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A disabled model has criticised one of the UK’s leading fashion events after its lack of disabled access left her “humiliated”. Chelsey Jay, who has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and uses a wheelchair, was denied the chance to speak at a Clothes Show Live seminar when the event’s organisers provided no facilities for her to access the stage. The 24-year-old from Essex, who campaigns for diversity in the fashion industry, was promised a place at one of the event’s seminar panels to discuss the issue of disability inclusion in fashion. According to Ms Jay her position on the panel came after over a year of communication with the Clothes Show Live over the fact they employed no models with a disability. Ms Jay said organisers at the event initially ensured the stage she would be speaking from had “a bit of a step” and would organise a ramp if needed. She was confronted, however, with a stage at least “15 inches high” and “no was ramp provided”. Ms Jay added the seminar room was

Source: Disabled model Chelsey Jay left ‘humiliated’ after Clothes Show Live fails to provide wheelchair access | DisabledGo News and Blog

Sheffield Muslim women suffer ‘curry’ taunts

Original post from The Star

‘………………By Estel Farell Roig

Yusra Ahmed, 20, and her three also Muslim friends.
Yusra Ahmed, 20, and her three also Muslim friends.

A Sheffield Muslim woman was left humiliated after a bus driver told her: “You’d better not be taking curry onto the coach.”

Yusra Ahmed, aged 20, said the National Express driver’s hostility was obvious from the moment she and three friends started queueing for a service from Manchester to Leeds.

In a Facebook post which went viral, the student said: “She analysed our tickets very closely, which is something we noticed she didn’t do to any other passengers.

“After checking our tickets, she scanned us up and down and aggressively asked if we had any hot food in our bags.”

 Yusra replied they were only carrying cold lasagne and rice and reassured her there would be no smell.

“The driver then shouted quite loudly that ‘we had better not be taking curry on to the coach,’” Yusra wrote.

“I told her we were not intending on eating on the coach but she continued shouting to us about stinking up her coach with curry.

“She was obviously targeting us of her preconceived ideas about brown people. We were visibly Muslim so this made it easier for her.”

When they accused the driver of racism, Yusra said the driver lost her temper and said the women were not allowed on the coach.

The women then had to wait to catch the next coach an hour and a half later on the evening of June 14 .

Yusra said she heard nothing from National Express until her posts went viral on Twitter and Facebook four days later.

She said: “Ten days after the incident, we were told the driver admitted she had made the remarks about curry.

“National Express informed us they would issue a written apology for leaving us behind – but not for the remarks that were made about us by the driver.

“We feel they have not taken our complaint seriously and have done their best to brush the issue off. The incident made us feel humiliated, frustrated and angry.”

A National Express spokesman said: “We take allegations of employee misconduct extremely seriously and a thorough investigation into the issues raised by this highly unusual complaint has been undertaken by our senior management team.

“We’re sorry this issue was not followed up to the customer’s satisfaction, and for the distress of those involved and are committed to taking on board any lessons which could be learned.”…………………’