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Depression changes more than who you are. It changes the people around you.

Your supportive family panics.

They ask you to comfort their racing minds. They want to hear you say you’re fine and everything’s back to normal – even if they know it’s not.

Your friends don’t know you anymore.

They sigh when you pass on a night of drinking and like everyone else, they just want to pat you on the back and tell you it will blow over.

Your job is slipping from your control.

You can’t devote your hectic mind to 8 hours of concentration a day.

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Why Does Your Child Bite?

A dad emailed me this week asking not how to stop biting but why children bite. That was a thoughtful question and I thought you all might enjoy our response.While it’s shocking and probably embarrassing when your child bites, it’s not unusual behavior for young kids. When children are overcome with feelings such as anger, fear,

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“Let’s Pretend You Are the Autistic One”

This is so true.

Emma's Hope Book

(A note on Emma’s post.  Because this is a fictitious dialogue that Emma wrote, for clarity’s sake, I asked her if it was okay to put the Autistic person’s words and thoughts in italics and the non autistic’s words in quotation marks.  She agreed.  My part of the conversation is in parentheses.)

For today’s blog post, let’s pretend you are the Autistic one and I should be the non autistic.

“Oh dear!  Why are you hurting yourself?”

(I asked Emma whether the Autistic person could use spoken language to speak.)

You can’t speak and I will talk for both of us, it will be more authentic that way.  Maybe you talk, but not with the words that best describe what’s in your mind.

“I don’t understand, do you want to go outside?  Why are you biting yourself?  Does that mean you do?”

You are thinking about expectations and how hitting…

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