10 Years Later, She Confronted The Cop Who Said Her Rape Was ‘Consensual’ | HuffPost UK

University of Arizona Lieutenant David Caballero will never forget the day he opened his computer to find an email from former student Jillian Corsie sitting in his inbox.

“It was October 28, 2015,” Caballero told HuffPost last week. “I’ll never forget that date.”

The veteran cop had just sat down at his desk and begun deleting the junk folder in his inbox when he came across something that caught his eye. It was an email from a woman he had crossed paths with more than a decade ago. Although he didn’t remember her, she remembered him.

“I’ve carried your card around in my wallet since the night we met,” Corsie wrote. “Ten years ago this month you interviewed me about a rape I experienced on campus. After an embarrassing and horrible interview for me, the [University of Arizona Police Department] deemed my experience ‘consensual.’”

Corsie told HuffPost that she was raped in 2005 by a male classmate in her dorm room during the first month of college. When she turned to her friends for help, most of them were wildly unsupportive. Her boyfriend didn’t believe her and thought she had simply cheated on him. Corsie later went to local police for help, but they told her “not to mix alcohol and beauty,” she said. The two patrol supervisors on duty that day, Caballero and another officer, concluded in their report that “a sexual assault did not occur.”

Caballero said he was stunned by Corsie’s email and the response he had given her that day 10 years ago. He immediately picked up the phone and called her.

That interaction sparked Corsie and co-director Amy Rosner to create their short film, aptly titled “Second Assault,” which HuffPost is exclusively premiering below. “Second Assault” is a documentary-style film that follows Corsie as she confronts the people who failed her after she reported her rape in 2005.

“The film is about my journey to confront a system that failed me, and also to confront the culture that we live in — and how that supports this idea of a second assault, which isn’t necessarily just what happens when you report, but also what happens when your friends and boyfriends and people around you don’t believe you,” Corsie told HuffPost in 2017 when she and Rosner were still crowdfunding.

David Caballero and Jillian Corsie meet in person for the first time. 

In the film, Corsie confronts Caballero face-to-face and tells him about their interaction 10 years prior. Caballero, for his part, is open and honest about his missteps and points to a lack of trauma-informed training as a reason for his insensitive response.

“Having that conversation with him just allowed me to let go of all of the anger that I had been holding against him for more decades,” Corsie told HuffPost last week. “To have him ― without question, without meeting me, without knowing my motive ― show up and put himself on camera is a huge risk on his part. And I’m really grateful for what he did and what he continues to do.”

Caballero was so taken by Corsie’s letter that he shared her email with his entire team, telling HuffPost he wanted to make sure his officers “understood that their words matter.”

“Whatever I did, whatever I said back then needed to be corrected. It needed to be done in a way where I needed to take full responsibility for the response that we gave her back then,” Caballero said, adding that, at the time, they believed they were responding correctly with the training they had been given.

“Second Assault,” which premiered at multiple festivals last year, has won several awards, including Best Director at the Global Impact Film Festival and Audience Choice Award at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival.

Rosner and Corsie hope the film starts a much-needed conversation about how the criminal justice system, and society as a whole, responds to sexual assault survivors.

“This conversation alone has had a ripple effect in both Jillian and David’s lives, and I think, if possible, we need to have these conversations more openly,” Rosner said.

These days, when Caballero sits down at his desk, he’s greeted by Corsie’s letter, which is framed and hung up on on his wall.

“Every day,” he said, “I look at Jillian’s letter and it reminds me words matter.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Second Assault” below. 


Source: 10 Years Later, She Confronted The Cop Who Said Her Rape Was ‘Consensual’ | HuffPost UK

Trump Brings Armageddon Closer by Moving American Embassy to Jerusalem

There are a few forces in the World today who appear to wish to bring on World War 3, Kim Jong-un, Trump, Israel and the Fundamental Right and all should be countered for WW3 will, if it comes, will be apocalyptic for the majority of the Worlds population and to what end.

The World, today, may not be good place, but it is all our lives at stake and none should be lost due to the actions of the Warmongers, never today, tomorrow or anytime within the future.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

And this is exactly what Christian Zionist millennialists like Tim Lahaie want.

Yesterday, Trump announced that he was going to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is what the Israelis have been demanding for years, but previous administrations have not given into them, because they were very much aware that this would set off a powder keg of rage and hostility across the Middle East. Jerusalem was taken from the Palestinians, and still contains a sizable Arab population. The Israeli nationalist right would love it to be the capital of their nation, but it is also claimed by the Palestinians.

There have been mass protests and riots against Trump’s decision all over the Middle East. RT yesterday put up this footage of Israeli squaddies or the police trying to put down protesters or rioters in Bethlehem yesterday.

And politicians from across the political spectrum have condemned…

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Young Turks’ Suggestion for Defeating Trump’s Muslim Registry

This is one step from internment camps and then what.Are there any similarities with Hitler and if there is the camps were not only for Jews, but for anyother race and individuals whom Hitler and his supporters deamed to be not one of them.

So anyone in the US should think very closely about what may be to occur or even occuring for much can be done in 4 years, which is just short of the period of Hitlers reign.

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This is a very short piece – less than a minute – from The Young Turks, where they talk about a suggestion from one of their viewers for defeating Trump’s proposed Muslim registry. The viewer recommends that everyone should register themselves as Muslim to overload the system. Cenk Uygur calls it ‘the I-am-Spartacus movement’, after that scene in the classic movie where the Romans ask the defeated slaves which one of them is Spartacus, and they all reply ‘I’m Spartacus’.

I’ve got my doubts about such a strategy, as I’m afraid some hardline Muslim organisations would see this not as a gesture of toleration and solidarity, but as an opportunity for mass conversion. But it remains a viable strategy to attacking this section of Trump’s own bigoted, racist and xenophobic agenda.

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How to use the Care Act to get the right support – Resources – Choice Forum

“Using the Care Act to get the right support” is a new short film made by the Family Carer Support Service (FCSS). Questions answered in the film are: Has the Care Act really changed anything? How do you use the Care Act to challenge decisions? How do carers benefit the most from the new Care Act? the Care Act and rights to Independent Advocacy. the Care Act, Personal Budgets and Direct Payments. Watch it here:

Source: How to use the Care Act to get the right support – Resources – Choice Forum

‘Me Before You’, right or wrong?

Saying as it is, this is life, the good and not so good, being happy and not so happy, life as it is.

Poppy's Place

Ok, Hollywood centred rant coming up….

There is a new film around that has really rattled my cage and made me angry.

‘Me Before You’.

This block-buster film is due out next month, release date in the UK 3rd June.

I have two major problems with it.

Firstly, the disabled male lead character is being played by a non-disabled actor. Just why? AREN’T THERE ANY DISABLED ACTORS IN THE WORLD? Why a non-disabled actor? It’s not right. Secondly, and in my opinion, more importantly, it seems to promote the idea that disabled people are better off dead. Just NO. As a severely disabled woman I don’t believe this is true. Being disabled is NOT a death sentence, it’s perfectly possible, to live a good and productive life and be disabled at the same time.

So. Let’s start by looking at the issue of non-disabled actors playing roles depicting disabled characters…

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The Young Turks on Trump Wanting to Kill Muslims with Bullets Dipped in Pig’s Blood

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Trump & Hitler

More verbal brutality from the prospective generalissimo of America. In this clip from The Young Turks, the anchors Bill Mankiewicz and Elliot Hill discuss another piece of raging, vile rhetoric from the current Republican front runner. In one of his speeches, Trump glowingly recounts an incident from ‘back a bit’ in the early 20th century, when the Americans were faced with a series of terrorist outrages. General Pershing responded by rounding up fifty of the terrorists. 49 of them were shot out of hand with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. The fiftieth was then released to tell his comrades about what happened. ‘And do you know,’ Trump concludes, ‘that for twenty-five years afterwards we didn’t have any problems. We need to do this, or else we’re not going to have a country’.

Trump claims that this story can be found in the history books, but ‘not many, ’cause they don’t…

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Quote of the Day: If modern civilization collapses, who do we blame?

The future, well may be.

The Secular Jurist

“Let’s imagine… if you glimpsed the future, you were frightened by what you saw, what would you do with that information? You would go to the politicians, captains of industry? And how would you convince them? Data? Facts? Good luck! The only facts they won’t challenge are the ones that keep the wheels greased and the dollars rolling in. But what if… what if there was a way of skipping the middle man and putting the critical news directly into everyone’s head? The probability of wide-spread annihilation kept going up. The only way to stop it was to show it, to scare people straight. Because what reasonable human being wouldn’t be galvanized by the potential destruction of everything they’ve ever known or loved? To save civilization, I would show its collapse. How do you think this vision was received? How do you think people responded to the prospect of imminent…

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Film made by Leicester pupils about disabled toilet access features on national NHS website

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A video made by Leicester schoolchildren about access to disabled toilet facilities for young people has been released on a NHS website.

The short film, entitled ‘When you’ve got to go’, was created by pupils with physical disabilities at Ashfield Academy to raise awareness of the difficulties they face when they get a call of nature in a public place.

On the video, which can be seen on the ‘Health for teens’ website, shows students from the academy explaining how they feel if they can’t go out or have to leave somewhere early if there are no appropriate disabled toilet facilities.

Caroline Knight, speech and language therapist at Ashfield Academy, which is in the grounds of Leicester General Hospital, said the students were delighted with the film.

She said: “The students, who all use communication aids to support their communication, regularly work together with local musician, Dan Britton. “They wanted to tackle an issue that was important to them. “They initiated and were then fully involved with every step of the project.

“Their data collection from the YouTube clip shows that it is already reaching viewers around the world.”

Margaret Clarke, senior nurse and professional school nursing lead for LPT, said the video shows how creative young people can be.

She said: “People with physical disability may require extra space in the toilet to manoeuvre their wheelchair or they may have to be accompanied to the toilet.

“The film is a fantastic way to get really serious and important messages from young people out into the community. “We wanted to share the video on the Health for Teens website in the hope that as many people as possible get to see it.”

The Health for Teens website is a unique, comprehensive health resource for young people, with easy-to-access information on topics as diverse as exam stress, anger management, spots and alcohol.

It is the first NHS website that has been created especially to support teens with their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

For more information visit https://www.healthforteens.co.uk/health/health-campaigns/ash-field-academy-when-youve-got-to-go/

Roisin Norris

Hi I’m Roisin Norris, Digital Marketing Executive at DisabledGo and I will be uploading blogs and news for you all to read.

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People Are So Worried About Offending People – We’ve Shot Ourselves in the Foot

Original post from Huffington Post

‘………..By   Actor and television presenter

Life’s been awkward since the moment, I was born.

The doctor came in and said to my dad, “Would you mind standing up?” My dad stood up. And he looked at him and he said, “You’re not unusually short, are you?” And my dad went, “No, why?” And the doctor just nodded and left. And as the doctor was leaving, my dad said, “Have I had a son or a daughter?” And he said, “Oh, I don’t know,” and he left the room.

Since then I’ve had my fair share of awkward moments.

At school, for example, my run up to the long jump was textbook. I took off, didn’t even make it as far as the sand. Then we’ve got the high jump – I couldn’t even get onto the crash mat. We also did the hurdles – or as I like to call it, the limbo! Then there was football, and I liked football, but the only problem was our football kit was black and white, so I was always mistaken for the ball and I’d spend most of my time running away from the other players.

As I got older, the awkwardness continued – especially in social situations. At a party, being only three foot six, I’m at everyone’s waist height. If you’re in a crowded room and everyone’s having drinks, all the conversations are taking place two or three feet above me. It’s very difficult for me to just walk into a group and become part of that conversation, because I’m just looking at hands and bums.

New video released by the disability charity Scope with Warwick Davis, reveals real life awkward moments that disabled people have experienced when out socialising, dating or at work. The film also features: Bad Education star Jack Binstead, Nic Hamilton, racing driver and brother of Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, and many others.

In trying to do the right thing, people often crouch down to chat to me. I then crouch down as well, which is quite funny. Some people just sit on the floor and chat, and that is quite nice if you’re having a long conversation – it saves me looking up all the time and getting neck ache, and it’s nice to talk face to face.

Trying to do the right thing can get people tongue tied too.

I had somebody come round to measure up for a new patio. I said, “I wouldn’t mind a wall around the perimeter of the patio.” And he said “Oh, you mean a dwarf wall… I mean a short wall… I mean, er, a wall with just a few bricks.” He was trying to avoid saying anything to do with my height. I said, “Yeah, yeah, it is technically called a dwarf wall…”

Even for me, sometimes I don’t know what to say. I met somebody in hospital in a waiting room who had difficulty controlling his limbs. I started to chat to the guy, and I was a little bit anxious at first – I said, “I hope you don’t mind me asking but what condition do you have?”

He said, “I’ve got Parkinson’s.” Then he said, “What’s terrible is that a lot of people think I’m an alcoholic, they think I’m drunk.” People even questioned his mental capability. I had a fascinating conversation with him, and it really did make me think – he liked talking about it, and he’d rather talk about it because then nobody’s judging him through ignorance.


Behind the Scenes with Warwick Davis on the #EndtheAwkward video shoot.
Behind the Scenes with Warwick Davis on the #EndtheAwkward video shoot.

The more people try not to speak about someone’s disability or difference, the more they’ll end up stumbling – and it’s very obvious to that person what’s going on. And they won’t be offended! I don’t mind somebody acknowledging my height or talking about dwarfism. To be honest, if they’re curious or inquisitive, I’d rather we did chat about it.

Children are naturally very curious about the world, and often a child will spot me and be like, “Mummy, look, there’s a little person over there!” What I don’t like seeing is if the parent then chastises the child, because I think that gives the child a bad impression of that experience and they’ll grow up with that awkwardness. So I’ll try and quickly strike up a conversation with the child and the parent by going, “Hi, how’s it going? Are you shopping?” and talk about what they’re doing. I’ll say, “I’m Warwick” and give myself an identity to them – so I’m not just some ‘thing’, I’m a person, and I sound just like their parents do, and it’s okay.

I was in America just last week and this little girl came up and she went, “Are you real?” I went, “Yeah, yeah, I think so.” And then I heard her go off, “Mummy, mummy! He is real! I don’t know what she thought I might have been. She was at Disney World, so maybe she thought I was one of the animatronic characters, put in the pool for her amusement. Those sort of moments – I enjoy them, I don’t ever feel offended by them.

Without campaigns like End the Awkward, we will end up being unable to socialise with each other because nobody will want to offend anybody else and we’ll just stop talking. I’d rather people be really open and said what they feel as long as they’re not being offensive on purpose. Let’s talk about it!

I don’t mind if people ask questions about my height, so long as they’re polite. Again, more often than not it’s kids going, “Why is he short?”. I’ll say, “It’s genetics – the instructions that created me aren’t quite the same as the ones that created you, but the world is a diverse place”.

I do a bit of End the Awkward naturally myself in life! In the sense of just approaching my difference with humour, and hopefully making people feel at ease with it. I understand what it is like to feel awkward in situations and around people who are different, and I don’t want people feeling that way when they’re with me, so I just kind of approach it head-on.

Warwick Davis stars in Scope’s End the Awkward video, which aims to get people thinking differently about disability. For more information about Scope and the campaign, please visit http://www.scope.org.uk/awkward