Trump’s children become bigger liabilities for the White House, complicate damage-control efforts: The Daily 202 from PowerPost

— Trump yesterday defended Donald Jr.’s sit-down with a Russian attorney during last year’s campaign, saying “zero” improprieties occurred and “most people would have taken” the meeting.

“My son is a wonderful young man,” the president said during a news conference in Paris.

“He’s a good boy,” the president added during a gaggle on Air Force One. “He’s a good kid.”

In fact, Don Jr. is 39. He’s the same age as the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, who was standing next to Trump when he gave that quote. Both kids/boys/young men — whatever he wants to call them — were born in 1977.

Don Jr. pulled his brother-in-law Jared Kushner, who is 36, into a meeting with someone he was told had dirt on Clinton from the Russian government. Then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is 68, also attended.

A youthful indiscretion this was not.

It’s also a reminder that you don’t have to be young to be stupid.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Trump’s spirited defense offered a window into how much more complex dealing with the Russia scandal is for the White House when multiple members of the president’s family are now implicated.

Source: The Daily 202 from PowerPost


Eric Trump explains that his father fired missiles because Ivanka was upset

n 2013, Donald Trump was perfectly fine with chemical attacks in Syria. So fine, in fact, that he sent more than a dozen tweets explaining how America should stay out of it and reminding everyone that those people dying from sarin nerve gas were no angels.

Source: Eric Trump explains that his father fired missiles because Ivanka was upset

Robert Reich: A boycott is in order — we need to make it unprofitable to work with Trump –

Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, among other retailers, have dropped Trump brands, both Ivanka’s and her father’s. Their decisions came amid calls for a boycott against retailers that carry Trump products.

 Macy’s dropped Donald Trump’s clothing line early in his campaign after he called Mexican immigrants “killers” and “rapists.” Now Macy’s is under increasing pressure to drop Ivanka’s as well.

Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO, quit Trump’s economic advisory council after he was pressured by consumers and employees. That came after Trump’s Muslim ban and #DeleteUber went viral.

Keep the pressure on. Let’s make it unprofitable to work with Trump.

Source: Robert Reich: A boycott is in order — we need to make it unprofitable to work with Trump –

Ivanka Trump as First Lady-Daughter kills all hope for a Melania-run East Wing –

There are many legitimate deaths to mourn here in the twilight of 2016 — reason, civility, the future of the Republic — but I felt none so sharply this week as the snuffing of my last hope for delight in the White House over the next four years. After everything women and those without a Pepe-infused sense of humor have lost, now we won’t even get the glorious spectacle of a full-time FLOTUS with the Mostess ruling the East Wing with a pavé crystal fist.

Barack Obama’s administration was a cultural two-fer: Along with a cool president, we got a funny, gracious, intelligent, down-to-earth, accomplished executive for a first lady. Michelle Obama is the kind of woman who’ll karaoke with you on your birthday and hand-pick a good novel for your present, give you grad school application tips in one breath and the name of a resilient heirloom tomato in the next. We didn’t deserve her, and she will be missed.

America is ready for a change, we have been told, and so we are installing a spiritually bankrupt reality TV producer in the Oval Office, along with his Cabinet of Horrors. A Donald Trump presidency does not promise much on the shits-and-giggles front, but the infinite comedic possibilities of Melania Trump in official first lady duties? That has kept me going since November 9.

But hold off on that bulk order of “obligatory bootie scrubs,” because it looks very likely that Ivanka is installing herself as First Lady-Daughter instead.

First we heard that Melania and young master Barron would return to the gilded tower after the inauguration. Still, it’s a reasonable commute. But this week we learned Donald’s eldest daughter Ivanka would be taking a leave of absence from the Trump Organization — leaving the other two McPoyles in charge of the family coffers — in what the New York Times calls “the surest sign” that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are going to move to D.C. and become the bland ceremonial faces of the Trump administration.

The Phenomenon Donald Trump: “The American Psycho” or just a liar?

Eyes on Europe & Middle East

american psycho statue of liberty donald trumpDonald Trump’s victory is met with shock across a wide political divide. A shock that many expected or were afraid of. This result has now plunged the United States and its allies and adversaries into a period of deep uncertainty.

-This came shortly  in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

-This came on the eve of a shock called Le Pen in France and the ascension of AFD’s right-wing nationalists in Germany.

Why the ballot boxes results produce “monsters” for a system in which we used to live, in vain, since the beginning of globalization- from the 1990s onwards?

When the negative effects of a  wrecked and “blind” globalization start to make people feel angly and the only thing they  want to do is to  freed themselves from their subordination to the interests of capital, then we could talk about a revolution. But in this case, Donald Trump promised it relying on wrong…

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Trump’s secret weapon is Ivanka | TheHill

Trump’s children, especially his daughter, may have a better image than Trump and could give him glowing praise, but then that is only their opinion and they are not standing as the Presidental presumptive nomination, it is Trump.

The Trump we see will be the Trump, a person who changes is statements as though he is changing his clothes, just saying to people what he feels they want to hear, even it is the opposite of what he has said before. He talks before he knows the facts and even when he does he ignores them.

Do we really feel he is the right person to be in charge of such a powerful country.


Donald Trump has a secret weapon as he seeks to burnish his image in Cleveland.

Source: Trump’s secret weapon is Ivanka | TheHill