EU on alert as report warns of bankruptcies across bloc – Ireland at risk

This is the real reason the EU did and do not want the UK to leave the EU.

We were and still are until 31 December 2020 a major contributor to the EU, eventually our money will be sorely missed.

That is when they have fritted away the supposed Brexit penalty, sorry the leaving divorce bill payment of an assumed amount of £39 billion.

If we do leave with a deal then £39 billion ,ay keep the EU afloat for a month or two.

But if we leave with No Deal, would they receive a Penny.

The EU desperately need the UK or should I say our money if they have any hope of survival.


GW: Basically the EUSSR is spending more money than [[[they]]] have got – always have – the accounts are unaudited – & unfortunately most of the money has gone into various blackholes. A good bit of it goes on keeping Brussels Bureaucrats in an opulent lifestyle while the tax payers struggle.  I talked with a colleague who was in Brussels on Brexit evening & he said that the whole place was rather depressing.  The architecture was especially unattractive but opulent & that very nearby there was a slum like district – cheek to jowl with the EU Parliament monstrosity????  He assumed that was where the ”staff” were housed – skivvies who support the various Bureaucratic Bar Stewards higher up the food chain who have their own wineries etc –  Verhofstadt & Co – I can’t verify because my trip there was just to the bijoux tourist bits.

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EU Budget: Why the UK made MASSIVE contributions to EU budget, but ‘benefited little’ | Politics | News |

The UK’s net contribution to the 2019 EU budget has been estimated by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) to be about £7.1bn (€7.95bn), and the UK’s public finances watchdog has estimated a net contribution of £9.11bn (€10.19bn) for 2020.

The bloc agrees on a long-term spending plan every seven years, where all EU leaders have to agree on it unanimously and the last plan was agreed in 2013, for the period 2014-20.

The UK is a net contributor to the EU budget, which means it contributes more to the EU budget than it receives back from it.

In 2017, the UK was the second largest contributor with £6.55bn (€7.43bn), just behind Germany at £11.2bn (€12.8bn).


Source: EU Budget: Why the UK made MASSIVE contributions to EU budget, but ‘benefited little’ | Politics | News |

EU budget: The SHOCKING amount UK pays EU – Who pays most in and who gets most back? | Politics | News |

On the basis of the long-term plan, every year the representatives of the 28 EU member states and the European Parliament agree the precise details of the EU annual budget.

The total commitments for 2019 are set at €165.8billion (£146.3bn), which is an increase of 3.2 percent compared with the 2018 budget as amended over the past months.

Payments amount to €148.2billion (£130.7bn), 2.4 percent more than in 2018.

But who pays most in and who gets the most back as EU member states?


Source: EU budget: The SHOCKING amount UK pays EU – Who pays most in and who gets most back? | Politics | News |

Remain has treated Leave like ‘IDIOTS’: Mervyn King says Brexit ‘does NOT mean job cuts’


DER Comment: The people of these Isles are not daft.
We value freedom.
No one but no one was going to scare us.
Shame on you mousey remainers.
Your ancestors must be ashamed.

EU to lose 15 per cent of budget funding due to Brexit in 2020

Ms Cretu said the 15 per cent funding gap will have to be plugged by other nations. Bet they will be pleased. How about trying to make some savings somewhere?

DER Comment: It’s ok, Turkey will make up the shortfall of 15% 🙂

DER Comment: This Romanian woman is being economical with the truth by saying “about” 15%. The fact that British taxpayers have been paying a WHOPPING ONE-FIFTH OF THE ENTIRE EU BUDGET has been carefully hidden from us until now.

DE comment: It has now been calculated Britain has been putting up 15 per cent of the overall…

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