Donald Trump celebrates his family roots on visit to Scotland

On arrival in Aberdeen the former US president said ‘it’s great to be home, this was the home of my mother’


Yes, it was the home of Trump’s mother until she went to America, and completely let Scotland down by giving birth to Trump, so, it will never be the home for Trump.

Florida is welcome to him, but he is not welcome in New York, or Washington and maybe many more.

So let Mar-a-Lago be the tomb for Trump and on his stone it could say ‘Here lies Trump, the only thing he was good at for he did so everytime he opened his mouth and had the experience of all of his life, so timely be at his end.


Source: Donald Trump celebrates his family roots on visit to Scotland

John Kerry: Cop26 puts us closer than ever to avoiding climate chaos | Cop26 | The Guardian

US climate envoy says many countries have very aggressively increased their ambition


Is John Kerry’s comment totally correct or is he just trying to put a good spin on the outcome of Cop26.

I say this as Cop26 promised so much more and could easily have not produced anything.

For the last minute intervention of India and China could well have meant that there was no good outcome from Cop26, even though there was a good outcome, the outcome could have been much better, if the Indian and Chinese intervention had not been made.

Even with the reduced outcome, it is still good, but not as good as it could have been, so we are not as close to avoiding Climate chaos as we could have been and all this assumes that every country will do as they promised, which has not been so with past Cops. Why not put penalty clauses in the outcomes, so that if any country fails to do as they promised then they would have to pay severe penalties. But then one may not get any promises.

For there is still a very long way to go and the time is running very short.

Would Trump have pulled out of the Paris Accord if there was a penalty to be paid for doing so, well with Trump, well he could still well have done so because, according to him, he does no wrong, for Trump Word is law, who said so, well Trump himself believed that, for according to him he was the best president ever, what a moron!!

But climate change is very serious and many countries could well disappear, if more is not done and done quickly, especially Great Abaco of the Abaco Islands Bahamas.

We all need to do more, everyone one of us.

Source: John Kerry: Cop26 puts us closer than ever to avoiding climate chaos | Cop26 | The Guardian

‘The pressure for change is building’: reactions to the Glasgow climate pact | Cop26 | The Guardian

Applause for Cop26 president Alok Sharma after he gave the closing speech at the closing plenary of the UN climate summit on Saturday. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images


We are all seeing the effects of climate change some much more than others, but many in the developed world and a few in the non-developed world are not taking it as seriously as they should.

That said, and although Cop26 could have done a whole lot better, it did achieve somethings as long as all the countries present do as they  promised. But even that can’t be guaranteed.

Even what has been promised will not be enough to save some of the countries who were present, especially some of the small island nations. Great Abaco, Bahamas being just one

The likes of China, India and Australia should be ashamed of some of their lack of commitment, but others could do more including Russia, America and even the UK and some others in the developed world. Also some in the non-developed world such as Brazil.

World leaders have to commit and with some of the major countries their leaders were not there not even for one second.

If in the next 5 to 10 years one country is lost then this will be down to all the lack of commitment at Cop26 and all the other Cops, for the days of inaction have gone long ago.

Coal has to go, no matter how important to some countries it is and go quickly, even 2030 could be too late. But there is gas and oil and the destructions of forests which also need to be seriously dealt with.

They need to go completely as discounting is nowhere near good enough.

Even with America their involvement can’t be guaranteed for it could be more than likely that Trump or some others could emerge, as it could in many of the other countries.

Climate change is with us and has been for many years, but it is not being taken as seriously as it should be.

There will be another Cop being Cop27 in Egypt next year and much more needs to be done there , if not before.


Source: ‘The pressure for change is building’: reactions to the Glasgow climate pact | Cop26 | The Guardian