Generous welfare benefits increase the work ethic. The government is wrong about ‘perverse incentives’

This research proves that the ideology of this Tory Government is wrong and all they wish to do is govern to benefit themselves and their millionaire elites and multinational companies at the expense of the poor and vulnerable.

They believe if they can be rid of as many people who require benefits to live on then there will be more for themselves and the elites whom they favour.

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Folk devils and moral panic. The UK establishment created a dominant scapegoating narrative of people needing social security support

Comparative research, conducted at an international level, has undermined the government claim that the UK welfare state encourages “widespread cultures of dependency” and presents unemployed people with “perverse incentives”. 

The study, which links welfare generosity and active labour market policies with increased employment commitment, was published in 2015. It has demonstrated that people are more likely to look for work if they live in a country where welfare provision is generous and relatively unconditional. Empirically, the research includes more recent data and data from a larger number of European countries than previous studies.

The research also compared employment motivation in specific sub-sections: ethnic minorities, people in poor health, the low skilled, the non-employed and women, across countries, and adds to previous studies, which concluded that comprehensive welfare provision is increasingly seen as a…

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George Osborne’s Post-Brexit Economy is a Fantasy Land

It is all fantasy and I do not believe in fantasy, I will still Vote Leave, Brexit all the way.

Stop Making Sense

Katie Allen writes for The Guardian:

With one month to go to the referendum, George Osborne is pulling out all the stops. The chancellor has a clear message: a vote to leave the EU is a vote for recession, a house price slump, soaring food prices and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs.

The chancellor has been shouting out numbers and lamenting the fate of the “working people of Britain who will pay the price if we leave the EU”. He even talked about “evidence” Britain will spark its own downturn.

Let’s be clear, all Osborne has are “scenarios”. At best, semi-educated guesses, pulled out of models that make a host of assumptions over what the post-Brexit future holds.

Even the Treasury itself wants to emphasise that all this talk of shrinking GDP and rising prices is by no means a forecast. Rather, the latest doomsday scenario for post-Brexit Britain…

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George Osborne is paying therapists to ‘coerce’ mentally ill people back to work.

Osborne will not be happy until everyone of us is in some form of employment , whether it is suitable or not.

When he feels this as been achieved for adults, he may then turn his attention to children. The tories are wishing to return to Victorian values, so having children in a working environment could easily be part of his thinking.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Accuses George Osborne On TV Of ‘Stealing’ The Living Wage

Again Osborne decided to side step the ‘Living Wage’ comment raised ny Martin Lewis in that it should not have been called the National Living Wage, as it is, as previously called, just the ‘Minimum Wage’. This was Osbornes attempt to confuse people into believing it was the Living Wage’. In fact many persons have already dropped mentioning ‘national’ and just call it living wage. This then allows certain employers to circumvent this topic when questioned.



‘It’s a little naughty’

Source: Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Accuses George Osborne On TV Of ‘Stealing’ The Living Wage

A Warning For People on Medication for Depression

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This is a warning based on my personal experience. Like many people, I suffer from depression, for which I am, thankfully, on medication. However, the government, David Cameron, George Osborne, the head of the health service, Jeremy Hunt, and their corporate paymasters seem to resent the fact that so many people in Britain now are on medicine to treat this condition. So they’re doing their best to throw people off it. About a year or so I had to go to my doctor again for an examination after I had a repeat prescription turned down. I was told that because the government was concerned about the mental wellbeing of sufferers like myself, they were stopping automatic repeat conditions in order to make people see their doctors. It is, I was told, a condition that can get worse, and so it had been decided that sufferers like myself had to be…

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Vox Political: Stephen Crabb, IDS’ Replacement, Believes People with Progressive Degenerative Diseases Able to Work

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Mike over at Vox Political has written about how the latest sputtering from the new head of the DWP have effectively ended satire. Stephen Crabb, apparently an expert on such diseases, has declared that sufferers of brain tumours and progressive degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone are able to work. And so, presumably, they should not get any PIP or ESA, but the normal jobseeker’s allowance, until they are eventually sanctioned for not trying hard enough to get a job.

Mike states that this is beyond satire, because he commented in an earlier post about Crabb’s bizarre views on homosexuality. Crabb believed that homosexuality could be cured, and supported CARE, a Christian organisation that claimed it could cure gay people. In fact, gay cures don’t work. There have been a series of scandals in American involving these organisations, as well as concerns in the UK apart the potential harm…

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