How to Easily Get Your Blog Found on Google


Google Shirts Google AdWords takes the guess-work out of blog post keyword tagging.

Do you like to take risks?  Do you gamble?

By not using Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you are gambling with the success of your blog post.

You are hoping that when potentially new readers type your keyword into Google or another search engine, your blog post will come up just as much as when a gambler bets that 7 won’t come up on the dice in a craps game.

Google AdWords takes the gamble out of tagging your post with keywords and increases the odds in your favor.

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What in Common Book, Coffee and Internet companies and MP’s

Starbucks, Amazon and Google

It is true Starbucks, Amazon and Google have done nothing illegal, but is it a right thing to do.  Where are the consistencies, it appears if you have the money you are going to look for ways to minimise the amount of tax you pay.

Then lets look at MP’s, you would think they are whiter than white, except you only have to look at the way they claim expenses and to put it mildly, some of those ways are not even legal. It is good the Houses of Parliament is not made of glass, then they would have to be careful what they throw about and look to the road cleaners of Westminster for help.

It is easy to say the Chancellor of the Exchequer should close all the loopholes, but once they are closed, you have the Chartered Accountants, who specialise in finding other ways to avoid paying tax.

Not paying tax is not good for the country and will mean that others will have to pay more tax to compensate for the tax lost by avoidance.