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Brexit controlled by a Labour Party Government would be the “worst of all worlds”, according to Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets.
Speaking to Bloomberg’s The Cable podcast about the recent row amongst the Conservative Party about Chancellor Philip Hammond’s calls for a “modest” break from the European Union, Hewson said the Labour party was more divided on its Brexit position.

He said: “The party’s divided but so’s the country.

“Ultimately the Labour party is divided as well because ultimately they would then have to come up to the plate and really set out their view on Brexit.


Source: The WORST of ALL WORLDS!’ Expert reveals why a Labour Brexit would be TERRIBLE for Britain :Express


Adam Boulton said that Tory mutineers were using the debate around the future EU-UK trade deal to ensure that Britain remains a part of the EU in all but name.

During Sky’s All Out Politics, Boutlon pressed Vicky Ford, a Remainer who controversially rebelled against the Government on Brexit last year, on the Government’s trade plan.


Source: Adam Boulton SKEWERS Tory rebel after ‘bespoke EU deal’ EXPOSED as ‘Brexit in name only’ : Express

Remainers say negotiate with the EU, while Brexiteers say go for hard Brexit, with Barnier saying there will be no ‘NO special trade deal for the UK, indeed, there will not be a fair trade deal for the UK.’ can you actually negotiate with the EU.

So is it rally Brexit with NO Deal and we use WHO arrangements or just stay in the EU and in time there will be the United States of Europe, no UK £, No Sovereign Parliament, or any form of say just accept what the EU dictates.

The choice is yours or have we already made in it the Brexit Referendum.


Fact or fantasy?

IF Barnier is sacked, it will be because he blew the whistle before time. There will be NO special trade deal for the UK, indeed, there will not be a fair trade deal for the UK.

It will be the EU’s way, or NO way. The fact that EU member states export to the UK, the fact that EU citizens in the other 27 member states rely upon those exports to the UK, NONE of this will make any difference.

The EU have learned that as with Cameron and Blair before them, they are dealing with weak opposition in May and her team, who are extremely sympathetic to the EU (after 40 odd years of ignoring the electorate, and conniving to keep us in the club, why would they not be). The EU believe that everybody else has to act honourably, whilst only they…

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Henkel is a German MEP and former head of IBM in Europe who has just iterated what many German businesses fear but what for some reason EU leaders and British Remainers cannot bring themselves to contemplate.

If Britain were to withdraw from the EU without a trade deal, Henkel said over the weekend, the biggest loser in the medium to long-term would not be Britain – it would be Germany.

Exports of German cars to Britain have already plunged by 20 per cent – as big a plunge, Henkel noted, as during the economic crisis of 2008/09.

Source: Why the European Union NEEDS the UK much more than we need them, says ROSS CLARK

This is not good news for the disabled and others on low incomes and just proves that you can not trust this Government. On coming into office as Prime Minister Theresa May promised that she would ‘place fairness and social justice at the heart of her premiership’. This we now see was an empty promise and further reduces the trust we all have with regards to our politicians.

At a time when Brexit is a major Government priority, social justice should be, at least, an equal footing.

It now appears that the plight of the disabled and others on low incomes will be made even worse than it is now. We have already seen the punitive cuts to welfare benefits and the assessment processes that are ‘not fit for purpose’.

At a time when our trust in politicians and this Government ,in particular, is extremely low, it is now to be reduced even further.

Does this Government really wish to remove disability and others on low incomes by causing their extinction, by creating conditions that will cause situations where their life survival cannot be maintained. Thus removing many from the welfare system, not by improving their quality of life, but by ending their life.

Source: Theresa May faces new crisis after mass walkout over social policy

Source: Julia Hartley-Brewer: Theresa May needs to start making friends fast

GERMAN MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel blamed Brussels for Brexit saying they changed the game after Britain joined the EU.



The MEP and former business chief said the European Union is to blame for Brexit as Brussels ramped up integration after Britain entered the single market.

Appearing on BBC News, the German MEP said: “It is our opinion and our conviction that Brexit is not only the fault, if you wish, of the British.

“No, I think it is the fault of Brussels because Brussels has always done much too much centralisation and harmonisation.”

Hans-Olaf Henkel said Brussels is to blame for Brexit

Mr Henkel went on to question if the UK was the one that actually left, comparing Britain’s EU membership to joining a football club only for Brussels to change the game to golf.

He said: “It’s like Britain having joined a football club and then the club management decided to play golf, then I ask myself who has really left whom.”

The MEP also urged the EU to give the UK the type of deal envisioned by former PM David Cameron.

He added: “We are addressing Brussels and want Brussels to give a deal to Britain, a deal which Cameron wanted and I’m quite sure with such a new deal, the situation in Britain would also change.”


Mr Henkel also savaged the European Union over its handling of Brexit talks saying it had  “behaved in an absurd and arrogant manner”.

He also said the bloc should break the “deadlock” and look for a different kind of deal.

He said: ““We have absolutely no illusions.”

“Berlin will say ‘No this is the responsibility of Monsieur Barnier in Brussels’. Brussels will say ‘Oh look, it is now up to Britain to make the next move.

“However, I think the situation is so obviously wrong for both that it is necessary to try to change the situation.”

Britain is aiming to break the Brexit deadlock by making progress on the EU’s key Brexit issues – including the Irish border, the financial settlement and citizens’ rights.

Source : ‘Brexit is the FAULT of Brussels!’ German MEP LASHES EU with epic tirade at Eurocrats : The Express

THE EUROPEAN Union has racked up huge debts and wants the UK to pay for it, William Hague has warned.


The former Tory leader said the reason Brussels was pushing for a large Brexit bill was because “they need it”.

He said the EU had got ahead of itself with budget commitments and project payments and now need the UK to pay a hefty divorce bill to help pay off debts.

Mr Hague compared the bloc to an “overbooked airline”, relying on people not turning up to prevent chaos.

He wrote in the Telegraph: “The main reason they want a big pile of cash from us is because they need it, having in effect run up a vast debt on behalf of British people and everyone else in the EU.

Brexit billGETTY

The EU wants the UK to pay off its debts, William Hague has warned

“The less charitable way of putting it is that the EU is like a giant overbooked airline, hoping that not everyone turns up at the same time for what they have been promised.”

He said the European Commission is short of “something like €250billion (£223bn)” and desperately in need in cash.

Mr Hague warned Westminster the EU was actually in a better position to demand payments than the UK was to reject.

He said: “The EU might not be a good advertisement for how to run your finances, but it is understandable that when someone is leaving it wants a share of these accumulated debts.

Brexit billGETTY

William Hague said the UK shouldn’t pay a penny until numerous issues are sorted out

“The reason this matters is because psychologically and politically it is easier to pay a debt, even if someone ran it up on your behalf, than to bow to a ransom demand.

“In addition, it is quite obvious that making some contribution to these amounts is an inevitable part of coming to any agreement about future trade and relations.”

But he said the UK should not pay “a single penny” unless a satisfactory Brexit deal is signed with the EU.

Brexit billGETTY

The EU is billions of pounds in debt and wants the UK to pay, Hague warned

He said there were still “thousands” of issues to “haggle over” and urged Theresa May and her Brexit team to hold her nerve during negotiations.

He concluded: “Any such payment should be dependent on a final deal being signed, sealed and ratified – without that the UK should not pay a single penny.

“That way, the UK retains some leverage right to the end.”

Source : Why we shouldn’t pay a PENNY: EU is in debt and wants BRITAIN to pay it off, Hague warns : Express

Josep Goded

On Saturday, over a million Catalans marched in Barcelona to call for the release of the Catalan political prisoners recently imprisoned by Spain. The demonstration was given the name of “National Day for Liberty,” aiming for the same level of attendance and international impact as the yearly celebrations for Catalonia’s September 11th National Day. The demonstration filled more than three kilometers (almost 2 miles) of one of the Catalan capital’s main thoroughfares. Almost a thousand buses loaded with independentists from across the country headed to the protest in Barcelona.

At the front of the demonstration, a banner held by family members of the Catalan political prisoners and the organizers read, “Freedom for political prisoners, we are the Republic.” Attendance exceeded the expectations of the organizers, which delayed the beginning of the protest by an hour. The march lasted for 3 hours before arriving at the intersection with Avenida Icària, where…

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THOUSANDS of protesters took to the streets yesterday to demand Italy leaves the EU immediately, with march slogans labelling the European bloc a mafia.


Thousands of anti-EU protesters voiced their fury at Brussels yesterday in one of the largest ever demonstrations against the European bloc to take place in Italy.The scale of the protest shocked police officers, and even prompted the local US embassy to issue a security alert, warning of up to “10,000 people on the streets”.

Among the urgent demands of the young protesters was an immediate Italian exit of the EU as well as a departure from the eurozone.

This follows polls yesterday that will alarm officials in Brussels, as eurosceptism remains on the rise in the country and anti-EU parties resurgent.

anti-EU protestersGETTY

Thousands of anti-EU protesters voiced their fury at Brussels yesterday


The large-scale protest voiced opposition to the current Government

The large-scale protest, organised by more than 40 social and political groups, voiced opposition to Brussels as well as the current national government.Led by the ‘EuroStop’ political movement, the march had to be delayed for an hour yesterday morning following higher than expected turnout

Slogans chanted by the crowd included “Break the European Union and euro cage” and “No to the EU mafia”.

This follows a widespread general strike on Friday in Italy, which was orchestrated by key trade unions.


The US embassy issued a security alert to tourists in the area

One protester, holding a banner against the euro and the EU, told the press: “This is a struggle and there will be more f these on the streets. The country’s economic and social situation is unbearable.”Another said: “We will never be slaves to the banks, to the government and to the EU.”

They called for the government to reject the EU’s demand for Italy to cut back on its budget, and also urged politicians to abandon the free trade agreements with the US and Canada.

Source: ‘We will never be your slaves!’ Italy in crisis as THOUSANDS demand EXIT from ‘EU MAFIA’ : Express

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