Rishi Sunak should seek new Brexit deal with EU, says Tony Blair think tank | The Independent

PM urged to consider UK alignment with parts of single market



The 2016 EU referendum was a once in a lifetime action as was the Scottish independence referendum, so as there should be no talk of Scottish independence, there should be no talk of joining the EU in any form.

The Blair thinktank is and always will be for the EU and is Blair.

When Blair was Prime Minister he never once consulted the UK population on how to conduct talks with the EU and he blindly went his own way and signed the UK further and further into the EU without any UK population mandate.

That was not democracy then and will not be now for with the EU there is no way for close alignment on trade without much closer alignment with the EU in many other ways. One being giving UK soverenty away to the EU and being a puppet state of the EU, not being in charge of how the UK conducts any of its business, joining the Euro, British army given to the EU, no tax independence and much more.

The UK 2016 EU referendum was about UK freedom from constraints from the EU and we should not go back to being controlled by the EU.

Re freedom of movement, yes lets have it but on UK terms not EU terms, so in reality immigration from the EU to the UK will be the same as any other country. I wish a boarder relaxation, but on our terms, for the UK needs the right immigration policy to sustain UK growth, which we currently don’t have, as it is currently too restrictive. Many areas of UK workforce are short of applicants and Non-UK applications are desperently needed. Social care, agriculture and hospitality to name just 3, but there are many more.

Realistic salaries need to be offered in these areas, much more than currently being offered, especially in Social Care, which should be, at least in the region of £14/15 per hour rate. If this is not achieved in social care and much more, then we can say goodbye to the NHS, which is another areas dependent on non-UK immigration.

We need to do what is best for the UK and not what is best for Blair.


Source: Rishi Sunak should seek new Brexit deal with EU, says Tony Blair think tank | The Independent

UK faces ‘significant risks’ to quality of food imported post-Brexit, says report | Food & drink industry | The Guardian

Better controls on EU goods needed as impact of Covid and Russia-Ukraine war also put pressure on standards


This is very confusing, for the UK and the DUP is very concerned about border checks being imposed by the EU on goods coming from Mainland UK to Northern Ireland regarding quality, when this article is virtually stating that Border checks should be being imposed by the UK on goods coming to all of the UK from the EU as some could be sub-standard to UK regulations. This is very worrying for all the time the UK was in the EU and within the ‘Single Market’, so no real border checks, so, once again, we appear to have been badly let down by Tony Blair with his insistence of the UK becoming part of the EU through the Maastricht Treaty without any referendum..

But ‘Teflon’ Tony strikes again, so he gets away with it again.

Source: UK faces ‘significant risks’ to quality of food imported post-Brexit, says report | Food & drink industry | The Guardian

Macron says cost to Russia will be ‘very high’ if it attacks Ukraine | Euronews

Speaking alongside Chancellor Scholz, the French president also said France and Germany were united in seeking to defuse the crisis.


Putin is living in the past as he assumes that he and Russia have a right to dictate to another independent country what they can do. I was lead to believe that WW2 took place to stop these attitudes and that the UN was created to ensure and retain peace. But the UN is not mentioned here and will not be as the UN Security Council contains Russia and needs  agreement of all members to provide actions. Well Russia will never agree to actions against themselves and will most likely have the support of China in this matter, in fact who does listen to the UN.

By Putin’s actions he could very well cause the start of WW3 from which there will be no return for anyone just so that he looks good to the population of Russia, but he has no opposition as he has seen to that by either arresting them or murdering them.

On another matter the supporters of the EU say that the EU was created and is responsible for peace in Europe, so where is the EU  in this matter, some could say that France and Germany are involved, but they are only 2 of the 26 in the EU, but they believe they are the EU.

The EU started as a Trading Block and is morphing into, what it hopes to be, a United States of Europe, but without Russia. Ukraine wishes to join the EU, but then Russia is against this.

Nato was formed to provide peace, but their hands are also tied.

So, we are in the hands of Putin, well in that case God, help us.

Source: Macron says cost to Russia will be ‘very high’ if it attacks Ukraine | Euronews

Channel deaths: Priti Patel disinvited to meeting with France | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

I implore both the UK and France, being Johnson and Macron to stop their ‘childish’ behaviours, and behave as they should be doing in a respectable manner for the Migrant crisis and even more so Channel crossings is not only urgent, but innocent lives are being lost.

This is so much more important than the squabbles between 2 countries as there is a ‘Duty of Care’ on both parties and even the EU. For if the EU wishes to be viewed as a responsible organisation it should be them who bring France and the UK together.

The migrant crisis needs to be sorted NOW as it has gone on for far too long.

Nothing can be decided until all parties are together, so Macron and Johnson act as the adults both of you should be.


Source: Channel deaths: Priti Patel disinvited to meeting with France | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

Britain must be punished for Brexit, says France

Brussels needs to make clear that ‘leaving union is more damaging than remaining’, says French PM in call for sanctions over fishing war


Over the years the UK has come to the assistance of many countries, especially in Europe, take WW1 and WW2 for instance, but there have been many others since.

Yes, if we had not done so at the, the UK could have suffered the indignity of being invaded and occupied, as we ourselves have been on many occasions in the past many years ago.

But the UK has always been very keen to follow its own lead, which is why, I believe General Charles De Gaulle in 1963 vetoed the UK application to join the then European Economic Community (EEC).

It is also why, the UK decided in around 1957 not to join the EE, but they also wished to stay in the European Free Trade Area, (EFTA).

When the EEC was formed it was a Free Trade area, which was ideal, but when it changed to the European Union, (EU) in 1993 it was clear that it was to become a political union, which was not ideal to the UK, but the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair MP took the UK into the EU without an official mandate from the population of the UK.

So in 2016 the UK, by a very small margin decided to withdraw from the EU, so 2016 was the official vote and not when Tony Blair took the UK in. So, if anyone should be punished it should be Tony Blair and not the UK. But he is not being, especially by France or should I say President Emmanuel Macron, perhaps because Tony Blair is an out and out supporter of the EU. or is it because there is a coming election in France.

The UK still wishes to have a free trade agreement with the EU, but this must be more in-line with terms beneficial to the UK. France has on many occasions caused harm to the UK, by setting up blockades and even burning of UK trucks, in 2015 , being only one, which in any regards must be illegal and certainly against the principles of free trade.

But it appears, France is not interested in the rule of law, well certainly when it is not in their favour.


Source: Britain must be punished for Brexit, says France

European Parliament ‘will sue’ Ursula von der Leyen if she won’t punish Poland

MEPs could launch legal action if the European Commission refuses to withhold tens of billions of euros from Poland


So MEPs are wanting Poland to be punished for doing what Poland feels is in their own best interests, is this anyway to maintain good relationships. Then again is Poland acting in good faith to her EU partners. This is always going to be the case when you are in partnership. The EU went out of their way to punish Greece some years ago, so this is not the first time the power of the EU is being used against one of her member states.

It is one of the reasons why the UK decided to withdraw from the EU, although by doing so, it appears the EU were and are determined to punish the UK. Unfortunately in these days of globalisation, it is virtually impossible for one country to go alone, unless they have the resources to do so and these days that is not so for many countries, except perhaps America, China and maybe a few others.

So who is right and who is wrong, well perhaps all are wrong and right on how you view the situations.

No one person yet alone one country wishes to suffer, so why can’t we all give a little without some wanting all their own way, surely this is how good relationships are made. But what is good for one may not be for another, for these days life is so complicated and in some instances leads to major problems, even leads to violent conflicts and may result in wars.

This is not in the best interests of anyone, but, deep down the human race is very selfish and extremely violent, not good traits to have and will lead to World resources to be depleted. That in turn is very bad for everyone.

Currently being seen in climate change, which will make life unliveable on earth for us all in time. Time which is forever decreasing and soon there will be the point of no return, but world leaders are not listening, as many, if not all are being selfish.

When the time comes EU MEPs will have no power at all, for none of us will, for the earths resources will be extremely depleted and life on earth will be no more so the eventual extinction of the human race is at stake.

So EU MEPS reign in your actions and continue to talk with Poland and both EU MEPs and Poland be prepared to all give a little until full agreements are reached and continue until it is.

Source: European Parliament ‘will sue’ Ursula von der Leyen if she won’t punish Poland

EU will not survive if Poland wins rule-of-law battle with Brussels, European leaders warn

Ursula von der Leyen accused Poland of ‘calling into question the foundations of the European Union’ for challenging the primacy of EU law




Would that be really bad, for should not countries look after themselves and not be dictated to by other countries and organisations for all Empires come to an end. For the EU is another empire in a different guise.


Source: EU will not survive if Poland wins rule-of-law battle with Brussels, European leaders warn

AstraZeneca vaccine safe and effective in new trial data | Reuters

More evidence that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe, so why is the EU continually coming out against this vaccine and not any of the others.

First we had Macron and Merkel then the blood clot scare followed by 17 European countries suspending use of the vaccine all of this without any reliable justification.

Is all this because of the AstraZeneca connection with the UK or do they wish their populations to catch COVID-19? If it is the latter this will be very disturbing. For while blood clots are not registered as one of the side effects of the vaccine, blood clots are down as one of the possible consequences of contracting COVID-19.

No wonder the take up rates of having the vaccines in Europe are very disappointing and while this is a very real cause of concern within Europe, it is also a very real concern in the rest of the World, including the UK. As by not having an effective take up rate this is leading to possible more mutations, some, which could well reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines, leaving those of us who have been vaccinated open to contracting COVID-19 with maybe serious consequences.

This, I feel is the EU playing with politics and a further punishment for the UK leaving the EU.

The EU need to get over themselves for they are the reason for Europe starting a possible 3rd wave of Coronavirus, due to their shambolic dealings with measures to combat COVID-19. Slowing in vaccine approvals, slow in placing vaccine orders, having less effective contracts of purchasing of COVID vaccines.

On the face of it the best thing the UK did was coming out of the EU, as the EU is much too bureaucratic.

Now the EU is threatening to stop companies exporting Vaccines, especially to the UK, when they have many supplies of vaccines in storage in the EU.  This is showing the EU in their true colours.


Source: AstraZeneca vaccine safe and effective in new trial data | Reuters

Ursula von der Leyen accidentally SUPPORTS Brexit in vaccine apology | Daily Mail Online

After Brexit we should all be looking to the future and not the past, for what has been done has already gone.

The UK still wishes to work with Europe, but not controlled by the EU, for while many european countries are in the EU, the EU is not Europe, the EU just a political machine working for its own existence, which may or may not be of 100% benefit to all of the European countries who are members of the EU.


Source: Ursula von der Leyen accidentally SUPPORTS Brexit in vaccine apology | Daily Mail Online