India’s Disabilities Act amendment to boost businesses will dilute the anti-discrimination clauses :

An amendment seeks to decriminalise minor offences and have some cases settled outside court.

Source: India’s Disabilities Act amendment to boost businesses will dilute the anti-discrimination clauses :

Children as young as 13 saved from clutches of forced marriage across Yorkshire – Yorkshire Post

Children as young as 13 have been saved from the clutches of forced marriage by police officers across Yorkshire.

A special investigation by the Yorkshire Post can today reveal 183 cases have been intercepted by police across Yorkshire and the Humber in 2018.


Source: Children as young as 13 saved from clutches of forced marriage across Yorkshire – Yorkshire Post

Sunday Topics: Impeachment poll, Trump is triggering a geopolitical realignment, Dems’ internal troubles

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Impeachment poll

A new CNN poll shows an increase in support for impeaching President Trump, but it also shows that Americans still resist impeachment even though they support the ongoing investigations of him by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

  • President Trump’s approval rating remains steady at 43% approve, 52% disapprove.
  • Support for impeachment increased over the last month to 41% predominantly among Democrats and college educated whites, while 54% oppose impeachment.
  • The percentage of people who say Democrats are overreaching in their investigations of Trump decreased correspondingly to 40% over the same period, and 53% say that Trump isn’t doing enough to cooperate with those investigations.
  • 47% agree that Democrats’ investigations of Trump are justified by the facts while 44% disagree.
  • 67% want Robert Mueller to publicly testify before Congress.
  • 66% believe that legislative cooperation between Congress and the White House is being negatively impacted…

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Indian temple shuts for ‘purification’ after women enter shrine – Asia Times

The Sabarimala Temple in the southern Indian state of Kerala was closed in order for a “purification” ritual to be performed after two women below 50 years of age offered prayers at the shrine early on Wednesday morning.

The two women were the first to be able to enter the temple since the Supreme Court ordered an end to the decades-old ban on the entry of menstruating women to the shrine. Bindu and Kanaka Durga, in their early 40s, entered the shrine surrounded by security at around 3.45 am.


Source: Indian temple shuts for ‘purification’ after women enter shrine – Asia Times

Russian airline sent American passengers back to India ‘because of their skin colour’ : Independent

Russian airline forced five Asian-American passengers to fly to Delhi instead of New York because of their skin colour, according to a racial discrimination complaint.

Aeroflot staff warned the US citizens, all of south Asian descent, they would be “deported” to India if they refused to board the flight.

The Americans were travelling from Delhi to the US on 7 January but were stranded during a stopover in Moscow when their connecting flight to JFK International Airport was cancelled due to heavy snow in New York.


Source: Russian airline sent American passengers back to India ‘because of their skin colour’ : Independent

Potential Conflicts Around the Globe for Trump, the Businessman President – The New York Times

In many of the president-elect’s international development ventures, his business partners have close ties to foreign governments.

Source: Potential Conflicts Around the Globe for Trump, the Businessman President – The New York Times

Britain is STILL handing out millions of pounds in aid to new superpowers India and China despite pledges to stop the cash flowing : Daily Mail.

I have no particular problem with providing foreign aid provided it is used by the recipient countries or organisations for the purposes for which it is given. Also the current wealth of the countries or organisationsshould also be considered for is it right that aid should be given where the recipients should be capable of providing the funding themselves, it which case the aid should be given to coutries or organisation who can not afford to do so and that they meet the required criteria.

Our Government is quick to ascertain if aid or benefits are rightly given to persons within the UK, all be it by some unsavoury methods, so it is also right that checks should be made in respect of foreign aid.

When benefits are being withdrawn from deserving claimants in the UK is it right that foreign aid would appear to be given without such checks, for it would appear that the Government cares more for the deserving outwith the UK, than those within the UK.

EXCLUSIVE: ​Families of six ex-soldiers jailed in India vow they will never stop fighting for their release — Blog

Arrested overseas and jailed for a crime their families say they didn’t commit – in an exclusive interview with’s Nadia Gilani, Yvonne Mchugh tells why she’s still fighting for justice for her partner and how every signature has made a difference.Standing outside Downing Street’s famous black door, Yvonne Mchugh is unfazed by its grandeur and more defiant than ever. She’s been here before and says she’ll return with her petition ‘as many times as it takes’ until her partner is allowed home.In just over two years, the 27-year-old has gained the support of almost 400,000 people rooting for her from all over the UK. Speaking after handing-in the petition, Yvonne said: ‘Every single signature has helped get us where we are today. From people commenting on the petition to getting in touch with me directly – it’s been a lifeline that has kept me going.Every signature counts: Yvonne with MPs and supporters delivering her petition to Downing Street for the second time‘This level of support has really forced MPs to take notice and join our campaign. The government has got to act when it knows this many people are angry about the situation.’Yvonne’s partner Billy Irving, 35 and five other former soldiers were sentenced to five years in prison in January. They were convicted of weapons charges after being detained while working as security guards on ships to combat the threat of pirates.Indian authorities boarded their ship and arrested them in 2013. After charges were quashed then reinstated, they were convicted and jailed in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state.Political support: Yvonne’s two-year campaign has been backed by cross-party MPsOn Thursday July 7, which marked 1,000 days since the men were jailed, their families met cross-party MPs at a Parliamentary lobby and handed over more than 372,000 signatures at Downing Street.Yvonne who lives in Glasgow said: ‘I feel more positive than I have done for a long time. ‘Handing in such a huge petition was just phenomenal and gave us the boost we all needed knowing we’re not alone and people are behind us.’Yvonne is far from alone. She’s been campaigning tirelessly for more than two years alongside other families and now a cross-party group of MPs has been set up to call on the UK government to intervene.Boost: Yvonne said handing in her ‘huge petition’ was ‘just phenomenal’ and gave her a boost to keep campaigning MP Kirsten Oswald, chairwoman of the group, hosted the lobby ahead of Thursday’s petition delivery attended by families, MPs, seafaring charities and support groups to discuss the case.Speaking after the meeting Ms Oswald said: ‘I’m pleased that we can now move forward with a greater number of MPs who are supportive of this cause. It’s really important that we all bring pressure on this to get these men back home where they belong.’Yvonne who travelled to India for 10 days on Sunday (July 10) will get a chance to see Billy for the first time in six months since he was convicted.Media attention: Yvonne speaks to journalists outside Downing Street after handing in her petitionThe Tamil Nadu Prison Department has granted her and their 16-month-old son William three visits with Billy during her trip, which could last up to three hours or as little as just 30 minutes ‘depending on how they’re feeling on the day.’She said: ‘I cannot wait to see Billy again, and I’m going to tell all the men that they’re not forgotten. We’ve been down to Parliament, we’ve been to Downing Street so we’re doing all we can and we’ll make sure the British government does act.’The mum-of-one told of how difficult it has been raising William alone while his dad is behind bars.Parliament lobby: MPs, families of the other jailed men and seafaring organisations spoke at the meeting organised by MP Kirsten OswaldShe said: ‘It’s been extremely hard without Billy I’ve had to go through my whole pregnancy all on my own and bring our child up. ‘Billy hasn’t chosen to leave me alone looking after our son. He’s had that choice taken from him, he would love nothing more than to be there for us both.‘Out of everything that’s been thrown at Billy the past 1000 days that’s the one thing that hurts him the most.‘Every night I show William a picture of his dad and get him to kiss him, he knows who Billy is, but he has no idea what a dad is because he’s never had one.’Never give up: Yvonne says she will hand in the petition as many times as it takes to bring the men homeThursday’s petition delivery follows a previous hand-in Yvonne and her supporters made shortly after she launched the campaign – it now has more than double the original number of signatures.She said: ‘We wanted to do it again to raise the profile of the case to make sure we get the British media, the public and most importantly the UK government behind us to release the men. ‘They shouldn’t be in there. They know they’re innocent, we know they’re innocent – we just need to get them home.‘We’ll continue fighting and campai

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Families of six ex-soldiers jailed in India vow they will never stop fighting for their release — Blog

India’s first woman Uber driver Bharati Veerath found dead – The Hindu

LGBT activists remember her as a woman who wasn’t afraid to fight conventional social mores. “She was a brave woman who fought many odds to become a taxi driver,” said Manohar Elavarthi, member of San

Source: India’s first woman Uber driver Bharati Veerath found dead – The Hindu