The DWP has been caught trying to ‘coerce’ GPs into saying their patients are fit-for-work | The Canary

The DWP are saying that their DWP Assessors know better than GPs on whether a person is fit to work, on what basis, surely the evidence is says otherwise.

The DWP letter to GPs is showing the contempt is has for GPs. GPs are highly trained professional, what training have the DWP assessors had?


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A mum whose two children were murdered faces eviction thanks to the DWP | The Canary

A woman whose husband murdered her two children now fears eviction thanks to the DWP stripping her benefits.

Her case is indicative of the DWP’s apparent refusal to appreciate the difficulties of living with mental health conditions.

‘Fit for work’

As the Sunday Post reported:

A medical assessor has ruled June Martin is fit for work despite being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression after losing her children, Michelle, 25, and son Ryan, seven.

Martin’s ex-husband murdered their two children in 2008 and is currently serving life in prison. Since findingher children dead, she has struggled to rebuild her life. She suffers from multiple mental health conditions and has felt suicidal at times.


Martin was receiving the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) disability benefit until she failed a Work Capability Assessment. The decision was upheld by a tribunal on 20 June. Independent Assessment Services, formerly known as Atos Healthcare, conducted Martin’s assessment. After the tribunal, a spokesperson stated:

Whilst the tribunal accepts Ms Martin has mental health problems and balance problems, the nature and extent of the resulting limitations are insufficient to score the required number of points.

As a result Ms Martin does not qualify for either component of personal independent payment.

But Martin claimed that the assessment was not fit for purpose. She told the Sunday Post:

Neither the assessor or the tribunal last week seemed to want to know about the trauma I suffer daily reliving finding my children posed as if they were asleep in their beds, or pulling back the covers to find them stabbed to death


Source: A mum whose two children were murdered faces eviction thanks to the DWP | The Canary

Disabled man born with 17 holes in his heart denied benefits for months

Again one more, how far do we have to go as the assessments are ‘not fit for purpose’ and neither are the persons making these ridiculous decisions.

The rollout of Universal Credit needs to be stopped until sensible decisions are being made, which at this rate will be never.

As I have said before this Government and the DWP will not rest until every claimant is dead, due to the stresses being caused by these ridiculous decisions.

Man criticises Government after being found ‘fit to work’ while on Universal Credit.

Both Jakes GP and the mental health charity Healthy Minds are currently stating that he is not fit to work, but the DWP are solely relying on the evidence of a doctor who saw him for some 40 mins. Who knows if this doctor has any knowledge of mental health issues.

Also as Jake say is his state of dress any bearing on his ability to work and his mental health, they are just clutching at straws to bring as many persons into the ‘fit to work’ category as they can irrespective of whether they are totally fit to work. For days follow days and with some mental health issues how you are one day will not be the same you are the next or the next, even through one day you can go through many degrees of fitness due to your mental health conditions.

They should leave health assessments to the health experts and not just use someone who may be more concerned with their employment with DWP than the health of the individual they are assessing.

The DWP are just abusing their position and are abusers to many claimants.

Claiming disability benefit? Don’t ever dare shake hands

The more you hear about these assessments and the assessors the more ridiculous these processes are shown to be.

It would not surprise me that eventually, if not now, only to turn up for the face to face would deem you ‘fit for work’. Then if you do not turn up you are sanctioned. Either way the system gets you.

Yes, that is ridiculous, but no more than ‘handshakes’. Handshaking is the acceptable British way to greet people, not the kissing on cheek or cheeks which is more European.

In fact, could not the kissing on cheeks be deemed by some to be a possible sexual approach, whereby the shaking of hands will not be.

I assess if you are fit for work. I hate having to score your life this way : Guardian.

How it is on the other side of the desk, no one being a claimant or an assessor should be put in that situation. For goodness sake the Government and the DWP should come to the sharp end and see for themselves what they are doing to people or is it that they do not care.