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BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Whistleblowers exposing fraud, tax evasion, data breaches and other misdeeds will be given more protection from retaliation under new rules proposed by the European Commission on Monday.

The move by the EU executive comes in the wake of criticism from transparency campaigners about the lack of protection granted to individuals who report such breaches in EU laws.

They cite the example of two former accounting firm employees who were prosecuted in 2016 for leaking data about Luxembourg’s tax deals with large corporations. The conviction of one was overturned by Luxembourg’s highest court this year.

Critics also point to British regulators’ relatively lenient treatment of Barclays’ (BARC.L) chief Executive Jes Staley last week who was allowed to keep his job after trying to uncover an informant at the bank.


Source: EU moves to protect whistleblowers : Reuters


The House of Lords EU Committee has today published its report Brexit: reciprocal healthcare. The Committee warns that in the absence of an agreement on reciprocal healthcare, the rights of UK citizens to hold an EHIC card for treatment in the EU will cease after Brexit.

Other rights, provided for by the S2 scheme and Patients’ Rights Directive, will likewise come to an end. Without EHIC or an equivalent arrangement it could become much more expensive for UK citizens with chronic conditions – such as dialysis patients and people living with rare diseases – to travel to the EU post-Brexit, for holidays, recuperation or treatment. These people might find it difficult to obtain travel insurance at all.

The Government wishes to maintain reciprocal healthcare arrangements including the EHIC scheme after Brexit, but the current arrangements are designed to support the freedom of movement of EU citizens. The Government intends to stop freedom of movement to the UK, and has not yet set out its objectives for the future UK-EU relationship. The Committee therefore urges the Government to confirm how it will seek to protect reciprocal rights to healthcare of all UK and EU citizens post-Brexit, as part of any agreement on future relations.

The report also argues that it is essential for EU citizens lawfully resident in the UK to have a continuing right to access long-term healthcare, as well as the practical means by which to exercise that right. The Committee therefore calls on the Government to use domestic legislation to clarify the means by which all EU citizens lawfully resident in the UK at the time of Brexit will be able to continue to access essential healthcare.


Source: House of Lords report urges government for clarity on EU healthcare deal | Care Industry News

On the last weekend in March the clocks change all over Europe, as happens twice a year, every year. At 02.00 Central European Time (CET) on Sunday, time will leap forward one hour to 03.00 CET, to what is often called summer time. It will end on the last Sunday in October at 03.00 CET when clocks go back one hour to 02.00 CET, reverting to standard time.

The so-called Daylight Saving Time (DST) is designed to make the best use of natural light. Clocks jumping forward in the spring make evening daylight last longer; clocks going back in the autumn mean it is lighter in the mornings when people get up.

What happens in the European Union?


Source: No change likely to EU clock change rules despite strong opposition : euronews

The minister has said that the strategy is “to be better and compete” with the EU on all fronts.

The revelation comes as a string of chief executives from EU countries took part in a round table discussion in Downing Street today.

The meeting with Theresa May comes amid reports that industry in Germany is “beginning to panic” that the European Commission tactics will lead to Britain walking away from talks damaging their biggest export market for cars.

The minister told the Daily Express: “We have taken a polite approach and tried to be as reasonable as possible so far but in the end we have the means to compete and outdo the EU.


Source: Brexit WALKOUT: No deal on the cards as UK ministers left fed up with stubborn EU : Express

The  presenter branded Michel Barnier “Jack Cherry McCherrypicker” after the publication of the latest set of EU  guidelines revealing Brussels’ intentions for the next phase of talks with Britain.

The latest Brexit guidelines, presented earlier this week, set out the EU terms to secure a free-trade agreement between London and Brussels.

Neil slapped down Mr Barnier, calling him out for allegedly wanting to “cherry pick” the terms of a future arrangement after warning Britain against it.

The BBC This Week host said: “In Brussels, Michel Barnier, the Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator, revealed the EU’s bargaining position for the next round of talks.


Source: Andrew Neil DESTROYS Barnier’s latest Brexit threat with this BRUTAL point : Express

Jeremy Corbyn’s Great European Policy Switch went down like the ­falling wet snow in Labour ’s ­heartland.

Shoppers in Barnsley market in South Yorkshire didn’t warm to his conversion to “a customs union” with the EU after Brexit .

This is devout Leave country, where almost 70% of voters said “Out”. If the new message is to gain traction, it has to be among these ranks of traditional Labour.

But a poll of people taking shelter from the snow showed not even Jezza’s vague promise of “a” customs union has changed minds.

The last union that was popular here was the National Union of Mineworkers, and look what happened to that.


Source: Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit plan hasn’t gone down well in Labour’s heartlands : Mirror

Brexit controlled by a Labour Party Government would be the “worst of all worlds”, according to Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets.
Speaking to Bloomberg’s The Cable podcast about the recent row amongst the Conservative Party about Chancellor Philip Hammond’s calls for a “modest” break from the European Union, Hewson said the Labour party was more divided on its Brexit position.

He said: “The party’s divided but so’s the country.

“Ultimately the Labour party is divided as well because ultimately they would then have to come up to the plate and really set out their view on Brexit.


Source: The WORST of ALL WORLDS!’ Expert reveals why a Labour Brexit would be TERRIBLE for Britain :Express

Adam Boulton said that Tory mutineers were using the debate around the future EU-UK trade deal to ensure that Britain remains a part of the EU in all but name.

During Sky’s All Out Politics, Boutlon pressed Vicky Ford, a Remainer who controversially rebelled against the Government on Brexit last year, on the Government’s trade plan.


Source: Adam Boulton SKEWERS Tory rebel after ‘bespoke EU deal’ EXPOSED as ‘Brexit in name only’ : Express

Spain do your duty and support the majority in Catalonia, that is democracy in action.

Josep Goded

Over the past few years, unionist parties together with the Spanish government had been saying that the vast majority of Catalans, who support the unity of Spain, were being silenced by the Catalan ‘separatist’ government. They contended that pro-independence parties always tend to win an absolute majority in general elections because most unionists never participate in Catalan electoral contests due to the fact that they do not identify with Catalan politics.

This was the main reason why the Spanish administration called for snap elections: “To give citizens back their voice.” However, this myth, which has been spread by unionist forces across Europe for years, was debunked in the latest Catalan general elections held this past December 21st, which had the highest turnout in Catalonia’s history: 82%. 

Pro-independence parties (JxCat, ERC, and CUP) not only validated their absolute majority of seats in Parliament (70), but got more than 2 million votes:…

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Earlier this week Mr Barnier announced he was not open to a free trade agreement including financial services.

However, senior Brussels figures, including President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker, are said to be “not happy” with the announcement which was unauthorised.

A senior Government source said: “Nobody pays any attention to what Barnier says in Brussels, yet in Britain, it is oddly taken as EU gospel when it is not.


Source: Michel Barnier to be SACKED? EU Brexit chief sidelined by ‘furious’ Jean-Claude Junker


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