DeSantis’ Pastor Defends Uganda’s Death Penalty For Gay People – Comic Sands

Deplorable is as deplorable does.


The views and opinions of Florida Baptist pastor Tom Ascol says a great deal about religion and politics (Republican) within America and shows how another Republican presidency could mean so much less freedoms in America than currently, which is already well less than expected in a, so called, democracy.

There is already much related racial violence which as in many instances seen beliefs and actions returning to 18th century then with the 21st. Then there was the overturning of Roe v Wade and the large anti-abortion clamour in many States of America.

So with these extreme views around anti-LGBTQ+ could another Republican Presidency lead to some similar legislation as is now in Uganda, for with the state of America now anything could well be possible.

Trump would be so bad enough and would bring down America in many areas of the World, but it could be that DeSantis could well be worse, that is really unthinkable, for Trump did great damage in his previous presidency and his possible next would do so much more, but for someone even worse is beyond belief.

America needs to keep in the 21st century and then be hopeful to progress to the 22nd eventually and to many more freedoms and not revert back in history and then remove the few freedoms obtained in America.

For America is not just there for the ultra-extreme right wing of politics and religion, but is there to embrace everyone for we are in effect all one race, the Human Race and not in many respects individual races.

We may all be different from the outside, but we are all the same from the inside and we have, all got to learn to live with other, for to not to will see the eventually self-destruction of the whole Human Race.



Source: DeSantis’ Pastor Defends Uganda’s Death Penalty For Gay People – Comic Sands

Bangkok blast – another meaningless atrocity of hatred and barbarity.

This is so true, however, I believe the main religion may go on for ever, depending how long ever is, for with the current climate of one upmanship in many areas of the World being, West, East, Middle East, Far East and any others the future as we know it may not last as long as we hope for. In that the relentless quest for power by a good few of the World’s leaders and some aspiring leaders could well mean that the future could be short lived. Then what will their quest for power bring them and their communities, but do they really care as the driven quest for their own power extinguishes all others.

Unfortunately all you state has little chance of happening, now or the long-term future, unless the populace achieve what is currently seeming impossible.

The last point ‘To prevent future atrocities you have to treat the cause of the disease not merely the symptoms!’ is particularly relevant, but all are as well, but if you could achieve all these others, they will not be able to continue until you concentrate on the disease as well as the symptoms.

Take radicalisation, why are the people who are radicalised open to this action, unfortunately there will not be a common theme.

They could not have the will to resist.

They could have problems which are leaving down and open to be corrupted

There will be others, but all need to be identified and then appropriate action to minimise these areas and ideally create situations where they cannot manifest.

Take the UK, people are marginalised either into ethnic communities and do not forget that a white community is just as good or bad as any other community. Just because it may be the majority, in not a reason to discount it. We need to accept that in many ways we are all equal, however, some are more equal than others and there could be a root of the problem. Again the area of power is brought to the fore for power comes in many guises wealth is one, position is another, and in many respects the creation of some communities could be another, perhaps the list could be endless.

Religion and politics are two main causes, but they are not there alone, for if they were not there others would be created.

It could be within the makeup of the Human Race to which we all belong. If we were all created in Gods own image, then there is then no hope, so could the evolution theory have a better way forward, as this would mean that change will come, but not in our lifetime, that is if there is to be another lifetime.

So we have to ask is there really time for change to come forth.

A very complicated subject, but is certainly there for scrutiny and research. But then could the scrutiny and research be slanted with the human frailties.

This could go on and on and then come full circle, Oh, what a complicated Society or Societies we are in.

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tortured cover

Terrorism has become the scourge of our age.

Too many people have hearts full of hatred and arrogant righteousness.

Too many are indoctrinated into stupid beliefs.

Too many are exploited and manipulated into hatred, self-sacrifice and intolerance.

It is too easy to manufacture bombs and get hold of weapons.

Too many people seek power through perverse religion and politics.

There is far too much ignorance and superstition.

The world is far to unequal.

There are too many people, too little work and so little hope.

Too many live in overcrowded poverty and hopelessness.

The terrorists want to divide, spread fear and destabilise so that they can sneak into the vacuum and inflict their religious or political aims.

The men behind it are never killing themselves.

It is all about power, not beliefs or doctrine – power. The people who organise, radicalise and induce the hatred and barbarity want to be…

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I, Me…What About Us?

Great sentiments and we should all take this on board.

We should all respect each other.

Endless Light and Love


My Dear Friends,

In the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attacks on Paris, our world is now, more so than even going into retaliation mode, hatred is back in full force, reprisal and revenge attacks will take place and once again innocent people will lose their lives. Now, I’m not for one minute saying that we should not take revenge for what has happened, and, on the other hand; I am not condoning such revenge either. To me, I feel that humanity has lost track of what’s important! We now see death and suffering as a norm, it’s in our news every day and until it directly affects us, our families, or friends or our community then we just turn a blind eye and get on with our lives only thinking about I, me!


humanity [hyoo-man-i-tee

noun, pluralhumanities.

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