Wheelchair User Left To Crawl Off Ryanair Plane In Sweden

This is a total disgrace and it should be illegal, no matter what country it happens in and no excuses should ever be acceptable. Landvetter Airport and the 3rd party company who have been allocted this responsibility have shown no ‘duty of care ‘ and caused much distress to Adrian Keogh and caused him great loss of dignity.

Because these actions of total disregard for passengers who have disabilities are occurring in many airports in various countries the law needs to be under International Law so it is effective in any country. If that coutry does not react accordingly then all air traffic to that country should be suspended until they are prepared to act accordingly.

Extreme actions are required to combat these very disgraceful and disrespective actions occurring ever again.

Same Difference

    A wheelchair user who crawled down metal steps from a plane when no-one could help him disembark has described the incident as “unacceptable”.

    Adrian Keogh, from Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland, was told assistance would take an hour to arrive after his flight landed at Landvetter Airport in Sweden on Saturday.

    Mr Keogh said cabin crew on the Ryanair flight told him he could crawl from the aircraft instead of waiting.

    He has used a wheelchair since 2015.

    The airport has apologised and Ryanair said it was looking into the incident.

    Mr Keogh, who has a spinal injury following a construction accident, told BBC News NI he was not able to wait for an hour for assistance disembarking the plane as he was in pain after the flight and needed to use the bathroom.

    He was travelling with his brother who offered to carry him down the stairs but…

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    Eye for an Eye

    Original post from The Times of Israel

    ‘Iran blinds acid attacker in ‘eye for an eye’ punishment

    Man has eye gouged out by medics in first-known case of retribution five years after he blinded another man

    March 6, 2015, 6:38 am 7

    An Iranian man convicted of blinding another man in an acid attack was blinded in one eye himself this week in the government’s literal application of the Biblical law of retaliation.

    It marked the first time Iran has carried out such a punishment, according to The Guardian.

    Under Sharia law in Iran, retribution for crimes against persons is allowed, but clemency is encouraged. Victims and their families have the final say in such matters and punishments can be stopped.

    The man in question was not identified but, according to the report, medics gouged out his left eye at Rajai-Shahr prison in the city of Karaj, northwest of the capital Tehran.

    The man was found guilty of throwing acid in the face of another man five years ago in the city of Qom. He was sentenced to have both his eyes removed, serve a prison sentence of 10 years and pay a fine.

    On Tuesday, his victim decided to postpone the loss of his right eye by six months. He will be allowed to plead to keep his remaining eye, according to the report.

    The punishment was roundly condemned by NGOs and human rights activists.

    “Medical staff who cooperate with the Iranian authorities in this act have broken the Hippocratic Oath and cannot call themselves doctors,” said Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam of Iran Human Rights (IHR), an independent NGO based in Norway.

    The deliberate blinding of a person is “an unspeakably cruel and shocking act,” Raha Bahreini, a researcher with Amnesty International’s Iran team, told The Guardian.

    “Blinding is totally prohibited under international law, along with stoning, flogging, amputation and other forms of corporal punishment provided in Iran’s Islamic penal code and must not be carried out under any circumstances,” she said.  ………..’