Yazidi Activist: ISIS ‘Opened Up’ Pregnant Friend, Raped Her and Baby

While the feminist media swooned over speakers like comedian Samantha Bee and politician Hillary Clinton at a recent conference, they paid little attention to others addressing the horrors committed against women abroad – or, more specifically, the plight of women enslaved by ISIS. On Friday, Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi interviewed two women on ISIS’ abuse of those who identify as Yazidi, a minority religion primarily located in northern Iraq.

Source: Yazidi Activist: ISIS ‘Opened Up’ Pregnant Friend, Raped Her and Baby

North Dakota Oil Pipeline: Company Destroys Native Burial Sites

This is disgraceful and the law should be protecting the victims,the Standing Rock Sioux people.

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If true, this is pure barbarism. I blogged earlier this week about protests by Native Americans about the North Dakota Access Pipeline, which is intended to carry oil through the lands of the Standing Rock Sioux people. The tribe are opposing it, as they fear that the pipeline will lead to the pollution of their water supply and the destruction of their lands and its ecosystem. In this piece from Democracy Now!, the anchor Amy Goodson speaks to the tribe’s lawyer, Jan Hasselman, from the chambers Earthjustice, and the tribe’s chairman Dave Archambault.

The oil company has tried a number of tactics to try to close down and disrupt the protests. They local sheriff and officials have pulled cellphone access over the area, to stop citizens uploading videos of the protests to the internet. They’ve also attacked the protesters with dogs and pepper spray. There’s video footage of the bites…

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The Break-Up of American Zionism and the Anti-Semitism Allegations

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I’m aware that I’m in serious risk of doing this subject to death, but this needs to be said. I’ve put up several blogs featuring the videos of talks and interviews given by Israeli and American Jewish activists and historians – Ilan Pappe, Elizabeth Baltzer and Norman Finkelstein, laying bare the terrible history of Israel’s persecution and systematic ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population. As I’ve repeatedly said, this is because of the smears against leading figures in the Labour party that they are anti-Semites, when they are nothing of the sort, and demonstrably nothing of the sort. Ken Leninspart, when he was leader of the GLC, was notorious and reviled for his anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia stance. And if you want to read what he has to say about anti-Semitism, it’s written down in his book, Livingstone’s Labour. He decries it as one of the worst forms of…

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Jewish Victims The Nazis Used For Experiments Discovered In Test Tubes In French Medical Facility

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Remains of Jewish victims killed in Nazi gas chambers and kept for experiments have been discovered in test tubes and a jar in France.

The autopsy samples, believed to have been skin kept in a jar and two tubes containing the contents of an intestine and stomach, were found in a closed section of the Strasbourg Forensic Medical Institute after being tracked down by researcher Raphael Toledano. He had learnt of them after unearthing a letter mentioning their existence from 1952.

The letter, from Camille Simonin, the director of the forensic science school at the University of Strasbourg, detailed the storage of tissue samples taken from some of the 86 Jews gassed for the experiments of August Hirt, a notorious Nazi anatomy researcher.

The autopsy remains were found at the Strasbourg Forensic Medical Institute by researcher Raphael Toledano and the institute's director director Professor Jean-Sebastien Raul, pictured
The autopsy remains were found at the Strasbourg Forensic Medical Institute by researcher Raphael Toledano and the institute’s director director Professor Jean-Sebastien Raul, pictured

The experiments were an attempt by the Nazis to smear the Jews by ‘proving’ they were inferior to other races.

The Americans liberated the German-run facility in 1945 and according to French newspaper, Le Monde, the remains of most of the victims were buried in a Jewish cemetery.

The Associated Press however, reported that some of the samples were kept as evidence intended to be used to prosecute Hirt, who later killed himself. Simonin’s letter had been written to a judge.

The remains ended up at the institute after the Americans liberated a facility being used by Nazi August Hirt to conduct experiments in 1945
The remains ended up at the institute after the Americans liberated a facility being used by Nazi August Hirt to conduct experiments in 1945

The remaining samples ended up in the highly specialised forensic science museum at the university, which has since become one of France’s most prestigious medical schools.

They remained there until July 9 when Toledano and the institute’s director, Professor Jean-Sebastien Raul, cracked open the door. Just as the letter had detailed, the samples were meticulously labeled.

Toledano said: “It was a shock to discover that these jars were still there, that we put in a museum display a part of these Jews who were murdered by the Nazis.”

Le Monde reported that the researcher also believes that numbers on a label on one of the jars correspond to a known victim – former Auschwitz prisoner Menachem Taffel.

The Strasbourg mayor’s office said it hopes to return the remains to Strasbourg’s Jewish community for eventual burial in the city, which sits on the border of France and Germany.

Hirt was tried in absentia in 1952 in France and sentenced to death for his experiments. At the time French authorities did not realise that he had committed suicide at the end of the Second World War and presumed that he was hiding in Germany.


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