Theresa May faces new crisis after mass walkout over social policy

This is not good news for the disabled and others on low incomes and just proves that you can not trust this Government. On coming into office as Prime Minister Theresa May promised that she would ‘place fairness and social justice at the heart of her premiership’. This we now see was an empty promise and further reduces the trust we all have with regards to our politicians.

At a time when Brexit is a major Government priority, social justice should be, at least, an equal footing.

It now appears that the plight of the disabled and others on low incomes will be made even worse than it is now. We have already seen the punitive cuts to welfare benefits and the assessment processes that are ‘not fit for purpose’.

At a time when our trust in politicians and this Government ,in particular, is extremely low, it is now to be reduced even further.

Does this Government really wish to remove disability and others on low incomes by causing their extinction, by creating conditions that will cause situations where their life survival cannot be maintained. Thus removing many from the welfare system, not by improving their quality of life, but by ending their life.

Source: Theresa May faces new crisis after mass walkout over social policy

Ignore the naysayers. The Brexit negotiations are going better than EU leaders can let on | Henry Newman | Opinion | The Guardian

The EU and Britain are like a couple who’ve been on a few dates. It’s too soon to go further but they’ll get there eventually, says director of Open Europe Henry Newman

Source: Ignore the naysayers. The Brexit negotiations are going better than EU leaders can let on | Henry Newman | Opinion | The Guardian

Brexit war of words heats up as ‘enemy’ EU tells Britain to pay up | Politics | The Guardian

Philip Hammond backtracks after calling EU the enemy, but Brussels is clear Britain must make a better offer before talks can move on

Source: Brexit war of words heats up as ‘enemy’ EU tells Britain to pay up | Politics | The Guardian

Scientists stress the effects of a nuclear attack

Political Concern

A comprehensive briefingupdated in June, forwarded by the author of Three Generations Left

The BBCreports today that after President Donald Trump warned North Korea it should be “very, very nervous” if it does anything to the US, Defence Secretary James Mattis warned that armed conflict with North Korea would be “catastrophic” and said diplomacy was bearing fruit. “The American effort is diplomatically led, it has diplomatic traction, it is gaining diplomatic results,” he said.

Edited extracts:

At a series of intergovernmental conferences starting in 2013, extensive evidence was presented of the enormous ‘humanitarian consequences’ should nuclear weapons ever be used again in war.

One study published by the organisation Article 36 was a detailed analysis of the impacts of a single modern nuclear warhead exploding over a typical city within an industrialised nation. The target was Manchester in the UK as a model medium-sized modern city. The yield…

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Stephen Walt: From Israel to Iran to Mexico, Trump Has Already Blown It on Foreign Policy

President Donald Trump has fooled his supporters, he promised what they wished to hear by sound bites, but sound bites can have more than one meaning or purpose.

He posed to be anti-establishment, anti-elite, however, his whole background emanated from the establishment and he is one of the elite.

He believes he is the one supreme leader and he totally believes in his White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Trump can only accept people who agree with him and he can not listen or accept reasoned argument and in a President this can only lead to major problems in dealing with other leaders.

Trump insisted he can lead America against the World, but the World is vastly larger than America and America will eventually suffer and in doing so the World will also suffer. For no one entity is an island in total isolation. Trump is incapable of change, so change can only come from within America.

Stop Making Sense

Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman speak to Harvard University professor Stephen Walt about President Trump’s foreign policy. Walt recently authored a piece for Foreign Policy titled: Trump Has Already Blown It. (Democracy Now!)

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Will the public rally round Tony Blair as he seeks to ‘fill a massive hole in British politics’ – or is this just Murdoch mischief?

In all that Tony Blair has acheived one could assume he is an enemy of the UK and should therefore not be allowed to have any position where his ideas could be generated.

Political Concern

tony-blairThe understandably affronted proprietor of the Times no doubt approves the article in today’s edition (and quoted in the Independent) asserting that in January Tony Blair is expected to launch an institute based near Whitehall which will help to make the country change its mind about leaving the EU. One of two names being considered is the ‘Tony Blair Institute for Global Change’.

It is alleged that, to this end, he has held ‘information-gathering’ talks with Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of US president-elect Donald Trump, former chancellor George Osborne and other senior ministers and officials.

Last month Blair wrote an article in issue 17 of the New European newspaper, a British weekly ‘for the 48%’ launched in July and aimed at those who voted to remain within the European Union. He urged “remain” supporters to “mobilise and organise” an insurgency to make the public change its mind about leaving…

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Article 50 could be reversed, government may argue in Brexit case | Politics | The Guardian

Government lawyers are exploring the possibility of arguing in the supreme court that the article 50 process could be reversed by parliament at any time before the UK completes its exit from the European Union.

Prominent academic experts have told the Guardian they know the government’s legal team has sounded out lawyers about the potential change of tack, which some argue would lead to a victory in the case brought by Gina Miller and other campaigners.

Prof Takis Tridimas, an expert in EU law at King’s College London, said: “I know that the issue of revocation is a live issue in terms of the supreme court hearing.” He had heard that the government had commissioned research on the subject, he said.

Source: Article 50 could be reversed, government may argue in Brexit case | Politics | The Guardian

Will the article 50 ruling stop Brexit? | The panel | Opinion | The Guardian

Judges interpret the law as they see it and do not need to follow public opinion.

However, it is my view that MPs are the voice of the people as they are elected by a majority of those that could be bothered to vote, as to those that did not vote, who knows what therir opinion be. A referendum is a means of indicating the voice of the people and again those that did not vote, who knows what their views be. So MPs should follow the voice of their own electorate.

If they decide not to how can we respect the results of a General Election or a By Election, for they again are the voice of the opinion of the public. However, with regards to a General Election there are no MPs who can respect the vote or not, as Parliament is not in force during the election process and all persons standing for election are purely candidates.

If this ruling means that a referendum result is not binding, how is it that with regards to the Scottish Independence Referendum, which did not go as expected for the SNP and the Scottish parliament, does this mean the SNP majority could have disregarded the Scottish result and therefore they could have proceeded with the indpendence of Scotland from the UK.


other major rights merely “glossed over” by the government’s arguments. I don’t see

Source: Will the article 50 ruling stop Brexit? | The panel | Opinion | The Guardian