Things I Would Say To My 15 Year Old Self

If only we could

Lauren Says It All

I often look back at my teenage years and cringe at the things that used to happen. The way I used to act. And most importantly, the way I used to present myself. If only I had a guide and someone to tell me what I was doing and how much I would regret it.

Some of the things I would say are:

1. Yes school is boring. We have all established that. But how about actually listening in class and learning, rather than swapping notes with your mates and texting under the table.

2. You don’t have to keep changing the colour of your hair to ‘fit in’ this really will damage your hair in the future and make it harder for your hair to adapt to new colour or go back to your natural colour.

3. When your mum says be home at 9, she is not trying…

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