The decimation of the welfare state

A truly worrying situation and one that could be happening within the UK. The DWP situation with Benefit claims and while the appeal process is reversing many of the wrongful dismissed cases, will this always be so. Not if we implement the American system as we appear to be doing.

It is very worrying and this should be noticed by the DWP, but will it be, I fear not.

‘I thought I was going to die’ Woman, 76, DENIED her pension because DWP thought she was dead

Tha DWP state “We are carrying out an urgent case review to learn any lessons from this and ensure it does not happen again.”, how often have we heard this. But , so called, mistakes still continue to occur.

Do we honestly believe these are mistakes, for if they are why are these lessons not being learnt.

Or are they not mistakes, but deliberate acts made by the DWP to reduce the welfare benefit payments by acts of stealth. Do anything to stop payments to benefit claimants and eventually these claimants will not be here, as they will have died by these, so called mistakes or deliberate acts.

A form of Governmental euthanasia.