The curse of ‘white oil’: electric vehicles’ dirty secret | News | The Guardian

Electric vehicles are being put forward as the green future, but what is green for one could well be black for others.

With electric vehicles the dark emissions will be reduced, but to obtain essential element, such as, Lithium the green image will be distorted due to the mining practices for the lithium.

So are electric vehicles as green as they are painted, may be not, but for many the creation of mobility aids is an essential part of life, due to their disabilities and vehicles of some nature will be required.

Many other vehicles will be also be required by those to whom travel is an essential part of their job requirements and how they manage their lives.

To have your own vehicle is part of a persons independence and forms of group travel would reduce this independence considerably.

So, while electric vehicles would appear to be the answer for a more green future, more green types of fuel will be required,

Source: The curse of ‘white oil’: electric vehicles’ dirty secret | News | The Guardian

Global Warming; Yes or No

Polar Ice is it increasing or not?

Satellite observation since 1979, such a short time in the whole environmental cycle, even since the time of known human, would classify as be short, when compared to the scientific calculations of the existence of Earth.

This, to many, makes a mockery of all the doom and glum expressed by all the climatic change, so called, experts. This leads to people not following green guidance, which at times could be seen as too much, resulting in discounting of climate change and creates an attitude of, we can do as we please, as what we do has no impact on the worlds climate. Whereas, in effect, all activity has a bearing on the future of the Earth and the existence of life, no one is an island.

Science is by no means exact and is only based on current opinion and research, but to discount it completely would be wrong. By all means use all knowledge available, not only current, but that of many years long gone and endeavour to view cycles of events. Ice ages and the eventual global warming have been ongoing since the Earth was created. But that is not a reason to do all we can to minimise processes caused by man, which could exacerbate the current climatic situation.

We are only on Earth for a short period of time and should act responsibly for those yet to come.