Built to last: Hampshire’s social work practice framework : Community Care

Something’s afoot in Hampshire. Across the county social workers are experimenting with new ways to work with children and families.

In Fareham and Gosport, they’re working collaboratively with families to create their own safety plans. In the New Forest, teams are discovering new strength-based tools to use with families; and in Havant, they’re challenging each other to use strengths-based language so that they focus not on reducing the number of children in care but on how best to keep children safely at home with their parents.

Bit by bit what these frontline social workers are finding is feeding into the creation of Hampshire’s new practice model – a model shaped by social workers and informed by an extensive evidence review.

Hampshire is developing its new model as part of its activities as one of the Department for Education’s Partners in Practice and, crucially, the model is designed to be ever evolving.

Social worker feedback

“In Hampshire we’ve not really ever said ‘this is


Source: Built to last: Hampshire’s social work practice framework : Community Care