabolic disturbances that occur as a result of reinstitution of nutrition to patients who are starved, severely malnourished or metabolically stressed due to severe illness.”

It continues: “When too much food and/or liquid nutrition supplement is consumed during the initial four to seven days of refeeding, this triggers synthesis of glycogen, fat and protein in cells, to the detriment of serum concentrations of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Cardiac, pulmonary and neurological symptoms can be signs of refeeding syndrome. The low serum minerals, if severe enough, can be fatal.”


Source: Disabled woman nearly starved to death after her benefits were stopped : Welfare Weekly

Maximus Make ‘Jaw Dropping’ Profits From ESA Assessments

So Maximus are making “‘jaw dropping profits’ for sub-standard work” and in 2017 Frank Field, chair of the commons work and pensions committee, went on to say “the government will surely want to look at whether assessments would be better delivered in-house”.

What have the Government to say about this, I hope they will only be paying Maximus for the work that is done to standard, being the Governments standard and not that of persons claiming or what a reasonable person would accept, which would be a considerably higher standard.

I would hope that the DWP have only paid Maximus for work that is standard and if work was already paid, to then claim back where the work was subsequently found to be sub-standard, for to not do so means the contract did not state quality standards, when one would have expected it to do so.

These welfare reforms leave a lot to be desired as claimants have found to their cost.

In effect the welfare reforms are a ‘shambles’ and should be deemed ‘not fit for purpose’ and this goes for the organisations that have been contracted to do the work on behalf of the DWP.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The Times is reporting that the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments, better known as Maximus, has doubled its profits from carrying out ESA assessments.

According to the Times, Maximus made a profit of £26 million in the year to September 2017, double the profits it made in the preceding year and representing a rise from 8.4 to 16.1 in its profit margin.

Maximus says the cash has been earned because it has been hitting volume performance targets.

However, as we revealed back in December 2017, Maximus have never met their targets for the proportion of reports that are deemed unacceptable. In October 2017, 7.9% of reports were judged to be unacceptable, well above the target of 5%.

Frank Field, chair of the commons work and pensions committee, told the Times that the committee had heard “appalling evidence about the shoddy work…

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DWP forced to admit more than 111,000 benefit deaths

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has been forced to release updated Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) mortality statistics, in response to a Freedom of Information request from disability campaigner Gail Ward.

The shocking statistics reveal that 111,450 ESA claims were closed following the death of claimants between March 2014 to February 2017.

However, the DWP stress that “no causal effect between the benefit and the number of people who died should be assumed from these figures”.


Source: DWP forced to admit more than 111,000 benefit deaths

I was sanctioned after missing a Universal Credit appointment due to seizures

This is truly like it is for the DWP are following the common theme of ‘one size fits all’.

Yes, there are people who are work shy, people who will not work no matter what is put before them, but are these people caught by sanctions, I fear not. This is because they are Ace in manipulating the system and will continue in this vein for ever. It is these people the 1% or 2% who should be made to work, but they never will, for what employer is really going to take on someone who has no intention of working, it will not be worth their while.

The the DWP system is doing is penalising the people who want to work, but their disability, their health is causing them to fail to abide by the ‘one size fits all’ process.

How can anyone attend an interview when they are in a hospital bed trying to recover from an aspect of the manner of their health.

The DWP process needs to be flexible to take account of the mitigating circumstances, but this they will not do as this will take time and money which has not been included in the system process.

As I said before they are penalising people who want to work, but have problems due to their conditions, unlike those who do not have problems, except their total dedication of not wishing to work, these are the lazy, but again the system has no process to find these people as again it will take time and money.

The systems major flaw it that it does not understand what it is trying to change and is as much unwilling to do so as those who are unwilling to work.

The system needs to comply with equality, which does not mean treating everybody the same, but treating people as individuals, but again this take time and money.

The Government also needs to have the willingness to do this, but do they understand individualism or more to the point do they really want to understand. I feel the latter, so until the attitudes of the Government or more likely the Civil Servants, who really govern the UK then the system will stay the same.

Penalise those who are willing, while supporting those who are not willing to work, completely the opposite of what they say they are doing.

But if the Government is Blind, then no matter how much they say they are listening (opening their eyes) they will never see, that is giving them the benefit of the doubt as I feel they will never understand, because they are unwilling to do so.

So those that want to work, but their conditions restrict them will always be penalised, while those who are totally unwilling to work will not.