Scientists and Hackers Back Up Climate Data to Prevent Trump Deleting It

When a tyrant comes to power they may wish to change facts and/or history and therefore it is good that the US website on Climate Change has been backed up by independent operators so that any changes that may be made can be fact checked for we do not want Fake News or Facts being released as the truth.

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Here’s another act of resistance against the Trump regime. In this very short video, Farron Cousins from The Ring of Fire explains how, during Trump’s inauguration, a group of 60 climate scientists and hackers got together to go through the US government’s website to back up all the data on climate change. This information is now stored on servers in Europe. The scientists, technicians and hackers did so to prevent the information from being deliberately purged by Trump. The group intends to compare this with future releases of information on climate by Trump and his cronies in order to prevent him from falsifying evidence against climate change.

Cousins makes very short work of Kelly-Anne Conway’s statements that Trump believes in climate change. Conway is Trump’s spokeswoman, and she’s claimed that he believes in it, as he’s talked about it in the past. Well, no, he hasn’t actually. The only time…

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Skimmers Are Now Grabbing Your Credit Card Data At The Door

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Just when you thought you were safe, the card skimmers are at it again. This time they’re placing their card readers inside the door locks that require you to dip your card before you can enter an ATM vestibule.

According to Brian Krebs, the scammers hide the readers inside the comparatively unnoticed locks and then add a small hidden camera around the ATM. They grab your card data via the reader as you enter and then match it up with your PIN, which they read by watching your hands on the PIN pad.


In this case the hackers installed their card reader inside a fake lock faceplate and then stuck a dismembered Casio camera into a strip of thin plastic. This allows them to retrieve the card data separately from the PIN data and it puts them safely outside for at least one of those actions. Interestingly, you don’t actually have to dip your debit card to get past most vestibule doors.

Writes Krebs:

Pro tip: These door security devices aren’t too smart, and most of them will happily accept just about any card with a magnetic stripe. But don’t take my word for it: Next time you pass one of these ATM vestibules on the street, whip out your library card or ID card and see for yourself.

Again, I implore you, dear reader, to hide your PIN code with your other hand every time you type it. This simple step will save you time – and money – as hackers bypass your card because they can’t grab your digits.   ………….’