Sanctioned for not being able to sign on on bank holiday Monday. Tears, frustration and rain.

The poor side of life

Today’s demo started rather hurriedly and to be honest I didn’t know if I was coming or going. This feeling was amplified because it was cold, rainy and my daughter was a bit fed up. understandable of course. But she soon settled down into our usual routine and all was well.


We are seeing a lot of new faces due to Stalybridge Jobcentre shutting. They don’t know us and what we are doing, and we don’t know them or their situations either. So we have to start from scratch, which at times isn’t easy.  But it’s a whole lot harder for them.

I started a conversation with a man who had been previously attending Stalybridge Jobcentre for his appointments. The first thing that he said to me was that he couldn’t believe how rude the front desk staff are at  Ashton Jobcentre, and how rude some of the advisors are also…

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Damon Davis: What I saw at the Ferguson protests | TED Talk |

When artist Damon Davis went to join the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after police killed Michael Brown in 2014, he found not only anger but also a sense of love for self and community. His documentary “Whose Streets?” tells the story of the protests from the perspective of the activists who showed up to challenge those who use power to spread fear and hate.

Anti-Brexit Protesters Confusing Love for the EU with Love for Europe

When we vote do we really know or understand what we are doing? If the answer is no, where can we receive information from, certainly not from politicans who in the main lie when they open their mouths. What about businesses, or should I say large corporations and multinatonals,who are only concerned about how much they can earn for their directors. What about financiers and bankers, well can we trust them for did they know what they were doing in 2008.

The young Anti-Brexiter protesters, how many of them actually voted.

We complain about the vote not being democractic, but it was between yes or no and every vote counted, unlike in our General Elections.

In a democtracy we should all accept the result or do we wish to be in a dictatorship.

The die is now cast, no matter if the right result was obtained, for in a yes/no contest either way some people will not like the result, so does that mean we should forever be voting on the same subject.

Stop Making Sense

Charlie Skelton writes for the International Business Times:

Something struck me as odd about the crowds in London’s Trafalgar Square protesting in the midsummer drizzle against the result of last week’s (23 June 2016) EU referendum. And it wasn’t just that so many young people seemed so fired up about an issue that many of them couldn’t be bothered to vote on a week earlier. What struck me was the love.

Hearts everywhere. Painted on umbrellas, crayoned on cheeks, daubed on cardboard – damp banners bursting with love for the EU. The crowds chanted “EU, we love you” and waved flags with the stars of the EU rearranged into spangled heart shapes. One girl held a placard saying ‘Hug a European’ and did good business. Another had ‘I ♥ EU’ lipsticked on to her bosom.

It wasn’t your everyday show of political support – it was an outpouring of emotion…

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We need to know and we need to know now

Well said, the vote as been taken, but life as to go on. There is never a time when there should be hatred and abuse and now is a time when we all need to come together for the betterment of us all. There will always be some who feel hate for others, but these are in the minority and unfortunately they attract the media and so the impression is that this minority is bigger than it is.

Lets all calm down and get on with our lives.

Poppy's Place

Who was it that decided that hatred and bitterness and back-stabbing and nastiness were ever OK?

Well, as far as I am concerned, they aren’t and I’ve had enough.

Since Friday last week both Social and mainstream media has been full of nothing but hatred and doom and gloom and narrow-mindedness and I can’t stand it any longer. I know that there are people who are really happy about the Referendum result, I know that there are people who are really unhappy about it but all this gloating and loathing and racism and bigotry is all wrong and very unhelpful. Just today I have seen videos of a racist rant from a young person being made towards an older black guy on a tram in Manchester and reports of a firebombing attack on an Asian wholesalers which destroyed a family’s livelihood in Walsall. Thankfully, in neither incident was anyone killed…

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Responses to a Sickening Crime

We are all part of the same world and we will disagree on many matters, but that is no reason why we should not be able to respect each other and understand everyone as a right to life, so no one as the right to take the life of another.

I hope and pray people can for go their hatred and learn to live in peace and harmony.

“I Don’t Want Your Awareness”

Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance

This was first posted on Ollibean and is written by Amy Sequenzia.

I don’t want Autism Awareness. Actually, I fear Autism Awareness because it only makes the world fear, hate and ignore us, one blue light, one puzzle piece at a time.

Autism Acceptance. Everybody has something  to offer and do contribute when supported. Amy Sequenzia on Ollibean

It is April again. The month when Autistic anxiety increase is directly proportional to the “autism awareness” marketing strategy.

I am not being hyperbolic or snarky.

In April, sales of blue lights and puzzle pieces, appointments with therapists that promise to make Autistics “better”, interviews with celebrities that “support autism”, the parade of “experts” on our TV’s, views of articles – in newspapers, magazines and websites – about us (always without us) and about our “deficits”, increase.

All this comes attached with the Autism Awareness Month reminder.

All this also brings the stigma, the fear mongering, the bias, the pity porn, the hate towards Autistics.

All this elevates…

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