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Daesh’s Muslim Victims

Mike over at Vox Political has put up a couple of posts keeping the Brussels attacks in perspective. The attacks, as well as those in Paris, were a horrible atrocity committed by fanatics with no conscience or respect for the lives of innocents. But Mike also reminds us that there have also been Muslim victims of Daesh’s terror campaign, that have not received anywhere near the same amount of coverage and outrage. These people too deserve our sympathy, and we should also be outraged and disgusted at their suffering.

Mike has put up a list showing the numbers of people killed by ISIS’ thugs and butchers, not just in Brussels, Paris and San Diego, but also in Yemen, Tunisia, Ankara in Turkey, Afghanistan, Beirut, Libya and Baghdad. The atrocities committed in these places have also killed tens and hundreds of people. And Mike’s article reminds us that…

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Saudi Arabian government beheading more teenagers for demonstrating?

And we still deal with them, oil as a lot to answer for.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Ali al-Nimr, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr's nephew, is among those feared to be facing executionFrom daily The Independent in Britain:

Saudi Arabia due to ‘complete’ January mass executions with four more deaths

Ali al-Nimr, the teenage nephew of a Shia cleric executed in January, is feared to be among those to be beheaded

Lizzie Dearden

13 March 2016

Four more prisoners are reportedly to be killed by Saudi Arabia as the country moves to “complete” a wave of mass executions that started in January.

The kingdom put 47 people to death on a single day that month, including the prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and at least one teenager, sparking global protests.

But articles carried in state-affiliated media ahead of the date claimed 52 people were to die, sparking speculation that some of the executions had been delayed.

Okaz, a liberal newspaper believed to be one of the most-read in Saudi Arabia, reported that four convicted “terrorists” were due to be…

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Anonymous Attacks Saudi Government Over Crucifixion Of Protester

Is the UN fit for purpose when they can put Saudi Arabia on its international panel on human rights for if they believe in human rights why have a regime that opposes them.

The UN should speak with one voice and not contradict itself from one week to another.

Saudi should be in no doubt that this probable execution is more than a step too far or is it that oil is more important.