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Across England there are more than 8,500 home care providers, collectively helping an estimated 673,000 people to continue living independently within their

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NHS and Waste

Things That Are Disposable

From the site of ‘Diary of a Benefit Scrounger‘ I give my thanks for some very reasoned and pertinent points and as is said in the penultimate paragraph ‘Perhaps we should have a public debate and allow everyone to have a say?’.

The NHS is a vast organisation, which is doing much more than was ever envisaged. At its inception in 1948 who would have forecast the numbers of patients now being treated,  with the increase in the longevity of life (in 1948 to now circ 2012) and the advances in medical science. Anyone of which would cause problems for such a service. In 1948 men were only expected to live to 60 and women to 63, while in 2012 this had increased to 79.2 years for men and 83.3 years for women.

So there is waste, but the answer is can the waste be avoided, well maybe some can, but then again, maybe some can not. We as non-medical personal can only think how the waste can be avoided, but do we consider the dreaded Health and Safety, the relation to legal considerations both to the NHS and its staff and a manner of many other regulations.

Regarding mention of ‘CJD‘, but what about HIV and AIDS, the various forms of Hepatitis and other infections, then there is the current trend to claim compensation for anything against the norm.

With the mentioning of sterilisation of instruments, but can this be guaranteed to be 100% effective and is the cost factor that much different to the bulk buying power of the NHS, especially that in many cases the practice of instrument cleansing is now outsourced. So this brings in the time factor for the return of the cleansed instruments.

Stafford Hospital
Stafford Hospital

But some of the waste can be stopped and for this the NHS has to be transparent, honest, open and be accountable. Some or all of this is not part of the organisation, if it was would the issues over the last years have ever occurred, The Stafford Hospital scandal being only one.

One answer is the constant monitoring by outside organisations, such as Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Healthwatch.

But should we all be monitoring the NHS in that we report any aspects that we come across whether they be good or bad. Give praise were it is due, but if we see practices that we do not care for then report them to PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service).  With Healthwatch they cover, not only the NHS, but also Social Care administered by your local Authority. There will be a local Healthwatch near you, just use the link Local Healthwatch.