The secret way of changing your Universal Credit payments if you’re struggling

So there are alternatives to the standard payment and also support available, but are these advised to claimants and if not why not.

Claimants are dealing with the DWP a large official organisation of the Government and many claimants will not dare to question a DWP official or even ask for help.

Why is the DWP and their staff not upfront with this information, for it would give some guidance and could show that they are not as uncaring as they are portrayed to be. People are scared, stressed, emotional, and many other feelings and for the DWP staff to show some degree of helpfulness would be welcomed and could provide a means of working together.

There are also means for people who are not computer literate to complete their application by some other means and home visits can be arranged.

So the DWP may not be as bad as they are painted, or some of them may not be, but then some may be.

They Took In One Refugee Family. But Families Don’t Have Borders. – The New York Times

When ordinary Canadians signed up to help Syrian refugees, neither group expected to face agonizing questions from half a world away.

Source: They Took In One Refugee Family. But Families Don’t Have Borders. – The New York Times

10 Specific Suggestions for How to Help a Grieving Friend – by Howard Whitman

Some suggestions to follow that will help being a friend.

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grief wallpaper

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Keys to Happiness, an anthology of articles published in 1954.

Most of us want to be helpful when grief strikes a friend, but often we don’t know how. We may end up doing nothing because we don’t know the right — and helpful — things to say and do. Because that was my own experience recently, I resolved to gather pointers which might be useful to others as well as myself.

Ministers, priests, and rabbis deal with such situations every day. I went to scores of them, of all faiths, in all parts of the country.

Here are some specific suggestions they made:

1. Don’t try to “buck them up.”

This surprised me when the Rev. Arthur E. Wilson of Providence, RI mentioned it. But the others concurred. It only makes your friend feel worse when you say, “Come now…

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