Sudan: UK sends military team as it weighs evacuation options – BBC News

Now the evacuation of UK Nationals has commenced.

Many will say about time, but it has to be done when success is more guaranteed, for success is never guaranteed.

When planning it can’t be done in full sight, ideally in no sight at all. To do it, it has to be done within ‘Smoke and Mirrors’.

Any advance notice could well lead to disaster, which is always part of any equation.

It would not surprise me that UK Nationals were directed to issue misleading information, what we have been seeing and hearing. This is so that forces who could kill and injury UK Nationals don’t have advance warnings.

Will the operation be successful, well we all hope so. The event of surprise and unforeseen will be some advantage to improve success, but success is hoped for but not guaranteed.

I so hope all who wish to will be evacuated, but now it is wait and see.

Macclesfield’s Grosvenor Shopping Centre Has Banned Customers In Wheelchairs And Mobility Scooters

As this appears to be a Health and Safety issue, then the centre should be closed until further notice. Mobility is not only a factor with wheelchairs as there are many other other aspects of mobility, this is discrimination to selective groups of the community.

Same Difference

This is unbelievable. It is blatant disability discrimination. Turn the lifts off if you have to but make other access arrangements or adjustments. There is absolutely no excuse for banning disabled customers. If the centre is not safe for wheelchair users, it’s not safe for anyone and should be closed to everyone until it is safe again.

Please, readers, please, share this post as widely as possible. I’ll be sharing it with every media outlet I can think of.

Wheelchair users have been banned from entering the Grosvenor shopping centre after orders from fire chiefs.

On Thursday security guards are stopping people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters from entering the premises.

And those accessing the ground-level indoor market have been given escorts to prevent them entering shops.

It follows a safety inspection by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

But the move has provoked upset and anger from bewildered customers.


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