Call for carers to be made exempt from hospital car parking charges : Welfare Weekly.

A tax on the sick. With all the dealys at hospitals re appointments will they provide refunds re parking charges, if not the hospitals could be charged with deliberately creating delays to bring in even more money.

Why we need disability campaigners like Lord Rix now

Unfortunately it is never ending campaigning on disability issues for when you are successful on one count there are others to take its place.

This will only end when the sources of these maligned attitudes are persuaded to alter their views, so a concerted effort is required on the Government and many, if not all, of the tabloid media.

Westminster Confidential

Lord Rix pc credit BBC Lord Rix who died this week aged 92


The sad death recently of Lord Rix highlighted how much progress a determined individual can make in a particular field.

As well as being famous for his slapstick comedy Lord Rix went on to have  a second career fighting for people with learning disabilities ending up as a vocal champion in the House of Lords

I knew Lord Rix in the 1980s when I was social services correspondent of The Guardian and he became secretary general of Mencap, the charity which campaigns for people with learning disabilities.

At the time there was enormous stigma attached to people who were then called mentally handicapped or even worse, Mongols, which was both derogatory and racist.

Most of them at the time were locked away in a network of hospitals for the mentally handicapped which people often confused with hospitals for…

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Patients being charged £3,500 for surgery that usually costs £800 | Daily Mail Online

Hospitals are increasingly encouraging the elderly and others affected to pay for the procedure out of their own pocket as it is being rationed by the National Health Service.

Source: Patients being charged £3,500 for surgery that usually costs £800 | Daily Mail Online

The city that could be cut to just ten GP clinics – the NHS this week

Sentinel News

stethoscopeBy Richard Grimes


Campaign group Pharmacy Voice has condemned plans by the government to cut funding to pharmacies by £170m. The groups say that in North Somerset this could mean that a quarter of the pharmacies in the area could close.

The clinical decisions by GPs in North East Essex could be overruled by the local CCG in an attempt to save money.

There are fears for patients as Enfield CCG has to make £17m cuts in services.

A health shake-up across Southampton could see the number of GP practices in the city slashed by more than two thirds to just 10.


More than a thousand people have signed a petition for Oswestry to have its own urgent care centre if Shrewsbury’s A&E unit is closed.

Dorset CCG pulled out of a series of roadshows about its plans for community services after it found out that campaigners fighting…

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Hospital or home? Report sheds light on number of people with learning disabilities receiving inpatient care | Care Industry News

A report published today provides an overview of the number of people with learning disabilities and/or autism receiving inpatient care in hospital.

Source: Hospital or home? Report sheds light on number of people with learning disabilities receiving inpatient care | Care Industry News

Nearly two MILLION sign petition against pharmacy cuts – the NHS this week

Sentinel News

pharmacyBy Richard Grimes


Pathology services at Princess Royal University Hospital will be moved to Kings College Hospital and run by Viapath, a company jointly owned by Serco and Kings College NHS Trust, effectively part-privatising the service.

Two Reading GP practices have been taken over by OneMedicalGroup.


The Kentmere Unit, a mental health ward at Westmorland General Hospital in Kendal, will shut next month. The trust says that the closure is “temporary” while they consider “alternative options”.

A GP practice in Melton Mowbray has had to stop some community-based services for the elderly due to CCG funding cuts. Patients will now have to travel to Leicester, Loughborough or Oakham to receive the services.


A petition signed by 1.8 million people has been delivered to Downing Street in protest at plans by the government to cut the community pharmacy budget by £170m which could potentially close 3,000 pharmacies across…

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