Afghan war pilot hero: Moment my wife said ‘Flee for your life!’ and I began dangerous escape from Kabul to UK | The Independent

Exclusive: Pilot who fought with coalition forces, fled the Taliban and arrived here by small boat tells his amazing story – as clamour to stop his deportation grows


This is all so wrong and the UK needs to do so much more.

Anyone who put their lives and those of their families at risk should have no problems accessing the UK, so in these instances more safe routes have to be established.

As to the persons accessing in small boats why penalise them, when it should be the criminals who are using these people to make money. Journalists appear to be able to access these criminals so why not the legal authorities, could it be viewed that it is somewhat easier to go after the people coming in small boats than the criminals using these people.

It could be that Rishi is just doing a PR exercise to give some indication that the Government is doing something when in reality they know full well it will not be successful.

Let’s face it who really trust politicians, any politicians.


Source: Afghan war pilot hero: Moment my wife said ‘Flee for your life!’ and I began dangerous escape from Kabul to UK | The Independent

Endometriosis: black women continue to receive poorer care for the condition

Black women are half as likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis compared to white women.


This is so wrong, especially that studies have concluded that most, if not all Humans originated in now known Africa.

Then there was the formation of medical science, and the mistaken view that the more white a person is means they are more superior, which in many instances led to the slavery from Africa to the Americas in the 16th century. However, there were many instances of slavery from well before then.

Slavery led to the view that some people were more superior to others or that slaves were a commodity without Human Rights.

Could this be a legacy to how black women are viewed in some areas of the medical profession and perhaps other areas. Certainly in some areas of America black persons are not viewed as being equal to white persons, even to this day and many would bring back slavery if they could. But with the abolition of some of the Rights of Women in some states of America and the reversal of Roe v Wade, anything could be possible.

Rights of women, especially Black women need to be greatly improved, so the medical profession take this seriously, but this needs to be seriously taken in very many areas,

Women are just as equal as men and anywhere that this is not so needs to be changed urgently.


Source: Endometriosis: black women continue to receive poorer care for the condition

Trump’s verbal assaults pose risks to prosecutors and could fuel violence | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Trump has resorted to ‘incendiary rhetoric’ to deter investigations and to rile up his base, experts say, and shows no sign of letting up


Trump is fighting for his political life and it can be assumed he is far from sure he will obtain it through the US democratic voting process, so he is appealing to his supporters to rise and obtain it through mob violence.

If there is any justice left in America then Trump should not succeed in any approach he uses, but have we have seen in some instances America is predictable, hence the ‘gun lobby and others it is not.

Unfortunately some of the Trump supporters have nothing left to believe in, except the retoric of Trump.

If Trump does eventually succeed receiving the Repblican canditure for the Presidency and then become the President for another, then ‘God’ help us all, not just America but the whole World.

We all saw how he left America after his previous term as President and while there as been some recovery, the damage he caused will take some time to reverse. With another term any damage caused may not be possible to reverse for there maybe no World left.

These are very dangerous times for us all and certainly in America all Human Rights will be removed.


Source: Trump’s verbal assaults pose risks to prosecutors and could fuel violence | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Opinion | The AR-15 and other assault rifles should be banned – The Washington Post

A Post investigation underscores the dangers of this weapon of war.


This is all so true and strengthens the belief that many Americas are still in the mindset of the Wild West. Europeans invaded what is now known as America starting from the 15th century but this was more so during the 18th. I say invaded as they were not invited by the indigenous people who populated the area of America from around 15,000 BC.

In the 15th to 18th century it was done more by ignorance than arrogance, but today it is more arrogance than ignorance with the view of ‘gun culture’.

This gun culture was borne out of the invasion and more so with the onwards invasions into the more west of America. There they saw vast open lands which they assumed was for their taking, no thought was given to the indigenous people, except that these people were trying to stop their assumed right to invade and settle in these areas, but these lands had been populated by the indigenous people for 1000s of years.

The gun culture was cultivated and included in the American Constitution of 1789, but times have changed, but not the mindset of many Americans for they still believe in the right to bear arms, in the 2nd Amendment of which there appears to be a number of version, but this is the version ratified by Delaware and used by the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller:

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

It was Influence of the English Bill of Rights of 1689, but since then the UK has become more enlightened on guns, which America has not.

Guns of today have progress so much since 1789 but not the mindset of some Americans, so they view they still have a right to say own a AR-15 as they did the much more simpler guns of 1789 but the AR-15 is so much more powerful and thereby so much more destructive. To some extent it could be seen that a AR-15 be used in some sporting context, but surely not for use by any individual for any means they wish to and certainly not to massacre innocent civilians of which there has been 130 incidents so far this year.

Surely some alterations to the gun culture are required, perhaps not to ban guns completely for non-military and non-sporting use, but surely the types relating to AR-15 should be considered. Not to do so will only mean the extent of mass shootings will considerably increase so much more than the 647 in 2022 and many more innocent civilians children and adults will be injured and more so killed.

The arrogance certainly needs to be curtailed for ignorance is no excuse. Yes, there is the right to own guns, but surely this should be superceded by the right to life which has been denied to many innocents killed in America.


Source: Opinion | The AR-15 and other assault rifles should be banned – The Washington Post

‘My brother with Down’s Syndrome is slowly spiralling’: The severity of the social care crisis laid bare

Nearly half of social care providers in England have been forced to close part of their organisation or hand back contracts to councils due to cost pressures in the last year, i reveals


This is the true state of Social Care in the UK and this government is not listening, but then no previous government has listened.

The closed ears of UK governments have lead to this crisis, which if anyone cared to look would have seen it coming well before 2010, but the Tory austerity cuts from then only enhanced the crisis much more and still is to this day, with no seen improvements coming from any future governments.

It is not only with Down’s Syndrome but in every aspect of social care both childrens and adults. It requires an immediate increase, of at least, £12 billion to reverse the decline, but to enable continued sustainability much more in all the coming years. For if it is not done we can say goodbye to social care and following very closely the NHS as well. For without a sustained and credible social care the NHS crisis will continue to get worse no matter how much is given to the NHS.

Social care is the immediate priority and then the NHS. both are in severe deficit of staff, social care more so than the NHS. While NHS staff salaries need to be increased in-line with inflation, all social care not only require an inflation increase in salaries but a massive upgrading from the forthcoming April 2023 £11 per hour to around £13/14 this year and £15 next year. To do nothing more than the increase to £11 of the National Liviving Wage is effectively completely saying social care can end to any degree.

Human rights will be ignored and safeguarding alerts will escalate and everyone will blame social workers when the real culprits will be the government.


Source: ‘My brother with Down’s Syndrome is slowly spiralling’: The severity of the social care crisis laid bare

Oklahoma votes down ban of corporal punishment on disabled children – The Washington Post

Arguing against a bill to bar the practice in public schools, Oklahoma Rep. Jim Olsen (R) quoted a Bible verse from Proverbs: “The rod and reproof give wisdom.”


Whether the Bible does or doesn’t support corporal punishment on disabled children or, in fact any children, is open to question, for it was created very many years ago well before any of the societies of today and has been translated many times.

It is a collection of many texts which include instructions, stories, poetry, and prophecies, among other genres and there is the old and new testiments all of which occurred before the Bible was created even the the intialial old testiment let alone the new testiment.

It is beliefs and opinions of the time they could have occurred and views and opinions have changed through the many passing of years and the knowledge of disabilities has greatly increased.

But Christianity is not the only religion living in views and opinions of yesteryears for this could be put to any religion. Anyone who quotes from any religious book to subvert the Human Rights of others is not understanding any of these changes in Socitey and picks and choses which old practices they wish to abide with and those they don’t.

So, just because it may appear that a religious book states something, which really it may not, only to the person quoting it for their own, maybe, assumed beliefs, does not make it right by any of today’s fought for human rights.

Human rights need to be respected so that civilised living can be maintained.

No one should be forced to conform with any extreme views of others for society is a collection of all our actions, views and opinions and not those of the extreme. For extreme views of anyone will only lead to the abuse of others.


Source: Oklahoma votes down ban of corporal punishment on disabled children – The Washington Post

Are Texas’s abortion laws being used for state-sponsored spousal harassment? | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian

A Texas man is suing his ex-wife’s friends for helping her get an abortion – whether he wins or not, the lawsuit is sending a terrifying message to women


Freedoms are hard fought for and when achieved those who wanted them feel they have achieved everything, but as can be seen in America those who oppose freedoms fight just has hard to overthrow those that have been granted.

Women in America are now losing some of their human rights and this is totally wrong. Will they ever get them back, well we all hope so.

A fight is never truly won, only some of the battles.


Source: Are Texas’s abortion laws being used for state-sponsored spousal harassment? | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian

Fewer than five accessible toilets in York – campaigners call for more | York Press

THERE are fewer than five accessible toilets for disabled people to use in York, new figures show.


This is not only in York, but throughout the UK.

To find Changing Places toilets look on

Many more are required as suitable toilets are very essential facilities.

Perhaps Building regulations should be changed so any new commercial buildings have to include not only male/female and disabled toilets, but at least one Changing places toilet, it will take time, but the numbers of toilets will increase.

But also more needs to be done in existing buildings as everyone has a right to use a toilet.


Source: Fewer than five accessible toilets in York – campaigners call for more | York Press

‘Proud widow of wrong sort of Jew’ tells Starmer: Mike faced antisemitism from you, not members – SKWAWKBOX

Dee Howard’s husband Mike died in 2021 while suspended by Labour for supporting Palestinian rights, without even receiving an acknowledgment of his appeal The late Mike Howard protesting on b…


There is discrimination and anti this and that in every area, but why should anyone be so, surely we are all similar but with different view points.

There are grave injustices also in many areas and in these instances it is right that these are shown to be what they are.

Freedom needs to be respected and in doing so the views of all should also be respected.

But, where these views give rise to discrimination of those who don’t hold our own views this is totally wrong.

Yes, what was done to the Jews over centuries and especially by Hitler and his Henchmen in the 1930/40s and perhaps the creation of Israel was the best solution for the Jews, but, not for the Palestinians for to create Israel their lands had to be taken over. Although through history who was in control of these lands has been changed many times.

For peace to be achieved peace has to be established, but neither side trusts the other and each have their own militants and those who wish to be left alone.

But for lasting peace a trusted settlement for now and ever has to be achieved, but it is doubtful it will be, especially anytime now.

So, there is anti feelings in all quarters, but these views should be respected, especially by political parties not directly involved.

So, Dee Howard views should have been respected by the Labour Party and especially Sir Keir Starmer and he should not have been discriminated by both Labour and Starmer.

Labour, which was created as a party of inclusion of those who were being oppressed should be leading in the campaigns for inclusion of everyone and not just certain people with beliefs. It should not be a Party of the left or right, but of total inclusion.



Source: ‘Proud widow of wrong sort of Jew’ tells Starmer: Mike faced antisemitism from you, not members – SKWAWKBOX

Taliban bans contraception calling use a ‘western conspiracy’ | Global development | The Guardian

Reports that fighters have threatened those issuing birth control medicines come as Afghan midwives and activists warn of impact on women’s health and rights


Women in Afghanistan, since Trump negotiated with the Taliban so they could gain control of Afghanistan had their rights totally taken away, even though their degree of Rights was minimal to start with.

If Trump ever is allowed to be President of America again, then American women could well have all their Rights taken away also, it has started with the Right for abortions, but more would go if he becomes President again.

But back to Afghanistan, the best women can do there is to leave Afghanistan as soon as they can, but that will be far from easy, if at all possible. For their movements are already being severely restricted having to be with a close male relative to go any distance.

So, Women of America, be aware of Republicans, especially any revival of Trump, otherwise have more of their Rights be removed.

Afghan women need all the support that can be given, but another event to remove the Taliban will not be done, so unfortunately they are on their own.

My heart goes out to all Afghanistan women and I am so sorry that help is not there for you all.

Source: Taliban bans contraception calling use a ‘western conspiracy’ | Global development | The Guardian