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Britain’s opposition Labour Party will immediately guarantee the rights of millions of EU citizens living in the UK if it wins a June election, it said on Tuesday, setting out a Brexit strategy aimed at eating into Prime Minister Theresa May’s runaway lead.

May’s surprise decision to hold an early election on June 8 gave opposition parties just seven weeks to prepare, and Labour trails her Conservatives by around 20 points in the polls.

Its Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer criticised what he called her “reckless” approach to negotiations on extracting Britain from the European Union.

“It is often said that EU nationals contribute to our society and so they do, but they are part of our society … and they should not be used as bargaining chips,” he said in a speech in London.




Source: Labour to guarantee EU citizens’ rights if wins election | Reuters

European Union leaders will insist Britain grant permanent residence to EU citizens who arrive before Brexit in 2019 and stay five more years, according to a draft negotiating plan they will endorse this weekend.

In the latest sign of the bloc cranking up pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to guarantee full rights after Britain’s departure for the 3 million EU nationals living there, new draft guidelines include wording that diplomats said aims to head off any British move to cut immigrant numbers by forcing people out.

The nine-page document, seen by Reuters on Tuesday and which officials do not expect to be significantly changed before May’s 27 EU peers sign off on it over lunch in Brussels on Saturday, was also revised on Monday to make clear there is no guarantee that a future EU-UK free trade deal will give Britain’s big financial services industry access to the bloc.


Source: EU tightens Brexit demands on residence, banks – document | Reuters

So the EU appears to be siding with Spain to enlarge their territory, which I am sure is not part of the EUs responsibility.

But the EU do not care about the rights and choices of persons within the EU, only doing so much to feather their own nest.

The Gibraltarians wish to remain part of the UK or what is left should Scotland have their second referendum and then win it, which is far from certain according to the polls.

The EU wants the UK to pay up front for policies that it committed to, or was that T Blair. If this in fact occurs would not Scotland need to pay the UK similar should they gain independence.

It is a minefield, why do parties try to keep other parties from going their own way, would it not suit everyone to have an amical split and stop gaining politic points and financial benefits, which will only sour relations and will not be cost effective for the future.

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#AceNewsReport – Apri.01: As the realisation by EU members of UK leaving the EU-bloc kicks in, two days after the United Kingdom filed its divorce papers, the European Union made clear Friday that it will be the one to set the pace and terms of the talks and starts its negotiations by trying to use Gibraltar as a bargaining chip, as they know this small enclave voted to remain in Europe – #AceNewsDesk reports

Brussels Ready to Begin Talks on Deal With UK Before #Brexit, Once ‘Sufficient Progress Made‘ in Negotiations and UK Should Fulfil Budgetary, Legal Commitments Prior to #Brexit With Financial Settlement – Council of EU as it EU says they will not punish UK as ‘Brexit is punishment enough’ Negotiations on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union will prove complicated and “confrontational” as the 27 remaining members enter into exit talks…

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Good luck and voyage to all who set sail, the EU deserves all it gets.

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#AceNewsReport – Apr.01: However powerful a union thinks it is .. It’s only as powerful as the members make it .. Without funding any Union cannot function and without members there is NO funding and after a momentous day finally one powerful nation the UK triggers #Article50 on Wednesday and two days later the Nordics propose that is time for them to consider leaving the crumbling EU and sail their own ship once again …

SputnikInt reports Brexit Spurs Stubborn Nordics to Break Free From Crumbling EU The UK’s departure from the EU seems to have whetted EU skeptics’ appetite.

A group of politicians, representing all five Nordic nations, have written an opinion peace stating it was high time for Scandinavia to “unhook” itself from the pan-European structure that is “singing its swansong.”

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Before Sturgeon promises she should ensure if the EU want an independent Scotland and even if Scotland meets the EU criteria.

Should there be a second referendum then it will need more input than the previous referendum for they will need a different currency, which could well be the Euro. Their independence could also be short lived if the EU have their own way and create a federal Europe.

Brexit is just the current excuse for pushing for independence and if she fails this time look forward to a third referendum when she or the SNP see fit.

The Netherlands is consider to be run as a democracy, while Turkey was previously proceeding to bring in democratic ideals, but under the current leadership would now appear to be proceeding with dictatorship ideals. While it is for each country to decide themselves how they wish to govern, neither should endeavour to implant their own ideals on each other.

Within the powers of each county they can individually decide who should or should not be allowed enter their respective countries in accordance with their own rule of law.

So, as in this case, if the Netherlands decide that certain persons will not be allowed access then these persons and their country, Turkey, should respect this. Irrespective whether the decisions were right or wrong the course of action is not for persons from one country to deliberately ignore and thwart these decisions and if they so wished to counter these then there are diplomatic channels in which to do so.

As stated in the article each country have important elections coming forth and therefore it is essential that each countries rule of law should be respected.

The Netherlands decided that to allow politicians from Turkey could provide a situation from which the alteright party could use to enhance more support. However due to the actions of the Turkish Government representatives in not respecting the Netherlands right to ban their enter, this has escalated the situation, so that Turkish President Erdogan supporters have, initially formed a large gathering in Rotterdam and not only did they not disperse when requested to do so they went on to riot and cause damage in a country in which they are effectively guests. So what the Netherlands government did not want to occur did occur and Geert Wilders, the right-wing candidate as used this to support his cause. It will also not do any harm to President Erdogan in the Turkish election.

The moral being respect the rule of law and the political process of each and every county by other countries.

Josep Goded

On Saturday, just four days before the Dutch elections and one month before Turkey holds a crucial constitutional referendum (on expanding Turkish presidential powers), a new diplomatic dispute began between the Netherlands and Turkey.

Everything began when the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced he would visit Rotterdam to call on Turkish expatriates to vote favorably on the referendum. Right after this announcement, the Dutch authorities notified Cavusoglu that he was banned from entering the country, alleging that there was a risk to public order and security.

Despite the ban, Cavusoglu decided to take a plane to the Netherlands. In response, the Dutch government withdrew landing permission for him and his aides, forcing him to land in Germany. Once in Germany, the minister Cavusoglu said:

“This decision is a scandal and unacceptable in every way. It does not abide by diplomatic principles.”

“Listen Netherlands, you’ll jump once, you’ll jump twice…

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Frexit, Grexit or jitters about Quitaly – existential threats to the euro are remote but investors are still looking for clever ways to protect themselves against the risk of a euro dropout.

Pricing in arcane reaches of bond markets and elsewhere shows investors are not taking chances.

Headlines have focused on France, where far-right candidate Marine Le Pen has promised to take France out of the euro zone in the event she surprises and wins the presidential election.


Source: What if the euro imploded? Six trade ideas | Reuters

Indeed food for thought for there are many similarities, but hopefully with the 1930’s in our thoughts we will eventually rally and come though largely unscathed, but worry at what might been.

The Bee Writes...

This article takes a close look at the similarities and what is different between the 1930’s and today. Food for thought:

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The major difference between the UK and the rest of the EU with regards to health care is that the UK system is not geared to request the EHIC card. Also in the rest of the EU all health care is dependent on the EHIC card, whereas in the UK does this include Primary Care, contacting GPs, will GP surgeries even ask to see an EHIC card, let alone will hospitals.

The UK Health Care system is set up to be fleeced by non-UK citizens because of our reluctance to ask the right questions.

So is it even non-UK citizens not willing to pay, but ourselves by not asking the right questions, for if you do not ask, you will not get.

The process of exiting the European Union (EU) could worsen the social care crisis if the UK government does not protect access to personal assistants (PAs) from EU countries, disabled peers have warned. They told a work and pensions minister that uncertainty over the “Brexit” negotiations with fellow EU members was leading to “terrible uncertainty” among the thousands of disabled people whose PAs are citizens of other EU countries. But peers heard that there was not a single mention of disabled people or disability in the government’s white paper on Brexit. The disabled crossbench peer Baroness Campbell told the Lords debate on the impact of Brexit on disabled people – secured by the Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Scott – that she had employed PAs from at least 10 EU countries in the last 25 years. Baroness Campbell told fellow peers that other disabled people who employed PAs had told her that the pool of potential employees was “drying up”, while demand continued to rise, which

Source: ‘Hard Brexit’ could see disabled people lose right to independent living, say peers | DisabledGo News and Blog


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