Family Facing Deportation From Australia Because Of Son’s CP

I agree with you.

This is disgraceful that residency can be judged on the disability of a child and the related cost to Australia.

Yes, this is how it is in Australia today.

This is blatant disability discrimination, which I  would not have thought possible in such a progressive country as Australia. For this means it does not matter, what people have been doing in Australia, working there and producing wealth, not just for themselves, but also Australia, for when they have children and if they dared to have a child with disabilities, this could affect the decision whether they could stay in Australia. It shows that these parents have not been really valued by Australia, perhaps these parents should be able to claim from Australia a cost related to their time in Australia and the benefit Australia has had from them.

This is not what should be expected from, a so called, civilised country, as Australia, appears, to take what they want and then discard, when they feel there will be additional costs to Australia.

For this is totally disgraceful and Australia should be ashamed of themselves. This is a form of abuse, disability abuse.

Same Difference

I can’t describe how sad and angry I am after reading this. I have Cerebral Palsy and am a British Asian. I have grown up in the UK. I can’t imagine anything like this happening here. The fact that this child was actually born in Australia just makes the situation 1000 times worse in my eyes.

Australia’s disability discrimination commissioner has called on the immigration minister, Alex Hawke, to intervene “in a humane way” in a case in which a family is facing deportation because their six-year-old son has a disability.

On Tuesday night Ben Gauntlett was quizzed at Senate estimates about the plight of Australian-born Kayaan Katyal, and his parents, Varun and Priyanka, who are facing deportation after being rejected for permanent residency last month.

The ABC, which revealed the case on Sunday, reported that the family had been told in a rejection letter that Kayaan would cost…

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275,000 DLA Claimants Still Waiting To Be Forced To Claim PIP

With the state of PIP, it may v be good that there are so many waiting to be forced to apply for PIP.

DLA was not that great, but many feel it was better than PIP.

What a shame that the UK benefits system is thought of in this way, when these benefits are essential for the claimants to live, reasonable lives.

The benefits system needs a complete overall to make it more user friendly, but are Governments best placed to do that, well certainly not this current Government.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

Over 7 years after personal independence payment (PIP) was first introduced, there are still 275,000 disability living allowance (DLA) claimants waiting for the letter to drop onto their door mat telling them it is their turn to be forced to apply.

Justin Tomlinson revealed the figure yesterday in answer to a parliamentary question. He also made it clear that only slow progress is being made in assessing remaining DLA claimants:

“In July 2020, we started to resume some activity on reviews and reassessments where it was possible to do so safely and without compromising the delivery of new claims and change of circumstance cases, which remain our priority.”

You can read the full written answer on the parliament website.

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PIP Assessments Now Being Audio Recorded

This appears to be good news for claimants with regards to ATOS, but not so with regards to Capita.

The recommendation for people to make their own covet recording is also sound advice for it will also be evidence if the recording do not match.

Referring to Capita, surely the DWP should make this part of the contract and if, Capita do not comply then they should be removed as authorised agents.

The more that can be done to make the process more transparent the better.

What would be even better is to cancel all the contracts with Atos and Capita and any other outside agencies as soon as possible, then we would only have to contend with the DWP, which alone is more than enough.

The whole benefit processes need to be more user friendly and based on a person-centred approach, rather than a system approach.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.


IAS (Atos) have begun recording telephone assessments for personal independence payment (PIP) Therese Coffey, secretary of state for work and pensions, told the Work and Pensions Committee on Wednesday 30 September.

Coffey told the committee that IAS had begun recording the assessments on 21 September

“But that has not yet started with Capita. That is under, I can assure you, active management to get Capita going quickly on this

This means that claimants can now ask for a copy of the audio recording of their assessment if they wish to challenge the decision or if they simply want to have a copy for their own records.

We’ll be updating the PIP guide later this week and the latest version will include a simple Subject Access Request you can send to request a copy of the audio recording.

We don’t know when…

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Second Wheelchair Basketballer Considers Leg Amputation After Rule Change : Same Difference

This is disgraceful and shows the IPC are out of touch with disability, which makes them unsuitable to govern any form of disability sport.

It implies that a disability has to be seen to qualify as a disability, which is completely wrong and discounts many forms of unseen disability, including mental health.

Again some disabled people are being discriminated against and by a, so called, disability organisation.

The IPC needs to change or leave the ‘field of play’.

Same Difference

It seems this is a big story that should be shared and covered widely. This is the second such story we’ve covered in less than four weeks. We note that Oscar Knight is awaiting the outcome of the first case, George Bates.

A wheelchair basketball player deemed ineligible to play after a rule change says he is considering having his legs amputated.

GB Academy player Oscar Knight, 17, from Plymouth, suffers from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

He said new participation measures did not recognise his “poorly understood” condition and have made him “not the right kind of disabled” to compete.

The International Paralympics Committee (IPC) has been approached for comment.

In January, the committee told wheelchair basketball’s governing body, the IWBF, it needed to change its classification regulations in order to comply with the new code.

Under the IPC’s criteria, pain or hypermobility of joints are not eligible impairments…

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Labour’s new DWP shadow secretary attacked for toxic comments

Labour’s new shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Reynolds is showing that incompetents are not solely within the Conservative Party or is he a Tory plant within Labour.

Jonathan Reynolds and the Labour Party need to get their act together, otherwise we will have Tory Governments until infinity and Labour will be finished forever.

Govt Newspeak

Labour’s new DWP shadow attacked for ‘toxic’ comments on social security – DNS

Labour’s new shadow work and pensions secretary is facing anger from disabled activists and politicians after he said that people who “put more in” to the social security system should “get more out of it” if they lose their jobs.

Among those to criticise the comments made by Jonathan Reynolds was Kerena Marchant, a Deaf campaigner who stood for Labour at the last general election.

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) has written an open letter, accusing Reynolds of “toxic” statements, and later accused Labour of “fundamental ignorance around disabled people’s oppression”.

In an article for the Politics Home website, Reynolds (pictured) said he wanted to see a social security system in which “if you put more in, you get more out of it”.

He added: “One of the reasons that support for social security has diminished amongst…

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Matt Hancock could face court action over the treatment of disabled people

This Government is guilty on many issues because it does not care for it has turned its back on persons with disabilities in many different ways

They have decimated the welfare system

Not only not listened to the UN, but state that the UN are wrong

State that people working in Social Care are going over and beyond their Duty of Care, which is true, while paying them a disgraceful salary, they are entitled to be paid, at least the Real Living Wage, while many are only on the National Living Wage

Not respecting Human Rights

Plus many more

This government is First Class, yes a First Class Disgrace. and they should be held accountable for their disservice to disabled people and Social Care workers


Govt Newspeak

Matt Hancock could face court action over the ‘illegal’ treatment of disabled people during lockdown. – The Canary

Oxford team to begin novel coronavirus vaccine research ...

The government, specifically the Department of Health and Social Care and its boss Matt Hancock, are facing legal action over its failure to protect sick and disabled people during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. It specifically relates to controversial and potentially “illegal” Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) notices. But the possible court case is unique. Because currently, medical professionals are the ones accountable for DNRs, not the government.

DNRs: a history of controversy
A DNR notice is something medical professionals use. They can issue it with or without a patient’s consent; the latter when the patient is deemed unable to make a decision themselves under the Mental Capacity Act. In short, a doctor puts a DNR on a person when they think trying to save that person’s life would be unsuccessful. It also happens…

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Widow denied denied PIP for 18 months considered suicide

The article states, ‘A spokesman for the Government’s Department for Work and Pensions said: “We want disabled people to get the support they are entitled to and reviews are part of the PIP process as we know people’s circumstances can change.

“Decisions are made based on all the evidence we receive at the time.’

Who are they kidding , for no one believes the DWP.

Govt Newspeak

A widow who was wrongly denied disability payments for 18 months considered suicide. “I used to go to bed praying that I wouldn’t wake up.”

A widow who was incorrectly denied 18 months worth of vital disability payments says she considered committing suicide due to the stress of the situation. Alicia Hembury [above], 56, suffers with arthritis, fibromyalgia, degeneration of the spine and PTSD and has claimed disability benefits for the past 12 years.

She acts as a carer for her elderly father who has dementia and heart failure and is unable to work herself. So when she was told she was not eligible for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) payments – which superseded Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – it drove her into a spiral of debt and depression.

She has had to attend three tribunal hearings to claim her benefits and says at one point the situation made her feel so low…

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Closure of York Independent Living Network, December 2019.


I am sorry to hear of your decision to close, but congratulate you for recognising your’ lack of capacity in being able to sustain and organise a network of disabled people in York’, be this by restricted finance or some other reasons.

I respect your vision that ‘should be greater involvement of disabled people in all aspects of social and community life, and that this is vital to achieving a truly inclusive society’.

I welcome that you have ‘made arrangements for some of our remaining resources to be used to set up a human rights forum of disabled people and their allies. We believe that we need to bring together a wide and diverse group of disabled people, draw on human rights thinking and take action to achieve greater inclusion. This forum will be coordinated by the York Human Rights City Network during 2020 and we hope it will spark the further and ongoing organisation and action of, by and for disabled people.’ This is showing foresight and showing your respect for people with disabilities.

I therefore wish the forum and the York Human Rights City Network all the best for the future.

I especially wish to thank yourselves Stephen and Abi for acting responsibly as Trustees in conducting your duties and wish all your colleagues the best for their futures.

For whatever the reasons for the forthcoming closure of York Independent Living Network this is no reflection on yourselves and those of your colleagues, it is just, that in the present climate not all organisations will be able to build on their previous successes, which is seeing many good and essential organisations to find that they are not able to continue in the manner that they wish to for the benefit of their members.

All the best for the future for all concerned.

Chris Sterry
a fellow Trustee of a Charity

York Independent Living Network

After much consideration we have decided to close York Independent Living Network.  This will happen at the end December 2019.  We make this decision mainly because of our lack of capacity in being able to sustain and organise a network of disabled people in York.  This is not because we think a network of disabled people and their allies is no longer necessary or relevant.  Rather we believe that there should be greater involvement of disabled people in all aspects of social and community life, and that this is vital to achieving a truly inclusive society. However, we at this time are not able to commit to the effective facilitation of such a network, so therefore have decided to take a change in direction.

We have however made arrangements for some of our remaining resources to be used to set up a human rights forum of disabled people and their…

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Universal Credit staff taped making disgusting comments about claimants

This is disgraceful everyone of those staff needs to be sacked and hopefully will need to apply for Universal Credit, they, then, will see how it is.

Hopefully they can be charged with a crime and then suffer a criminal record.

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