Juncker tells May to ‘SPEED UP’ divorce as Tory MPs demand PM quits | UK | News | Express.co.uk

The European Commission President is set to step down from his role after five years in charge on October 31, the same day Britain is due to finally leave the EU. Speaking at a “citizens’ dialogue” event in Sibiu, Romania, the eurocrat revealed he had told the Prime Minister to “speed up the process” to avoid clashing with his departure. Mr Juncker said: “I will stop my job on November 1 this year. In fact at midnight on October 31.

“The British are supposed to leave on October 31 and I told Theresa May, ‘I will leave at midnight so please speed up the process.”

Meanwhile, Mrs May is set to put a vote on her Brexit deal to MPs before the European Parliament elections.

The Prime Minister’s de facto deputy, David Lidington, has already confirmed Britain have run out of time to deliver Brexit and will now have to participate in the vote on May 23.

As cross-party talks with Jeremy Corbyn on the brink of collapse, Mrs May is plotting to give MPs a fourth major vote on her hated deal.


Source: Juncker tells May to ‘SPEED UP’ divorce as Tory MPs demand PM quits | UK | News | Express.co.uk

The EU believe ”Brexit will die” if they keep postponing it – Part ii

This is a long worn tactic of the EU to delay and delay and possibly force other votes until the EU get their way.

What the EU do not appreciate is that these tactics only serve to increase the resolve to leave and is one of the main reasons, why I myself and I believe many others in the UK voted to leave.

In fact if I was not lied to in 1975 I would have voted to leave then, but I made the mistake of voting to remain, well I will not be fooled a second time by the irresponsible and underhand EU.

Unfortunately the young voters of today are not aware of the irresponsible nature of the EU and are taken in by the lies from the EU.

The EU only want our money and nothing else.

Initially we did not wish to join the EEC, but did wish to in 1967 but De Gaulle vetoed our application.

From Wikipedia

‘Great Britain initially declined to join the Common Market, preferring to remain with another organisation known as the European Free Trade Area, mostly consisting of the northern European countries and Portugal. By the late 1950s German and French living standards began to exceed those in Britain, and the government of Harold Macmillan, realising that the EEC was a stronger trade bloc than EFTA, began negotiations to join.

De Gaulle vetoed the British application to join the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1963, famously uttering the single word ‘non’ into the television cameras at the critical moment, a statement used to sum up French opposition towards Britain for many years afterwards.[204] Macmillan said afterwards that he always believed that de Gaulle would prevent Britain joining, but thought he would do it quietly, behind the scenes. He later complained privately that “all our plans are in tatters”.’

We did not join until 1973 when De Gaulle was no longer in office.

In fact I now believe that De Gaulle was right and we should never have joined. But I am also in agreement with De Gaulle the the EEC should never have proceeded down the road of Political Union and should that Have been so we may have not voted to leave in 2016.

De Gaulle did not wish for political union as he feared France would lose its independence and this is my fear, now, that the UK will lose its independence if we remain.



These EU people delude themselves if they believe that the British people will simply let Brexit die. They really don’t know the British people very well do they? We have long memories & do not give in to foreign threats or intransigence. when Nigel Farage returns to Brussels with 70 Brexit MEPs they will get a flavour of what their attempts to block our decision is going to cost them. And as Corporal Jones would say: ”They won’t like it up ’em.”

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Compromise? Time ticking down for Britain to come to Brexit agreement – Reuters

Prime Minister Theresa May, weaker than ever after her Brexit deal was rejected by parliament three times, made another appeal to the public to explain why she turned to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after giving up on winning over eurosceptics in her Conservative Party, whose opposition has hardened.

With Britain’s departure now set for April 12, May’s government is running out of time to get a deal through a divided parliament, and must come up with a new plan to secure another delay from EU leaders at a summit on Wednesday.

Britain’s biggest shift in foreign and trade policy in more than 40 years is mired in uncertainty, with ministers saying Brexit may never happen, businesses worried the country could leave without a deal, and others just wanting to reverse it.

In a last-ditch bid to get her deal through parliament, May opened talks with Corbyn last week to try to strike a deal on Britain’s future ties with the EU in exchange for his support for her divorce deal, the Withdrawal Agreement.

So far those talks have failed to yield any kind of accord, with Labour policy chiefs saying the government has yet to move from its “red lines”, above all over a customs union, which sets tariffs for goods imported into the EU.

“Specifically provided we are leaving the European Union then it is important that we compromise, that’s what this is about and it is through gritted teeth,” said Andrea Leadsom, the Brexit-supporting Leader of the House of Commons, parliament’s lower house.

“But nevertheless the most important thing is to actually leave the EU,” she told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, adding that May’s proposal for a customs arrangement after Brexit was not too far from Labour’s desire for a customs union.


Source: Compromise? Time ticking down for Britain to come to Brexit agreement – Reuters

The Who’s Roger Daltrey Calls Out the EU As a “F**king Mafia”

Remainers need to understand that being in the EU is not a democratic process as the European Commission is the power base, not the European Parliament.

The remainers are arguing for a democratic process to remain in the EU, which itself is undemocratic.

A referendum is a pure process of a democratic process, but not only are the Remainers failing to stand by the result, they are actively going against it. Is that not the opposite of a democratic process, but a dictatorship.

Say we did have ANOTHER Peoples Vote and it was still in favour of Leave, would Remainers demand another and another until they got a result they wish for.

But then what is to stop Leavers enacting the same process, this could go on to infinity.

Is this similar to the SNP in Scotland?

We need to leave the EU, which means the ‘Single Market and the Customs Union’ and see how it goes. For only then will it be possible to ascertain who lied the most, be it Remain or Leave. For both did lie or bend the truth.


19 March 2019

Roger Daltrey, the lead singer of legendary British rock band, The Who, has compared the European Union to the “f**cking mafia,” after being asked whether Brexit would be “bad for British rock music.”

In an interview with Sky News at Wembley Stadium, Daltrey, who has publicly backed Brexit, became visibly riled at questions on the thorny issue of Brexit.He rejected any notion that leaving the EU would have a negative impact on music bands touring Europe.

“As if we didn’t tour Europe before the f**king EU. Oh give it up! If you want to be signed up to be ruled by a f**king mafia, you do it. Like being governed by FIFA.”

In an interview with the Telegraph in May last year, the 75-year-old singer lashed out at what he sees as the democratic deficit demonstrated by the EU as an institution – insisting that he…

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Juncker raises prospect of emergency Brexit summit next week | Politics | The Guardian

Jean-Claude Juncker has raised the prospect of an emergency summit of EU leaders next week to decide on a Brexit delay, blaming ongoing chaos in Theresa May’s cabinet.

The European commission president said a letter from May requesting an extension to article 50, delaying the UK’s exit beyond 29 March, had not arrived overnight as expected.


Source: Juncker raises prospect of emergency Brexit summit next week | Politics | The Guardian

Theresa May admits country is ‘in crisis’

Yes, it is a crisis, but a crisis of many, health and then Social Care are two others and neither are being dealt with effectively, especially that within Social Care.

With this in mind I have a Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage, which would go some way to reverse the crisis in Social Care and thereby not extending and increasing the crisis within health.

Please therefore see the following

You may be aware that there is a crisis within Social Care, an even greater crisis than that within health. This because a crisis in Social Care will have a great impact on health making the health crisis even greater.

Please could you consider supporting the Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage. Petition link https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/236151

I am involved in a Petition project based on the Care Workers within the Care Industry.

This industry is in crisis, as is the Health Service, but within Social Care this crisis is even greater. This in turn will create even more pressure on all aspects of the Health Service. Therefore, action is needed to minimise the Social Care crisis and pay paid carers a reasonable wage is one of these actions, so there is now a petition.

Please, therefore, could you support the Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage Flash, (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield), a group of family carers of relatives with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism in Sheffield are concerned at the state of Social Care, not only in Sheffield, but throughout the UK.

We all know that there is a major crisis in Social Care not just in Sheffield, but all over the UK. This is in a large part due to the lack of persons willing to come into the Care Industry, of which the low pay is a prime factor.

Parliament are aware and have formed a Cross Party Committee to look at funding, recruitment and pay for Care Workers in the Care Industry.

The Government currently have a recruitment campaign for the Care Industry ‘Every Day is Different’ https://carervoice.wordpress.com/2019/02/22/new-campaign-to-recruit-thousands-more-adult-social-care-staff-gov-uk/comment-page-1/#comment-57 .

However, there is no mention of pay.

Please therefore, could you consider the following #pay #employed #wage#funding #government#serviceproviders #living

Could you look at promoting the Petition – ‘Pay all employed carers the Living Wage, created by FLASh (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield).

Petition link https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/236151

Please sign this Petition, however, until you then click the signature verification link in the resulting email your signature will not be valid and will therefore not count re supporting the Petition cause.

More information https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aq2MsYduiazglWxA60JAY_2cpvN8

We need this Tory Government to end Austerity Cuts to Local Authorities and then increase the Grants to these Authorities so they can fund Care Service Providers to be able to pay their care workers at least the Living Wage.

Please also see the HFT report ‘Sector Pulse Check’, https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aq2MsYduiazglXuM7Duz6HOYXvsv

The care sector needs to recruit 128,000 new workers each year to replace those who retire or leave, new research has found.

The study (http://careassociationalliance.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Care-Association-Alliance-Social-care-Workforce-Analysis-2018.pdf) by the Care Association Alliance and law firm Royds Withy King found that one in three workers leave the sector every year – the highest turnover rate of all job sectors in the UK.

If the Petition attains 10,000 signatures, the Government will respond and if 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Please support and share with your work colleagues, family & friends, Social Media, MP and Local Councillors.

For any further information Chris can be contacted on carervoice@gmail.com

Thank of you

Chris Sterry
Vice-chair of FLASh

‘I’d vote Leave more emphatically than in 2016’: Three farmers on why they still back Brexit : i News

In the 2016 referendum, many British farmers voted to leave the European Union.

Now, nearly three years and countless stories about the potential implications of Brexit later, it would not be surprising if some had changed their mind.

Not Andrew Geary, though. He would vote Leave all over again – and with more conviction than before.

“I would vote Leave probably more emphatically now than I did in 2016,” the cattle farmer tells i. “Not because I believe there is anything I have learned that has changed my mind, but just seeing the contemptuous way in which the European Union has treated this country since it took the vote to Leave, effectively wanting to stick two fingers up and making out it doesn’t want a deal with us.

“If truth be known, they’ve got far more to lose by not being with us than we as a country have got to lose by not dealing with them.”

Source: ‘I’d vote Leave more emphatically than in 2016’: Three farmers on why they still back Brexit : i News

Brexit news latest: Spain to guarantee British residents’ rights in event of no-deal | London Evening Standard

Spain has announced it will guarantee British residents’ rights in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The Spanish government said it would allow British residents to stay if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, giving them until the end of 2020 to apply for permanent residency and making it automatic for many.

With less than a month until Britain is due to leave the EU, Theresa May has yet to convince Parliament to back the Brexit deal she negotiated. That leaves open the possibility of an abrupt exit with no agreement.

Spain has one of the largest British expatriate communities in the EU and has been at pains to reassure them that their rights will be protected after Brexit.


Source: Brexit news latest: Spain to guarantee British residents’ rights in event of no-deal | London Evening Standard

The resignation of three Tory MPs is a dire warning to the party | Andrew Gimson | Opinion | The Guardian

If the resignation of Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen means the Tories are becoming a narrower and less tolerant party, it is a disaster. The Conservatives cannot afford to decline into a sect which drives out all those who are unable to subscribe to whatever its stern, unbending ideology happens to be at any particular moment. It must remain a broad church within which a continuous and never finally settled argument about doctrine can take place. Only then is it able convincingly to offer its services to the nation as a party of government.

Theresa May looks so weak because she has been attempting to hold her party together. She is not herself of a sectarian disposition: an accusation which can more justly be levelled at Jeremy Corbyn. She is a pragmatist, who hopes she can persuade the vast majority of her backbenchers to support a pragmatic Brexit deal, even though it does not conform in every particular to the different and mutually incompatible things they would like in an ideal world to see.


Source: The resignation of three Tory MPs is a dire warning to the party | Andrew Gimson | Opinion | The Guardian

Brexit news: Next countries to quit ‘EU cult’ REVEALED as Brussels to face more struggle | UK | News | Express.co.uk

The  has been facing threats of further withdrawal from the bloc as several member countries swung towards the eurosceptic right in the past couple of years. Ms Fordwich suggested the Netherlands and Sweden could soon follow  Britain if the UK were to secure a beneficial withdrawal and trade deal after March 29. Speaking to RT America, the business expert said: “It’s like a sort of club, or a cult. You can’t have one person leave and take what they want and do better because what would happen to all your members?

“The other members would leave and do the same thing. So you have to prevent this.”

 eurosceptic party Sweden Democrats (SW) has issued a dire warning to Brussels, suggesting the Scandinavian country could very well leave the bloc unless eurocrats accept to make substantial changes to its core institutions. A shocking poll in 2017 suggested more than half of  would prefer to quit the EU.

Ms Fordwich continued: “There were rumours of Nexit, the Dutch leaving and The Netherlands, and Swexit after the right swing in Sweden.

“That’s the fear. The Dutch and the Swedish are two they fear might want to go.”


Source: Brexit news: Next countries to quit ‘EU cult’ REVEALED as Brussels to face more struggle | UK | News | Express.co.uk