Thousands died waiting for NHS funding decision

This is outrageous and I would have wished to know what the CCGs and CHC are doing about it.

I myself am not sure who is worse Adult Social Care or CHC as both are short of funding to provide care, but the funding aspect should not have any relationship to the process of assessing the care needs.

The funding for care needs to be urgently attended to, because the demand will continue to rise, due to persons living longer, persons withing longer with more disability needs due to the advances in medical science and the increasing population.

If care needs are not going to be available why go to the lengths in extending life.

Nobody cares especially this Government who are doing all they can to extend suffering and increasing the rate of death.

This they are doing by limiting funds for care and also restricting benefits for those who are in need.

If I did not know better I would assume that creating circumstances which increases the risk of death is in fact Government Policy.

In fact I do not know better so it could well be Government Policy, as if people do die there will be less requiring care and also benefits.

This could be classed as Governmental Euthanasia

Virgin handed £2bn worth of NHS England contracts : Welfare Weekly

This week’s news that £2 billion worth of NHS England contracts are being handed over to Virgin Care Services, which follows on from the damning report by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee last month into the outsourcing of primary care services in England to Capita, has highlighted how the Tories’ shambolic Brexit poses a major threat to the future of the NHS in Scotland, the SNP has said.

SNP Health spokesperson at Westminster Dr Philippa Whitford MP has warned that the power grab over public procurement allows the Tories at Westminster to put Scotland’s NHS under the same threats as the health service south of the border, with the Tories able to open up Scotland’s public services to profiteering firms.

In addition – the increasing threat of a disastrous No Deal Brexit will leave the Tories more desperate than ever to secure a trade deal with Donald Trump’s administration, no matter the cost to our public services. Prime Minsiter Theresa May has continually failed to rule out opening up the NHS to private US firms post-Brexit.


Source: Virgin handed £2bn worth of NHS England contracts : Welfare Weekly