#EUReferendum BRITAIN: #Brexit says JD Wetherspoon who has printed 200,000 beer mats for its 920 pubs bearin g a message arguing for Britain to leave the EU with a message addressed to the managing director of the IMF Christine Lagarde that urges voters to ‘take back control.’ of our country – @AceNewsServic es

Vote Leave, support Brexit as you can not trust the IMF.

#EUReferendum FRANCE: Railway workers are battling for their rights amid EU push for more competition in this sector this is what it could mean for Britain by voting YES – @AceNewsServices

If you vote yes it is not for the status qou as the EU is for ever changing and the bigger it gets the less say individual countries will have. Brexit is the only way for the UK to decide its future, so Vote Leave.

Vote Leave


We send £350 million a week to the EU – enough to build a new hospital every week

250,000 EU migrants a year come to the UK and five new countries are in the queue to join – including Albania, Serbia, and Turkey – it’s out of control and damages the NHS
It’s safer to take back control and spend our money on our priorities
Imagine if we Vote Leave on 23 June…
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BBC: The Great Debate – On 21 June, the BBC will be holding a televised EU debate at the Wembley Arena. The event will feature top names from Vote Leave and the IN campaign. To apply for a place click here.

Vote Leave hits the road

Today marks the launch of the Vote Leave bus tour, with Boris Johnson and Vote leave chair Gisela Stuart kicking things off in Truro. With only 43 days left to go until the referendum, we will be taking our case to the whole country, spreading our positive vision of life outside the EU.

As the bus travels around the country, Cabinet ministers will be joined by people from all walks of life, from doctors and teachers to business people, and of course thousands of volunteers and supporters along the route. People right across the UK want to take back control of the £350 million we give to Brussels every week and instead spend that money on our priorities, like the NHS.

Head of Labour In campaign dismisses £350 million as a ‘drop in the ocean’

At the launch of Labour In for Britain’s battle bus tour, Alan Johnson  claimed that the £350 million  we send to the EU each week would be a ‘drop in the ocean’ for the NHS.  This is a shocking admission. The fact is that the NHS is in crisis and desperately needs more money. Patients struggling to get care on the NHS will rightly think that Mr Johnson is completely out of touch to dismiss a sum of money which could build a fully staffed hospital every week.

The Labour IN chief then went on to say that people who want to Vote Leave are ‘extremists’. However, it is hard to see what is ‘extremist’ about wanting to take back control of the £350 million we send to the EU every week. This is yet another example of the ridiculous claims made by the IN campaign, as they are unable to make a positive argument for staying in the EU.

EU judges make it difficult to extradite dangerous criminals and terrorists

The European Court of Justice yesterday took steps to take control of the UK’s extradition cases. The European Court will use the Charter of Fundamental Rights – which the government originally said would have the same legal effect as The Beano in the UK – in order to decide if we can deport dangerous criminals.

This will make it easier for dangerous criminals and terrorists to remain in the UK. The ruling could have even prevented the extradition of  Abu Hamza had the judgment been made at the time of his extradition case.

These rules should be made by elected lawmakers accountable to the British people – not faceless bureaucrats in Brussels or unaccountable judges in Luxembourg. After we Vote Leave on 23 June, we can take back control of these key decisions and make our country more secure.

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Vote Leave, take back control

Dear Friend,

Imagine if we Vote Leave in 45 days’ time… We can take back control of our courts and deport dangerous criminals who are currently protected by EU law.


Boris makes the case for Vote Leave

Boris Johnson made an important speech today making it clear why we should take back control from the EU. He said that the Prime Minister’s renegotiation had not changed our relationship with the EU, and that it proved that Brussels is incapable of reform  He also called on the Government to stop its ‘campaign of subterfuge’, to conceal the scale of constitutional changes involved if we voted to stay in the EU.

He addressed the premise that Britain would fail economically outside the EU, and said that it was an ‘absurd’ concept that Britain has no power to conduct its own trade negotiations and do deals with fast growing economies around the world.  He highlighted the fact that the Single Market has not delivered what was promised and pointed out that from 1992 to 2011, there were 27 non-EU countries whose exports of goods to the rest of the EU grew faster than the UK’s.

He also reflected concerns about the undemocratic behaviour of the EU, stating: ‘We cannot change the EU’s direction.  We cannot change the pace.  We cannot interrupt the steady erosion of democracy”. Click here to read the full text of Boris’s speech.

The In campaign wants us to stay in an EU that is unreformed and going in the wrong direction. Staying in the EU means handing over more money and more control to Brussels. It means even greater pressure on our public services through increased migration. That is why it is the safer choice to Vote Leave on 23 June.


Vote Leave to improve national security

This weekend, Michael Gove highlighted the dangers of the European Courts having a say over our intelligence services and its ability to rule on what data we can share with our allies like the US and Australia.   He pointed out that Britain’s intelligence network with the Five Eyes Alliance (USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) is the cornerstone of the fight against the global terror threat, not the proposed new structures the EU wants to create, which would undermine these valuable and established alliances.

David Cameron delivered a speech today and made the ludicrous claim that leaving the EU and taking back control would somehow lead to war. This smacks of desperation from a campaign failing to make the case for the EU and our continued payment of £350 million to Brussels every week.  The PM’s words are deeply ironic given the EU’s own border agency says the EU’s borderless policy is making the whole of Europe less safe.

If we Vote Leave on 23 June, we will be able to act quickly to protect our national security.  We would be able to make our intelligence agencies and the Armed Forces exempt from EU law, free us to deport unworthy EU citizens and put an end to the multibillion tax refunds to big business, the savings from which could be spent on our public services.


UK schools under pressure from rise in migration

Migration is putting increased pressure on all our public services including schools which are struggling to cope with the influx of thousands of children from the EU.  John Pullinger the government statistics chief admitted that one in every 15 schoolchildren born in Britain is of migrant parents.  This amounts to nearly 700,000 children who have a parent who is a citizen of another European country, which is twice the total of 2007.  In order to accommodate this massive influx, we need to build 27 new secondary schools or 100 primaries.

There are a further five countries including Turkey, with a combined population of over 80 million currently applying to join the EU.   Our public services are already under huge strain.  After we Vote Leave on 23 June, we can take back control and spend the £350 million we send to Brussels every week, on our priorities such as education.


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#EUReferendum Two faces of #Cameron one the things he says and two the things he does – Buying IN votes at t he cost £9.3-million of taxpayers money – @AceNewsServices

‘The 14-page document, to be sent to 27 million homes, is designed to respond to public demand for more details about the EU referendum by setting out the facts behind the government’s position.’

But is it, remember this is a Government publication, a Government who are wishing to stay in the EU. So if there are any facts which do not support staying in would this publication report them. This Government as not been truthful on a number of occasions, benefit cuts being one, so can we trust any Government publication. They are also overspending  on their campaign, which should not be allowed.