Hundreds of millions in taxpayers’ money handed to companies still operating in Russia | The Independent

Exclusive: British government accused of indirectly helping to fund Putin’s war with £294m contracts


With regards to Russia and providing finance there should be no middle ground, if the decision is to not finance anything in Russia, which wholeheartedly agree with, then companies already in business in Russia should immediately suspend their operations and withdraw or alternatively all their contracts in the UK should be withdrawn.

To do otherwise is hypocrisy and they are as guilty as Russia and the Russian troops of causing ‘War Crimes’ in Ukraine.


Source: Hundreds of millions in taxpayers’ money handed to companies still operating in Russia | The Independent

DWP ‘make work pay’ claims ‘reeks of hypocrisy’, says SNP MP : Welfare Weekly

The SNP has said that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) rhetoric to make work pay “reeks of hypocrisy,” after figures revealed that the department has taken on over 27,000 people for unpaid work placements since 2011 – with no record of how many have then been offered full or part-time employment after the placement has ended.

In response to a Written Parliamentary Question from SNP MP Alan Brown over the number of people who have taken on unpaid work with the department, the DWP said, that since 2011, it has taken on 27,775 unpaid staff – with no information on whether or not they had gone on to full time employment or let go.

 In Alan Brown MP’s own constituency of Kilmarnock & Loudoun, the DWP has taken on 55 unpaid staff.

Alan Brown MP said: “The figures detailing the scale of unpaid placements within the DWP, and the lack of any records as to how many of those placements have led to full or part-time employment, is staggering and reeks of hypocrisy.

“The grim reality is that whilst the DWP trumpet on about getting people into paid work, they have simultaneously taken on more than 27,000 people for unpaid placements – with not a single bit of paper to show how many have then been offered paid opportunities.


Source: DWP ‘make work pay’ claims ‘reeks of hypocrisy’, says SNP MP : Welfare Weekly

Tory Council award themselves 11% pay rise just hours after voting for cuts to kids’ services


”The Conservative-led Council in Norfolk has come in for stinging criticism today after deciding to award themselves with an inflation-busting 11% pay rise just hours after voting through swingeing cuts to vital children’s services in the area.

Not only will Norfolk’s Councillor’s see their allowances rise by over £1000 a year, the greedy Tory Councillors also decided to backdate their own pay rise from May, meaning they will each pocket an extra £400 on top.

The decision was made despite the fact that the Tory-led Council had argued Norfolk would need to make cuts of £125m to vital services over the next four years.

And to add insult to injury for the people of Norfolk, the vote to hand themselves huge pay rises came just hours after Tory Councillors had forced through budget cuts to vital local children’s services.

The Councillors, who are only generally required to work for only…

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Trump risks hypocrisy charges with Franken attack : The Hill


Trump risks hypocrisy charges with Franken attack
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President Trump injected himself into the national debate over sexual harassment again, a risky move that opens Trump up to charges of hypocrisy over his past behavior and his reluctance to rebuke Republicans who have been accused of misconduct.

Trump went after Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), after a woman accused the senator of forcibly kissing and groping her.

The woman, a news anchor named Leeann Tweeden, released a photo of Franken leering into the camera and touching her while she slept during a USO trip in 2006. Trump responded over Twitter, saying the picture “speaks a thousand words” and ripping Franken for “lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women.”

Trump responded to the Franken allegations, accusing the senator of hypocrisy on sexual harassment issues.

“The Al Frankenstien picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words,” Trump tweeted. “Where do his hands go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 while she sleeps? …..”

Franken, once a rising star on the left who had been considered a potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, is suddenly a pariah in liberal circles.

But the blowback against Trump for seeking to capitalize on Franken’s downfall has been just as swift.

Trump’s senior aides and advisers have been swamped with questions about why the president is comfortable attacking Franken when more than a dozen women have made similar accusations about him.

And Trump’s critics are howling about a double-standard, pointing to the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape and noting that the president has stopped short of demanding Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) drop out of the race amid disturbing allegations that he molested young girls.

“If your moral outrage has been exhausted, Trump always knows how to refuel the tank,” said Andrew Weinstein, a GOP operative and ‘Never Trump’ Republican.

“He has no sense of irony or decency,” Weinstein said. “Rather than tallying hypothetical Franken photos, Trump should be held to account for his scarlet number — the 16 alleged victims of his own sexual misconduct.”

Trump’s tweets have forced the White House to re-litigate the “Access Hollywood” tape, which nearly sunk Trump’s presidential campaign a month before Election Day in 2016. In it, Trump boasts about groping women and about how wealthy, powerful and famous men like himself get away with lewd behavior.

“He was apologetic about [the tape] when it surfaced,” White House legislative director Marc Short said in a Friday interview on CNN. “He apologized to his wife and family and the American people about what he considered locker room behavior. He is not trying to excuse it. That’s different than very visual evidence of what Al Franken did.

“The president is making the case that Al Franken was out condemning Roy Moore and others just a month ago and there is a level of hypocrisy there.”

In the wake of the “Access Hollywood” release, multiple women came forward to accuse Trump of varying degrees of sexual misconduct.

Now the wave of harassment claims against powerful men from Hollywood to Capitol Hill has Trump’s accusers speaking out once again.

People magazine ran a story on Friday quoting several of Trump’s accusers, who said they felt their stories had been ignored since the campaign but that the cascade of new allegations has drawn new attention to their claims.

“It’s been simmering on the stove with the lid on, like a pressure cooker,” Natasha Stoynoff, a writer who accused Trump of forcibly kissing her in 2005, says in the People story. “But now the heat’s on and it’s going to boil and the lid is going to blast off.”

The president has denied the allegations and threatened to sue his accusers during the campaign, although he hasn’t filed any lawsuits against them since becoming president. The White House has said the women are lying.

“The president has spoken about this multiple times throughout the campaign and has denied all of those allegations,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at Friday’s press briefing.

Sanders said she did not know why Trump didn’t follow through with his threatened legal action.

Trump’s attacks against Franken have also been complicated by Moore’s troubles in Alabama.

Most Republicans in Washington have cut ties with Moore in the wake of the allegations of sexual misconduct against him, repulsed by the thought of serving with someone accused of sexually assaulting minors and fearing he’ll tarnish the Republican brand ahead of critical midterm elections.

GOP leaders in Congress have called on Moore to drop out of the race and are openly talking about refusing to seat him if he wins.

The White House has stopped short of calling on Moore to drop out of the race and Trump has been notably quiet on the controversy, raising questions about why Franken’s misdeeds have attracted the president’s attention while Trump has still not commented on Moore.

Sanders vented her frustration with reporters in the briefing room on Friday after the first five questions she fielded pertained to Trump, Franken and Moore. She denied that the president has been silent on the issue, noting that Trump said during his overseas trip that Moore should drop out of the race if the allegations are true.

Sanders also said that Trump supports the Republican National Committee’s decision to stop providing resources to the Moore campaign.

“He has weighed in on Roy Moore,” Sanders said. “He did it while on a foreign trip in Asia. I did it repeatedly yesterday. In fact, I took about 15 questions on that topic … so to suggest that this White House and specifically this president hasn’t weighed in is just inaccurate and wrong.”

Still, Trump’s aides and advisers spent Friday struggling in front of the cameras to answer questions about why Trump is not a hypocrite for attacking Franken.

Sanders argued that the difference between Trump and Franken is that the Minnesota Democrat had admitted to wrongdoing, while Trump has maintained his innocence.

On the issue of Moore, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News Channel that Trump always weighs in on the news of the day — in this case, Franken — while “the Roy Moore story is eight days old.”

Short said on CNN that Trump had already done all he could do to keep Moore out of office by backing his challenger, Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), in the primary.

“The president went down to Alabama and campaigned against Roy Moore,” Short said. “He campaigned for Luther Strange. The president was active in this campaign. He chose a different candidate … since the allegations surfaced, the president — even when he was traveling overseas — put out a statement saying if the allegations are true, he should step aside.”

Trump’s allies insist that they aren’t nervous that the president has made himself vulnerable on the issue. They believe the “Access Hollywood” tape and allegations from women were litigated during the campaign and that voters backed Trump anyway.

“Our enemies are never going to cut us any slack, so you just have to go on the attack and not worry about that,” a Trump campaign adviser said.


Source : Trump risks hypocrisy charges with Franken attack : The Hill

From the continent, remainers’ sudden love for the EU looks like plain hypocrisy | Ragnar Weilandt | Opinion | The Guardian

Having sneered at the project for decades, many members of the anti-Brexit brigade are now draped in EU flags, says doctoral researcher Ragnar Weilandt

Source: From the continent, remainers’ sudden love for the EU looks like plain hypocrisy | Ragnar Weilandt | Opinion | The Guardian

HRH, the Prince of Double Standards:

Another case of do as I say, not as I do.

Original post from Daily Mail

‘………Charles makes 80-mile helicopter trip just days after urging people to save energy 

  • Heir to the throne urged people to save energy during Earth Hour on Friday
  • He and Camilla flew from Highgrove, Gloucestershire to Ascot, Berkshire
  • Helicopter estimated to have burned through 54 gallons of fuel on journey 

Prince Charles was accused of hypocrisy yesterday after it emerged he made an 80-mile journey by helicopter just days after urging people to save energy by turning off their lights.

The 66-year-old prince and the Duchess of Cornwall flew from Highgrove to an event at Ascot racecourse on Sunday instead of going by car.

Two days before the event – at which Charles was seen laughing at the sight of sheep jumping over fences – he had recorded a video message urging people to switch off their lights in support of Earth Hour.

High life: Prince Charles steps out of the royal helicopter in Purleigh, Essex, after another short journey in January last year

Prince Charles (pictured with Camilla at Ascot) made an 80-mile trip by helicopter just days after he urged people to turn off their lights to save energy

It is the latest example of what critics say is his failure to adjust his lifestyle to match his green rhetoric.

The Royal Household’s Sikorsky helicopter flew from its base near Farnborough, Hampshire, to pick the couple up from their Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire. It then flew them to and from Ascot, in Berkshire, to watch The Prince’s Countryside Fund Raceday, before returning to the base – making a total journey of more than 250 miles.

As a result, the trip created over a ton more carbon dioxide – the gas blamed for causing global warming – than if they had travelled there and back in his chauffeur-driven Jaguar.

The 160-mile round trip by road could have used less than four gallons of petrol, whereas the four separate flights would have burnt an estimated 200 gallons of aviation fuel.

Experts said that going by car would have produced around 0.06 tons of carbon dioxide, compared to 1.3 tons for the flights.

Last night pressure group Plane Stupid, which campaigns against unnecessary air travel, called for Prince Charles to change his actions to match his words.

‘Turning off your lights, or even replacing them with energy efficient bulbs, is a drop in the carbon ocean compared to the emissions from flights,’ said activist James Smith.

‘For Charles and every other Briton, flying is our climate Achilles heel as we fly more than any other nation. If you fly more than once a year, the chances are it’s your biggest contribution to wrecking the climate.’

John O’Connell, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘This is hardly the best use of hard-pressed taxpayers’ money. No area of spending should be off limits when it comes to finding savings, and that includes these unnecessary and energy-intensive extravagances.’

On Friday, Charles had recorded a video message to raise awareness for Earth Hour, an annual global event run by charity the World Wildlife Fund, in which people are encouraged to turn off their lights for one hour to show they care about protecting the environment.

The heir to the throne and Camilla flew by helicopter from Highgrove, Gloucestershire to Ascot, Berkshire on Sunday, it has been emerged

The prince urged people to work to save the planet ‘not just for ourselves but also for our children and grandchildren’.

Describing the event as ‘one hour for the whole world to think about this extraordinary planet that sustains us all’, he added that it was ‘a symbolic and powerful reminder that together we have the power to change things’.

Clarence House declined to comment on his helicopter trip, which they described as a public engagement, but a source said the decision to go by helicopter had been assessed in the same manner as all Royal travel. ‘We have to look at safety and security issues while minimising the disruption caused to others, and time and cost are also factors,’ the source said.

According to Charles’s official website, all his emissions are offset through the Government’s Carbon Offsetting Facility and UK tree-planting initiatives.

His household produces an annual carbon report, which shows his emissions from official UK travel rose by more than a third last year to 470 tonnes – although total emissions, including domestic energy use, were down.

Royal Family has Sikorsky S-76 helicopter operated  from Blackbushe Aerodrome in Hampshire. File photo

Courtiers have previously acknowledged that Charles needed to ‘substantially’ curb his reliance on gas-guzzling private planes by taking more trips by car or scheduled train.

The helicopter journey is not the first time Charles has been accused of failing to live up to his own statements that we must do more to protect the environment.

In 2007, he was branded a hypocrite after he flew 20 members of staff to New York in business class to collect an award marking his environmental awareness. He then spent an estimated £1million hiring an Airbus for a tour of Gulf states.

In 1991, he had his Bentley driven 850 miles from England to what was then Czechoslovakia for a tour, despite having recently described cars as ‘monsters’ and ‘voracious beasts’. The epic journey was justified because the car was bomb proof.

And last year, after Charles had written in Country Life magazine that it would be a ‘folly to lose agricultural land’, his Duchy of Cornwall estate allowed 55 acres of farmland near Truro to be developed as a supermarket, housing estate and recycling centre.

Prince Charles had urged people to help the environment by turning off lights for Earth Hour on Friday

 Charles and Camilla were seen enjoying themselves on Sunday as they watched a herd of sheep fence jumping at The Prince’s Countryside Fund Raceday at the prestigious racecourse