Torture, Imprisonment and Killing in Bahrain

Stop Making Sense

Patrick Cockburn writes for The Independent:

Phillip-Hammond-Bahrain1.jpgBahrainis are calling their government’s intensified repression of all opposition “the Egyptian strategy”, believing that it is modelled on the ruthless campaign by the Egyptian security forces to crush even the smallest signs of dissent.

In recent weeks leading advocates of human rights in Bahrain have been jailed in conditions directed at breaking them physically and mentally, while others, already in prison, have been given longer sentences. The Bahraini citizenship of Sheikh Isa Qasim, the spiritual leader of the Shia majority in Bahrain, was revoked and the headquarters of the main opposition party, al-Wifaq, closed and its activities suspended.

Bahrain, once considered one of the more liberal Arab monarchies, is turning into a police state as vicious and arbitrary as anywhere else in the region. Mass protests demanding an end to the Sunni al-Khalifa dynasty’s monopoly of power during the Arab Spring period in 2011…

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UK prisoners want IVF

Prisoners human rights for IVF

So the Human Rights legislation strikes again, but why is it always on the side of the wrong people. Where are the rights of the law abiding decent people of the UK. In this instance the act is being used to confer rights for prisoners to have IVF.

I wonder if it would be possible for all of us to bring a Human Rights case saying, respecting the human rights of prisoners, was an infringement of our own human rights, perhaps Liberty (Human Rights) could bring the action on behalf of us. I wonder if the ECHR would decide in our favour.

Alternatively, could the loss of human rights be made a stated part of the sentence.

What ever needs to be done as to be done to right this wrong.